Does McDonald’s Pay Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly in 2024?

Currently, McDonald’s has about 205,000 employees working for them worldwide. If you are planning to work at McDonald’s or are curious to know if McDonald’s pays their employees weekly, biweekly, or monthly, you will get all the information right here.

Does McDonald's pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly

Most McDonald’s outlets in the United States pay their employees biweekly. Hence, the employees receive their paychecks every two weeks. Although most McDonald’s outlets in the United States pay their employees biweekly, there are also some outlets with a weekly basis payment instead. 

Since McDonald’s has so many employees, the company must do a lot of planning to pay all their employees on time. Many factors come into play with the payment method adopted by McDonald’s for their employees, and we will be discussing all of that, along with a lot more, in this article! 

Does McDonald’s Pay Every Week Or Every Two Weeks?

Does McDonalds pay weekly biweekly or monthly

Most McDonald’s outlets in the United States pay their employees once every two weeks. 

Once in two weeks is the standard norm that McDonald’s follows, and they pay employees that are on a managerial level once a month. 

But, you may also find just a few outlets that also pay their employees every week. There is no set pattern here, as weekly payment, if done at all, is only done by franchise owners and depends entirely on them. 

Working as an employee for a company as big as McDonald’s, most of them would expect to get their pay as early as possible. Since the company has a lot of employees to pay, they usually have different ways to pay their employees as per the country or region. However, in the United States, the time of payment has been standard for almost all McDonald’s outlets. 

Does McDonald’s Pay Daily? 

McDonald’s does not pay their employees daily.

You may find a few franchise-based restaurants where they had similar schemes over the past few years. However, as of now, no McDonald’s outlet pays their employees daily, regardless of whether they are part-time or full-time. 

Along with full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week, McDonald’s also often hires part-time employees. These employees get paid by the hour, with a set hourly rate. So, do any of these employees get paid daily at McDonald’s? 

Does McDonald’s Hold Your First Paycheck? 

Does McDonalds hold your first paycheck

McDonald’s in the United States always keeps their employees’ first paycheck. McDonald’s uses an electronic payroll system. This means that for every employee that works at McDonald’s, the money is transferred to their respective bank accounts at the end of each day.

A lot of large companies hold their employee’s first paychecks. This is most common with companies that pay their employees on a more regular basis rather than a monthly basis. Companies say this is just a way to preserve their employees. So, is this also a norm at McDonald’s? Luckily, not at all! 

How Much Does McDonald’s Pay Its Employees? 

How much does McDonalds pay their employees

The wages and salaries of employees are based on different things. Most employees at a lower level, like cooks, cashiers, attendants, and service crew, tend to have a salary on an hourly basis. 

Those on a slightly higher level, like managers and technicians, also get paid hourly, but their average is more than other employees. Here is a table that represents some salaries in detail.

Fast Food Attendant$ 11.07/ hour
Customer Service Attendant$ 11.70/ hour
Cook$ 13.28 /hour
Cashier $ 12.83 /hour
Restaurant Manager$ 17.24 /hour
Shift Manager$ 36,052 / year
General Manager$ 51,545 / year

These are just the average salaries that you can expect most McDonald’s outlets to pay their employees, but they may differ from one location to another. Check out this blog on how much McDonald’s pays their employees for a more detailed analysis. 

Moreover, McDonald’s has a different hourly wage for much younger employees. In most cases, they get paid the minimum wage. However, look at how old you must be to work at McDonald’s before applying! 

Do Corporate-Owned And Franchise-Owned McDonald’s Pay The Same? 

Do corporate owned and franchise owned McDonalds pay the same

In most cases, there is usually no difference between the pay of a corporate-owned McDonald’s and a franchisee-owned McDonald’s outlet.

Corporate-owned outlets may offer a slightly higher starting salary. However, a franchise-owned outlet provides more flexibility and growth to its employees. But on average, the minimum wage at both models remains the same, which is $11. 

Since McDonald’s has many franchise outlets, their management does not come directly under McDonald’s corporation. This gives the corporate owner all the rights to decide things for their outlet while using the McDonald’s name. While they decide the daily operations, the franchise owners also determine how much they would pay their employees.

How Does McDonald’s Pay Its Employees?

Most large corporations like McDonald’s barely ever stick to one single method to pay their employees. They all have various methods and modes of payment, and the employee gets to choose the way they prefer the most. Here, we will have a look at what all these different modes of payment are. 

When employees start working at any McDonald’s outlet, they are given a temporary Visa card, also known as a ‘PayCard.’ This card is linked to the employee’s bank account and can be used to make transactions and payments. 

Similarly, McDonald’s also offers their employees the option of paychecks. The company transfers the money to the employee’s bank account here. Lastly, they also have the option of paper checks, which are given to employees for them to cash out by themselves. 

How Often Does McDonald’s Give Raises? 

McDonald’s in the United States does not have a set schedule for giving their employees a raise. It mainly depends on the employee’s performance and how long they have worked with the company. 

In most cases, employees who started working first tend to get their raise before people who newly join. But, if someone has an exceptional performance, they can get their raise earlier than everyone else! 

Do McDonald’s Employees Have Benefits? 

Do McDonalds employees get benefits

Every employee looks forward to getting at least a few benefits, which is fair! McDonald’s is as big a corporation as it is, offering its employees many lovely benefits! Some of these benefits include: 

  • Free Lunch and snacks
  • Flexible hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Performance Bonus
  • Paid Time Off
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Family Medical Leave Act Benefits
  • Paid Job Training
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Vacations
  • Food Discounts
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave (12 weeks and two weeks)

These are some of the attractive benefits every employee can avail of at McDonald’s! More benefits are offered to employees, including quite a few discounts and benefits. I recommend looking at whether McDonald’s offers free food to their employees

What Is The Break Policy At McDonald’s? 

Most restaurant chains have stringent break policies, which work out great for the employees. McDonald’s also has strict break policies. These break policies are as given below: 

  1. Minors must take a 30-minute break before they reach a 4.5-hour shift. 
  2. If an employee works for 3.5 hours, they get one 30-minute break. 
  3. If an employee has to return from a break early due to any circumstance, the employee can get another break of 30 minutes. 


In most places in the United States, McDonald’s corporation pays their employees biweekly. Some of the locations may even pay their employees every week. However, the biweekly practice is more common. 

Moreover, people who are on managerial levels tend to get paid every month instead. I hope this has cleared out some questions about the payment structure at McDonald’s. If you have more such questions about McDonald’s, look at our blogs on how much a McDonald’s franchise owner makes, how much a McDonald’s franchise costs, and if McDonald’s points expire!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does McDonald’s pay their employees? 

McDonald’s pays their employees once every two weeks. 

How often does McDonald’s pay employees that are at a higher level? 

For employees at a higher level, McDonald’s pays them every month. 

Does McDonald’s hold the first paycheck of employees? 

No, McDonald’s luckily does not hold the first paycheck of their employees. 

Does McDonald’s offer employee benefits? 

Yes, McDonald’s offers a range of attractive benefits to their employees! 

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