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Dishoom is a melting pot where people of different cultures are welcomed to enjoy Indian-style food. It’s inspired by the faded elegance of old Irani cafes in Bombay, India. This UK-based restaurant showcases the best of Indian food like vada pav, bhel, chili chicken, chai, and many more. Well! It’s really a culinary hotspot and a cosmopolitan hub in the UK. If you ever visit Dishoom, you’re most likely to enjoy heart-warming food with hassle-free services from this restaurant.

Dishoom restaurant

Dishoom’s menu has grills like murgh malai, Dishoom chicken tikka, paneer tikka, gunpowder potatoes, etc. Roomali rolls like paneer roll and Dishoom chicken tikka rolls are served here. You can have chole puri, kala chana salad, etc., for lunch and lamb samosas, pau bhaji, bhel, etc., for sides. Among drinks, you can enjoy white wine, red wine, lassi, beer, etc. You can have a perfect meal under £30. 

You know what! Dishoom is awarded as the best breakfast and brunch restaurant. This restaurant offers gift cards and also hosts events. You can also buy packaged chai and many other things from Dishoom. Read Dishoom’s journal to know more stories of this restaurant along with its latest updates. You’ll find all the links below. I’ve provided the menu tables with prices in this article. Before reading these menu tables, let me share with you the backstory of Dishoom. 

Dishoom was established in Covet Garden, London, England, in 2010. It’s a group of eight Indian restaurants serving Bombay-inspired food and Indian-style hospitality. This restaurant has its branches in Edinburgh, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Dishoom Menu Prices

Dishoom restaurant's food

Starting off with the grills! The restaurant serves murgh malai, which is chicken thigh steeped in garlic, ginger, cream, and coriander steams overnight and cooked to perfection. Other delicious items from the grill are paneer tikka, Dishoom chicken tikka, spicy lamb chops, sheekh kabab, and masala prawns. The gunpowder potatoes are smokey-grilled and broken apart. These potatoes are topped with crushed seeds, butter, and herbs.

For lunch & later, you might enjoy Bombay’s sumptuous vada pau or pau bhaji and bhel among the sides. The lunch menu also has kala chana salad, chole puri, and chilli broccoli salad. The roomali rolls here are made with thin ‘hanherchief’ bread. This bread is filled with paneer stuffing or chicken tikka and is rolled and baked.

The veg. sides offered here are chilli butter-bhutta, chilli broccoli salad, kachumber, and raita. You can also enjoy soft and stuffy cheese naan, garlic naan, or tandoori roti with steamed basmati rice among the mains. You should try Dishoom’s most sought-after dish, biryani. There are two different types of biryani on the menu, chicken berry Britannia and jackfruit biryani. 

Among drinks, you can enjoy cool sharbat like fresh nimbu soda, inflation’s colada, passion fruit sharbat, and Kala khatta sharbat or lassis like mango & fennel lassi, rose & cardamom lassi, etc. For hot drinks, the restaurant serves house chai, chocolate chai, breakfast assam, green tea, and ginger, lemon & honey tea.

Dishoom has a perfect collection of wines! You can try sparkling wine like Bella Storia spumante, Gosset, Integrale, or white wine like Prima Alta, French ambush, Michel Opitz ‘Iris’, etc. This restaurant has a number of different wines listed under red wine, rose wine, and orange wine on the menu. You can also try beer and cider-like Kingfisher, road soda, Zintuki sour beer, lion stout, peacock cider, and many more. 

You can give a read to the entire menu in the tables below and check out the prices of each item. The nutrition information table in this article has links where you can read the nutritional value of each of these menu items. Check out all the other important links below, along with the social media handles of Dishoom.

Small Plates

Khichia & Chundo£ 3.20
Lamb Samosa£ 5.90
Vegetable Samosa£ 5.20
Okra Fries£ 4.90
Pau Bhaji£ 5.90
Bhel £ 5.20
Dishoom House Chaat£ 6.20
Keema Pau£ 6.70
Chilli Chicken £ 7.50
Prawn Koliwada£ 7.90

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Murgh Malai£ 9.70
Dishoom Chicken Tikka £ 9.90
Paneer Tikka£ 9.20
Gunpowder Potatoes£ 6.90
Chaap Pineapples Tikka£ 9.20
Spicy Lamb Chops £8.90
Sheekh Kabab£ 9.90
Masala Prawns £ 12.90

Lunch & Later

Vada Pau£ 4.90
Chilli Broccoli Salad£ 9.70
Kala Chana Salad£ 9.50
Chole Puri£ 12.50

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Roomali Rolls

Paneer Roll£ 7.90
Dishoom Chicken Tikka Roll£ 7.90

Veg. Side Dishes

A Bowl Of Greens£ 4.50
Chilli Butter Bhutta£ 4.20
Chiili Broccoli Salad£ 4.90
Kachumber£ 4.20
Raita£ 3.50

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Ruby Murray

Mattar Panner£ 11.90
Chicken Ruby£ 12.90
Mutton Pepper Fry£ 14.90

Bread & Rice

Plain Naan£ 3.50
Garlic Naan£ 3.70
Cheese Naan£ 4.20
Tandoori Roti£ 3.50
Steamed Basmati Rice£ 3.50
Roomali Roti£ 3.50

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India Gimlet£ 9.50
Colaba Colada£ 9.50
Permit Room Old-Fashioned £ 11.50
Bollybellini£ 8.90
1948 Sour£ 9.50
Liberty Punch£ 33.00
Cyrus Irani£ 9.50
Chai Punch£ 11.50
Hoppy Butter Punch£ 9.50

Teetotal Tipples

No-Permit Collins£ 6.90
Sober Negroni£ 6.90

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Coolers & Sharbats

Fresh Nimbu Soda£ 3.20
Aflatoon’s Colada£ 5.50
Watermelon Sharbat£ 5.50
Passiofruit Sharbat£ 3.90
Kala Khatta Sharbat£ 3.90

Bottle Soda

Thumbs Up£ 4.20
Limca£ 4.20
Pallonji’s Raspberry Soda£ 4.20
Still or Sparkling Water£ 3.90
L.A. Brewery Kombucha£ 4.90

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Monsooned Catuai Coffee

Dishoom Espresso Martini£ 9.70
Teetotal Espresso Matrini£ 6.90
Guest Roast Filter Coffee£ 2.90

Hot Drinks

House Chai£ 3.20
Chocolate Chai£ 3.50
Breakfast Assam£ 2.90
Green Tea£ 2.90
Fresh Mint Tea£ 2.90
Ginger, Lemon & Honey£ 2.90
Naughty Chocolate Chai£ 7.20
Baileys Chai£ 7.20

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Mango & Fennel Lassi£ 4.20
Rose & Carsamom Lassi£ 4.20
Bhang Lassi£ 4.50
Salted Lassi£ 4.20

Fresh Juice

Fresh Orange£ 3.90
Ruby-Red Grapefruit£ 4.20

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SparklingGlass Bottle
Bella Storia Spumante (Cielo E Terra)£ 7.70£ 37.00
Integrale (Organic Unfiltered Frizzante Bianco)£ 8.50£ 39.00
Integrale (Organci Unfiltered Frizzante Rose)£ 8.50£ 39.00
Gosset (Grande Reserve)£ 98.00
Cantina Pizzolato ‘H-Hero’ (Organic Rosato)£ 7.80£ 21.00£ 31.00
Domaine Pinchinat (Organci Rose)£ 10.80£ 28.80£ 41.00
White WineSmallRegularLarge
IL Folle (Organic Grillo)£ 6.60£ 17.60£ 25.00
EL Convertido (Organic Verdejo)£ 7.40£ 19.60£ 30.00
Prima Alta (Pinot Grigio)£ 7.80£ 21.00£ 31.00
French Ambush (Viognier)£ 9.00£ 23.00£ 34.00
Michael Opitz ‘Buddy Talk’ (Organic Biodynamic White)£ 11.00£ 29.40£ 42.00
Bob ‘Short For Kate’ (Organic Sauvignon Blanc)£ 11.20£ 30.20£ 43.00
Michael Opitz ‘Iris’ (Organic Natural Sauvignon Blanc-Pinot Gris))£ 12.60£ 33.60£ 48.00
Red WineSmallRegularLarge
Roc D’Opale (Grenache-Merlot)£ 6.60£ 17.60£ 25.00
Dominio De Punctum (Organic Biodynamic Syrah)£ 8.40£ 22.40£ 32.00
Sin Project (Natural Tempranillo)£ 10.20£ 27.40£ 39.00
Quinde Reserve (Organic Malbec)£ 10.80£ 28.80£ 41.00
Hajszan Neumann (Biodynamic Natural Zweigelt)£ 60.00
Orange WineSmallRegularLarge
Dominio De Punctum Pomelado (Organic Skin-Contact White)£ 9.40£ 25.20£ 36.00
Hajszan Neumann (Biodynamic Natural Traminer)£ 62.00

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Beer & Cider

Kingfisher£ 4.90/ £ 7.70
Road Soda New England Pale Ale£ 5.50
Cold Spark Citra Pale Ale£ 5.50
Zintuki Sour Beer£ 6.70
Lion Stout£ 6.20
Lucky Saint£ 5.00
Peacock Cider£ 6.50
Estrella Free Damm£ 5.00

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Gulab Jamun£ 6.50
Basmati Kheer£ 6.20
Dishoom Chocolate Pudding£ 7.50
Kala Khatta Gola Ice£ 3.70
A Bowl Of Ice Cream£ 4.20
Mango Kulfi£ 4.20
Pistachio Kulfi£ 4.20
Malai Kulfi£ 4.20

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Kids’ Menu


Porridge£ 3.20
Granola£ 4.50
Fruit & Yoghurt£ 3.80
Sweet Uttapam Stack£ 4.50
Eggs & Beans On Toast£ 3.90

Lunch & Later

Murgh Malai£ 8.30
Paneer Tikka£ 8.30

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Bowl Of Ice Cream£ 3.90
Mango Kulfi£ 4.20
Pistachio Kulfi£ 4.20
Malai Kulfi£ 4.2o

Dishoom Nutritional Information


Read the nutritional value of the menu items served at Dishoom by clicking on the link provided above.

Dishoom Franchising Details

Dishoom restaurant interior decor

 Dishoom is a chain of eight Indian restaurants in the UK. This restaurant brand specializes in Indian-style food. Currently, there are no franchise details available for Dishoom. In case there is any information available in future, we’ll update it here on our page.

Dishoom Contact Information 

Dishoom Head Office Address: Dishoom Covent Garden, 12 Upper, ST. Martin’s Lane, London, WC2H 9FB

Dishoom Phone: 020 7420 9320

Dishoom Email Address: [email protected]

Dishoom Store Enquiries Email: [email protected]

You can directly contact the team of Dishoom by filling the contact form available on the website of Dishoom. The link also provides the contact details of all other restaurants of Dishoom.

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