Chicken Express Menu With Prices [Updated October 2022]

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Chicken Express menu and prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. I’ve provided the menu of Chicken Express with prices from Allen in Texas location updated from the 1st October, 2022 onwards.

Chicken Express restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Chicken Express from its official website, its android app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Chicken Express’s menu is all about tasty chicken meals. Its menu has boneless hot wings, chicken tenders, family meals, party meals, sides, and beverages. If you don’t like chicken, you can also try out fish at Chicken Express. This restaurant serves a satiating meal is around $20.

This article will give you brief information about the Chicken Express menu with the prices. You will also find the nutritional list of the ingredients they use and the contact details. But before we move on to the menu and prices, let’s have a look at the history of Chicken Express.

Chicken Express is a fast-food chain that is specialized in chicken-based food. It was established by Richard and Nancy Stuart’s Stuart Group Inc. and the first restaurant was opened in 1988 in Benbrook, Texas. The majority amount of the restaurants of Chicken Express are in the Southern United States, mostly in Texas. This brand is expanding in the other parts of the nation as well with over 200 locations.

Chicken Express Menu With Prices

Food from Chicken Express

Chicken Express is wildly famous for serving crispy chicken bites along with other delish food items. The items on the Chicken Express menu are all chicken, but additionally, it also offers catfish meals, drinks, and sandwiches. You can enjoy a chicken tender dinner with about 30 chicken tenders for $77.99.

From 3 piece chicken dinner to 16 piece chicken dinner, the menu of Chicken Express has numerous delicious appetizing meals. Not just that, Chicken Express also offers seafood. You can enjoy 3 piece fish dinner or 8 piece fish dinner for around $17.99 or $45.99 respectively.

The thing that makes the food chain different from its competitors is the price range. You can save a lot of money here by getting one of their family-sized meals for around $20. The beverages on the latest menu of Chicken Express are tea, unsweet tea, fruit punch, and soft drinks like coke, Dr. Pepper, lemonade, etc. These beverages cost around $3.25 each.

Among the extras, Chicken Express has a lot to offer. You can pair your crispy chicken favorites with delicious sides like mashed potatoes, corn nuggets, french fries, and many more. The sides are served here in regular or family size. All these sides in regular size cost around $3.29 while the family-sized side dishes cost around $6.49 each.

So, let’s check out all the meals you’ll find in the Chicken Express menu.

Tenders Menu With Prices

30 Tender Dinner$ 77.99
20 Tender Dinner$ 51.34
25 Tender Dinner $ 64.99
4 Tender Dinner$ 12.99
7 Tender Dinner$ 18.99

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Chicken Menu With Prices

12 Piece Chicken Dinner$ 42.89
16 Piece Chicken Dinner$ 55.89
8 Piece Chicken Dinner$ 30.54
3 Piece Chicken Dinner$ 12.99

Fish Menu With Prices

3 Piece Fish Dinner$ 17.99
8 Piece Fish Dinner$ 45.49

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Sides Menu With Prices

Sides RegularFamily
Mashed Potatoes With Gravy$ 3.89$ 6.49
Corn Nuggets$ 3.89$ 6.49
Fried Okra$ 3.89$ 6.49
French Fries $ 3.89$ 6.49
Mini Poppers$ 3.89$ 6.49
Corn On The Cob$ 3.89$ 6.49
Cole Slaw$ 3.89$ 6.49
Green Beans$ 3.89$ 6.49
Hush Puppies$ 3.89$ 6.49
Cheese Sticks$ 3.89$ 6.49

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Drinks Menu With Prices

Fresh Brewed Tea (Gallon)$ 6.99
Bag of Nuggets Ice (8 lb)$ 6.99
Fresh Brewed Tea (32 oz)$ 3.25
Sweet Tea$ 3.25
Un-Sweet Tea$ 3.25
Coke$ 3.25
Diet Coke $ 3.25
Sprite$ 3.25
Dr. Pepper$ 3.25
Diet Dr. Pepper$ 3.25
Lemonade$ 3.25
Fruit Punch$ 3.25

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Desserts Menu With Prices

Cookies (12)$ 15.99
Apple Pie – (1ct)$ 2.99
Apple Pie – (4ct)$ 9.99
Cherry Pies – (1ct)$ 2.99
Cherry Pie – (4ct)$ 9.99
Cookies (6)$ 8.99

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Extras Menu With Prices

1 Roll$ 0.99
6 Rolls$ 5.99
Ketchup$ 0.00
Ranch$ 0.50
Honey Mustard$ 0.50
BBQ $ 0.50
Butter$ 0.50
Honey$ 0.25
Hot Serendipity Spice$ 0.20
Mild Serendipity Spice$ 0.20
Hot Sauce$ 0.15
Gravy (Family)$ 4.00
Gravy (Regular)$ 2.59
1 Jalapeno$ 0.99
6 Jalapenos$ 5.97

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Tenders Only Menu With Prices

15 Tenders Gravy & Rolls$ 36.39
30 Tenders & Rolls$ 64.99
20 Tenders & Rolls$ 46.79
25 Tenders Gravy & Rolls$ 55.89

Chicken Only Menu With Prices

8 Piece Chicken & Rolls$ 25.99
12 Piece Chicken & Rolls$ 33.79
16 Piece Chicken & Rolls$ 42.89

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Chicken Express Nutrition Information


To check the nutrition and calories of the ingredients used in Chicken Express’ food, you can visit the PDF given above.

How To Order Online From Chicken Express?

How about having the most delish menu items at home? You can order delicious food from Chicken Express online at affordable prices. Since the menu prices mentioned above are taken from Chicken Express in Allen, Texas. If you don’t live anywhere near Allen, Texas, you can check out Chicken Express’ latest menu prices of any location from its official website

The menu of Chicken Express and special offers are also available on this restaurant’s android app or iOS app. Not just that, you can also use other food delivery apps to order food online from Chicken Express. Some of the famous food delivery apps are Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates, and Seamless. Read further to know how you can order food from Chicken Express.

Finding The Latest Chicken Express Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

Read the steps below to know how you can find the updated menu prices of your nearest Chicken Express and order food online. I’ve also included pictures to help you in better understanding about ordering food from this restaurant chain. 

  1. Visit the homepage of the website of Chicken Express. Click on “Locations” to check out your nearest Chicken Express restaurant. 
Chicken Express Online Menu
  1. Enter your location in the search box and select the one nearest to you from the search results. Now, check out the restaurant hours and its contact details. 
  1. Click on “Order Online” and select all your favorites from the menu. View the cart and edit the list if you want. 
Chicken Express Online Menu
  1. Click on “Check Out” to proceed with the payment options and confirm your order. 
Chicken Express Online Menu

Chicken Express Franchising Information

Chicken Express restaurant

The Chicken Express has over 200 stores in locations like Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana and the brand offers the opportunity to everyone to open a franchise if you live in the U.S.A.

If you want to open a Chicken Express franchise, all you need to do is –

If the company finds you and your location suitable for a franchise, they will contact you.

Chicken Express Contact Details

Chicken Express head office address: 130 SW Wilshire Boulevard
Burleson, Texas 76028

Chicken Express phone number: (817) 295-8886

You can’t contact the Chicken Express team from the contact us page provided on their website as there is no message box or chatbot provided to share your experience.

The official website recommends you to go to a Chicken Express store directly to share your experience.

Important Links

Official Website

Social Media Handles




You can connect with Chicken Express with all their social media profiles mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken Express (FAQs)

What is Chicken Express famous for?

Chicken Express is famous for fried chicken, chicken tenders, fried catfish snacks and many more. 

Can we order food online from Chicken Express?

Yes, you can order food online from Chicken Express. The menu is available online on its website and app. You can also order Chicken Express’ food from other food delivery apps like Doordash, Grubhub, etc. 

What are the operational hours of Chicken Express?

Most outlets of Chicken Express serve food between 11 A.M. and 11 P.M. The exact operational hours might vary according to the location of the restaurant. 

Does Chicken Express offer catering services?

Chicken Express does not cater to huge parties and events but it offers combo meals and family meal packs serving 3 to 4 people. 

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