Buying An Ice Maker? Consider These 10 Points Before One

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Having an ice maker at your home or restaurant is really useful and efficient if you regularly need a great quantity of ice, but there are so many things you need to consider before buying an ice maker. Don’t worry, as we have the ultimate guide for buying an ice maker. 

If you are getting an ice maker, then it is very important to consider the right size of the machine and the right shapes and sizes of the ice. It is also important to have a proper drainage and electrical setup. The look and style of the ice maker model should be according to the standards of your kitchen, restaurant, or bar. 

Getting an ice maker with all the great features is not enough, as you must also ensure that there should be enough space for the machine and that proper maintenance service is available. You should understand your requirements and then accordingly decide the best-suited ice maker model.

So just in case you are planning to buy an ice maker and are confused about which one to get, go through this very informative guide and get all of your doubts cleared by the end of the conversation.

Why Is It Important To Have Perfectly Shaped Ice Cubes?


Perfectly shaped ice cubes are very important as they can really make or break your purpose of using ice. There are different types of ice cubes shaped – Spheres or Large Cubes, Classic Cubes, Crushed, Cylinder, Nugget Ice, Flake Ice, Crescent Ice, and Gourmet Ice.

All these ice have different features, melting points, applications, settings, and benefits.Now it really depends on your requirements. From drinks to recipes, you must be sure what your requirement is and choose the perfectly shaped ice cubes.

Ice is not only used to chill the drinks, but they enhance the strength and texture if wisely chosen. So make sure you use the perfect shape of ice cubes, or you won’t be able to enjoy the right flavors and texture. 

How Do You Choose A Good Ice Maker?


Choosing an ice maker can be a little tricky as you need to be sure which kind of ice maker model is best suited for your requirements. First, you need to figure out what your exact requirement is and then select the ice maker accordingly. Let us see what are some important criteria for the same : 

1. Get the right-sized ice machine

The first and foremost step when selecting the ice maker is getting the right size. If you just need an ice maker for your personal use, then there is no point in getting a huge model, but if you have a restaurant or a bar where you have to serve drinks with ice, then my friend, you will need a lot of ice and for that, a big sized machine will be the perfect one.

Look it this way – the more ice you would need, the more machines have to produce. So, make sure that you have the right size of ice maker that can produce the required amount of ice cubes. Just make sure to make this decision keeping in mind the busiest day for the ice, and you won’t be disappointed. 

2. Get the right ice cube shapes

Now, the shapes of ice may not be so important if you are looking for an ice maker for your home, but if you need it for commercial purposes, then you must look into this factor as well. 

There are different shapes available, and you must choose the model which either produces all the possible ice cube shapes or the one that you need. Make sure to decide whether you need the cubes, flakes, or crushed ice, and then plan accordingly. 

3. Get the right Ice Size

Choosing the right size of the ice cube is also crucial. Make sure that you have the perfect size of cubes. You can get three different sizes of ice cubes – small, medium, and large. You need to figure out the right size of ice you require and then, based on the requirements, select the model that serves the right size.

There are many ice maker models providing all the possible sizes of ice cubes, but this is helpful only if you need all of the sizes on a regular basis. 

4. Get the right Look & Style

The ice maker not only produces ice, but it also has great importance in the display of the kitchen or restaurant. So you must have to be sure to get the most stylish ice maker that matches your aesthetic. The right look and style will make the ice maker area more pleasing to the eyes. Choosing the right color is also important if you are getting it for your restaurant or bar.

5. Make sure to have enough space

There is no point in getting a big stylish ice maker if you do not have enough space. There will be a huge problem in placing the ice maker if it doesn’t fit in the required area. Make sure to have proper space for other supporting equipment.

Ice maker requires a proper ventilation and drainage system. You will need proper open space near the ice maker so that there is rough room for airflow, or else your machine can easily get heated up, which will impact the production of ice cubes.  

6. Must have the right drainage

If there is no proper drainage system, then there can be a huge problem. The machine will need water to make ice, and therefore, you need proper drainage. There should be an appropriate system for the excess water, or else it can cause severe damage to the machine. If you are looking for an ice maker that can be placed on the countertop, then most of the time, they do not need the drainage option. 

7. Optimal electrical setup

Depending upon the size of the ice maker and model, you may have to set up your electric area. If you do not understand the electrical part, then it is advised to call an electrician and get proper suggestions on the best-suited model as per your electrical setup or get the setup done according to the ice maker model. 

8. Go for the right condenser

Getting an ice maker with the right condenser can be really helpful in keeping your machine cool and working. There are different types of condensers available, like fan-based condensers, water-based condensers, or remote condensers. If you do not want to invest a great amount just for a condenser, then go for the air-based one if you have proper ventilation. 

Water-based may increase your water utility bill, and a remote condenser may require some change in the structure of your kitchen. So choose wisely and make sure that a proper condenser is available in your machine. 

9. Look for innovative features

With the development in technology, there are different types of ice maker models available that provide multi-features. If you are the one that needs a flexible type of ice cube in terms of size and shape, then go for the one that has all such features. 

There are machines with timers and other innovative features that can really help you in cutting down your time or cost. So choose wisely when it comes to the features of the machine.

10. Maintaining proper service

Getting an ice maker does not solve all of your problems. The maintenance of the machine is also an important factor. If you are getting the ice maker for your personal use, then go for the one that is easy to clean and look after without much of a hustle. 

However, if you are getting a huge ice maker for your work, then make sure that the ice maker has proper maintenance service and that everything is readily available so that it does not hinder your work. You also need to take extra care of the ice maker and follow the do’s and don’ts of the machine. 

10 Best Ice Makers In The Market 

I understand that choosing the right ice maker as per your requirement can be a little overwhelming. Even though you know what your requirements are, there are a number of brands and models having the same kind of features and quality. 

This can make your decision difficult but don’t worry, as we have listed the 10 best ice makers that you can consider purchasing. 

1. BF Tech

bf tech

Without any doubt, BF Tech Ice Block Makers is the best ice maker manufacturer in the world. As per Food And Beverage Magazine, BF Tech is a leading manufacturer of commercial ice equipment. BF Tech ice makers are fully equipped with the best innovative features.

 Installing Ice Maker by BF Tech will ensure fresh and clean ice production in different shapes and sizes throughout the day. You not only get great quality ice, but the machines are environment friendly as BF Tech adheres to all the norms and certifications.

BF Tech has one of the greatest catalogs. From ice block makers that are used to make ice sculptures and crafts to ice presses and ice band saws, BF Tech provides a one-stop solution for all business types.

It has a wide range of ice maker machines with all the supported equipment. The best thing about BF tech is that they have super comfortable and convenient services and provide the best assistance at any and every stage. 

2. NewAir


NewAir is another great brand that provides the best quality ice maker. They have three different shapes of ice maker machines – nugget, clear, and bullet. The best thing about NewAir is that they deal in countertop ice makers.

Just in case you are looking for something sleek and stylish for your kitchen or pantry area, NewAir is the next best option. All the models of ice makers from NewAir are BPA-free, so it is really safe to consume the ice.

They have new models that can produce different sizes of ice cubes. The capacity of the machines is really great. NewAir has always been progressive in terms of technology, so without any doubt, you will get everything new and updated. 

3. Magic Chef

magic chef

Magic Chef has been dealing in appliances for a very long time, and when it comes to the ice maker, then, they are one of the top brands to look for. Magic Chef deals in different types of ice makers.

If you need an ice maker for your personal use, then you have options from countertop, portable, and under-counter, and in case you need a commercial ice maker, then Magic Chef has a good list.

The best thing about Magic Chef ice makers is that they are not noisy and work really fast. Another great thing about Magic Chef ice makers is that many of the products can also be used outside. Isn’t it great? So if you regularly host parties inside and outside and need lots of ice, then you have the right product. 

4. GE Appliances 


Another brand that has one of the best ice makers around the world is GE Appliances. They deal in countertop and under-counter ice makers. When it comes to the look and design of the ice makers by GE appliances, it really has a class. 

Many of their products come with side tanks. The water tank is enough to produce ice for an hour. There is no unwanted noise created while the machine is running. The side tank is the highlight of the product, without any doubt. 

You can get different sizes of machines as per your requirements. The ice makers by GE Appliances produce evenly shaped nugget ice cubes, and I guess they are the best in their field. 

5. Kitchenaid Ice Makers


Kitchenaid ice makers are super fancy ice-making machines that are actually useful and have great technology. They deal in mostly under-counter ice makers, and I must say that these ice makers look so gorgeous. 

Now, enough about their outer appearance, let’s focus on the working of the ice makers. They are one of the best options if you want clean ice cubes in different sizes and shapes. You can choose from a list of products as per your desire and simply enjoy all the ice. 

6. Luma 


If you are looking for fancy-shaped ice cubes that elevate your restaurant/bar style, then think of Luma. The ice makers work silently, so there is no disturbance, and when it comes to speed, the machine can produce the highest output per hour when compared with other ice makers in the market.

If you have a small kitchen, then you might have to look for a bigger space. Perfect for outdoor use and does not require heavy installation. 

7. Home Labs 


Home Labs deals in a wide range of home and kitchen appliances, and they have one of the best countertop ice makers that are easy to use. The ice makers are easy to install, and the ice-making process is very quick. The product might be expensive, but they are worthwhile.

The great design adds class to your kitchen. They also have commercial ice makers that can easily keep up with your business needs. Easy water connection is another great thing about the products by hoMelabs

8. Igloo 


If you are looking for something that is compact yet very powerful, then Igloo ice makers are your right answer. I mean, look at the sleek and aesthetic designs of the ice makers.

Operates very quietly and has various finishes so that you can select from a wide transfer of design and style. There can be some issues of melting ice as a freezing function may not be available, but other than that, it is a perfect compact ice maker machine that can be carried everywhere. 

9. Euhomy


If you are looking for an ice maker that fits in your kitchen area, then you must have a glance at Euhomy’s countertop ice makers. Not only countertops, but Euhomy also deals in commercial ice makers as well, so you don’t have to worry about cool and different ice shapes, as the products are efficient in delivering whatever you require.

Whatever you need, whether bullet ice, nugget ice, or cube ice, Euhmy has everything for everyone. The products deliver clear ice making sure there is minimal wastage of water. No noise and faster ice cubes making process. The design of the ice makers also matches the aesthetics of your kitchen or restaurant. 

After Buying, How To Maintain Your Ice Maker Machine?


Getting an ice maker does not mean that you are good to go and enjoy as many ice cubes as you want to. If the machines are not properly maintained, then there can be significant issues.

It is very important to keep your ice makers clean and in working condition, and for that, you might have to follow a few simple steps. Let’s see how you can maintain your ice maker machine : 

1. Keep it clean

If your ice maker machine is not clean inside out, then the quality of ice may be compromised easily. I am sure you do not want to consume dirty ice cubes, and for that, you have to sanitize them frequently. You can use some formulas for the cleaning purpose.

Not only the inside of the machine but make sure the outer part of the machine is also clean. You can also use a damp cloth or some liquid soap for the outer surface. Make sure that you follow the basic cleaning process regularly. Follow the manual of the machine and clean accordingly. 

2. Filters 

Many ice maker machines come with a filter to purify the water, and then ice cubes are produced. Make Sure you clean the filter as well, or else the dirt and impurities will soon pass through the filter, and you will have dirty ice cubes. Also, it is important to change the filter from time to time and maintain the hygiene of the machine. 

3. Space 

Ice makers, especially commercial ones, need some space to breathe. Make sure to give some room to avoid any hot air revolving around the machine and produce ice super quickly. Even the tiny under-counter ice maker machines need proper space installation. Therefore make sure that you don’t crowd the ice maker area. 


Without any doubt having an ice maker at home is very useful, and if you run a restaurant or a bar, then this is a must. There are many other places where ice cubes are used in abundance because ice is not only for chilling drinks.

So far, we have learned a lot about ice cubes and makers. I am sure that this whole conversation was helpful and now you can easily decide which ice maker machine you have to buy. 

Make sure to get the one that meets most of your needs, and try keeping the machine in good working condition by following basic steps. I will return with a similar exciting conversation to help you make crucial decisions. Until then, enjoy some ice and beat the heat. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the points to look for before buying an ice maker? 

If you are looking for an ice maker, then make sure that you are very clear in your requirements. Figure out the space, quantity of ice, shape, and size of the cubes, and then look for a product that meets your needs. 

Why do you need an ice maker?

If you consume a lot of ice in the form of drinks, food, or other ways, then you may require a great batch of ice cubes frequently. Therefore, you must have an ice maker, or else you will have to waste a lot of money on purchasing ice cubes. 

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