Chai Point Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

Are you chai lover but you have tried two or three types of drinks, however, from your friend you heard about different kinds of chai’s? Now you are searching for a restaurant which serves all kinds of chai’s and while searching for a chai restaurant you came to my blog.

Chai Point’s menu is mainly prominent for the wide variety of chai. Their menu includes hot chai with milk, cold chai, all-day breakfast, lassi, maggie & buns and much more.

Now, you are thinking about the who started this innovative chai chain in India. Don’t worry, I will provide you the history also. So, let’s begin with the history first.

Chai Point, and Indian tea Company and a chain started by Amuleek Singh Bijral in 2010. The first store he opened was in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. If we talk about the present time chain point has more than 105 locations in India and the headquarters of their company is in Bengaluru.

Chai Point is famous for their myriad variety of chai’s and they also eatables if you want something to eat while having sizziling sip of Chai.

Chai Point Menu Prices

Chai Point menu

Chai Point Menu includes simple and classy chai with no milk added and milk added, simplistic cold chai, energy booster cold and hot coffees, traditionally made lassi, sumptuous snacks along with chai and coffee.

The menu of Chai Point also has a day starter breakfast menu with some delicious eatables, north India breakfast of parantha, our time favourite Maggi with buns, rapid and quick craving meals, combos also.

Chai Point gives you the assurance of always giving you the best cup of tea, they also get their chai and coffee from their natural farm of Assam, Darjeeling and they have no artificial flavours added to their products which makes them the best

Chai Point prices are quite high but when you take one sip of their chai, you will leave all your tensions behind and their prices are under ₹1000. So, without let’s check the latest Chai Point Menu with Prices

Hot Chai With Milk

Hot Chai With MilkSmallMediumLarge
Ginger Tea₹100₹170₹290
Cutting Tea₹100₹170₹290
Lemon Grass₹100₹170₹290
Sugarless Chai₹100₹170₹290
Irani Chai₹100₹170₹290
Elaichi Chai₹100₹170₹290
Jaggery Chai₹100₹170₹290
Masala Chai₹100₹170₹290
Kesar Elaichi Chai₹100₹170₹290
Ajwain And Saunf Chai₹100₹170₹290
Ayurvedic Chai₹100₹170₹290

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Hot Chai Without Milk

Hot Chai Without MilkSmallMediumLarge
Lemon Chai ₹100₹170₹290
Green Chai ₹100₹170₹290
Sulemani Chai ₹100₹170₹290
Kashmiri Kawah ₹100₹170₹290
Ginger Lemon₹100₹170₹290

Cold Chai

Cold ChaiPrice
Cranberry Ice Chai₹86
Kokum Iced Chai₹81
Lemon Ice Chai₹120
Peach Ice Chai₹110
Ginger Lemon Ice Chai₹120

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Summer Coolers Combos

Summer Coolers CombosPrice
Lemon Ice Chai + Grilled Paneer Tikka₹229
Malai Lassi + Aloo Tikki Roll₹219
Mango Milk Shake + Poha₹199


Meal for 1Price
Loaded Paneer Paratha combo₹265
Monster Munch₹179
All Day Breakfast Combo₹189
Maggie Combo₹179
Magic Samosa Combo₹169
Celebration CombosPrice
All-Day Dhamaka₹247
Hunger Buster₹189
Snack Pack₹189
The Lite Meal₹229
The All Rounder₹249
Super SaverPrice
Balanced Paratha Meal₹265
Murgh Methi Meal₹359
Darbari Chicken Meal₹359
Biryani Meal₹279
Rajma Masala Meal₹249
Balanced Paratha₹229
Anda Paratha Meal₹209
Family PacksPrice
Heavy Breakfast Combo 1₹483
Meal Combo Three₹899
Meal Combo Four₹799
Snacks Combo One₹439
Snacks Combo Three₹569
Snacks Combo Four₹569

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Vegan Cold Coffee₹149
Cold Filter Coffee₹110
Filter Coffee₹100
Cafe Latte₹149
Latte Macchiato₹149

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All-Day Breakfast

All-Day BreakfastPrice
Dry Fruit Upma₹125
Tomato Pasta₹130
Semiya Upma₹90
Poha with Mixture₹99
Apple Raisin Oats₹99
Podi Idly₹90
Idli Sambar₹110

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Kesar Badam Lassi₹119
Malai Lassi₹120
Mango Lassi₹125

Shakes & Poppers

Shakes & PoppersPrice
Salted Caramel Shake₹119
Mango Shake₹120
Mango Bubble Pop Smoothie₹159
Strawberry Banana Shake₹95
Mango Bubble Pop Shake₹159
Iced Coffee Bubble Pop₹133
Chocolate Shake₹120

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Snacks for Chai & Coffee

Vada Pav₹65
Veg Puff₹40
Egg Puff₹40
Grilled Paneer Tikka S/W in Brown Bread₹119
Grilled Paneer Tikka Sandwich₹119
Chicken Keema Samosa (2 pcs)₹100
Chilli Cheese Toast₹100
Chicken Seekh Puff₹85
Grilled Chicken Sandwich₹130
Grilled Smoked – Chicken – Sandwich₹189
Grilled Spinach & Corn Sandwich₹159
Stuffed Paneer Kulcha₹100
Hazelnut Croissant₹109
Banana Cake₹90
Chocolate Truffle Cake₹95
Chai Masala Cake₹70
Chai – Masala – Cake₹89
Classic Chai Cake₹75
Eggless Choco Chip Muffin₹79
Double Choco Muffin₹89

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Peppy Parathas

Without CurriesPrice
Anda Paratha₹110
Anda Paratha with Cheese₹133
Paneer – Paratha₹140
Loaded Aloo Paratha₹139
Loaded Pyaz Paratha₹159
Loaded Paneer Paratha₹179
With CurriesPrice
Rajma Masala & Paratha₹209
Darbari Chicken & Paratha₹309
Murgh Methi & Paratha₹319

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Maggie & Buns

Maggie & BunsPrice
Classic Plain Maggi₹80
Classic Veggie Maggi₹80
Sriracha Maggi₹85
Masala Bun Maska₹45
Tutti Fruity Bun Maska₹60
Freshly Made Bun Omelette₹109
Bun Fam₹69
Bun Samosa₹100
Butter Maggi₹90
Pav Omelette Jam Combo₹149

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Quick Meals

Quick MealsPrice
Veg Biryani₹159
Aloo Tikki Roll₹129
Kulcha Chole₹189
Pav Bhaji₹139
Misal Pav₹160
Anda Chicken Seekh₹169
Chicken Biryani₹199
Double Egg Roll₹149

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Packaged Teas & Snacks

Packaged Teas & SnacksPrice
Trail Mix₹63
Masala Instant Tea (10 Servings)₹152.5
Cardamom Instant Tea ( No Sugar) ( 10 Servings )₹152.5
Cardamom Instant Tea (10 Servings )₹152.5
Ginger Instant Tea (10 Servings )₹152.5
Masala Instant Tea ( No Sugar) (10 Servings )₹152.5
Cardamom Instant – Tea₹168.64
Cardamom Instant – Tea ( No Sugar)₹168.64
Methi Khakhra₹28.57
Masala Instant – Tea ( No Sugar)₹168.64
Banana Chips₹22.32
Masala Instant – Tea₹168.64
Cake Rusk₹12.71
Ginger Instant – Tea₹168.64
Masala Mathri₹22
Multigrain Biscuits₹17
Masala Biscuit₹17
Honey Twigs₹9.5
Assam Masala Tea (200g)₹285
Nilgiri Whole Leaf Green Tea 100gm₹281
Whole Leaf Green Tea (100g)₹237
Premium Assam Tea (200g)₹190
Nilgiri Orthodox Black Tea 100gm₹142
Ginger Black Tea Bag (25 Tea Bags)₹142
Black Tea Bag (25 Tea Bags)₹113
Lemon Green Tea Bag (25 Tea Bags)₹132
Jasmine Green Tea Bag (25 Tea Bags)₹132
Green Tea Bag (25 Tea Bags)₹132

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Chai Point Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information click of the items present on chai point, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Chai Point Franchise Details

Chai Point Franchise

Chai Point has more than 131 locations in the cities of India such as Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and many other cities with more than 1200 employees. If you want to open a Chai Point franchised store, then this is how much it will cost yo.

Total Cost25-50 Lakh

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Chai Point Contact Information

Chai Point Corporate Office Address: Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd,
Umiya Emporium, #102, 2nd Floor, Hosur Main Road, Kaveri Layout,
Adugodi, Bangalore

Chai Point Corporate Office Phone Number: 8880141000

to contact the team of Chai Point fill the contact form on their website.

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