Why Ooni Pizza Ovens Are Better Than Other Pizza Ovens?

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ooni pizza oven

Baking a pizza at home is the new normal, and using the right pizza oven brings out the best flavors. If you ask me, there are plenty of pizza ovens, but Ooni pizza ovens are the best ones. Care to find out why Ooni pizza ovens are better than other pizza ovens, then stick with me till the end. 

Ooni pizza ovens are better because of the following reasons –

  • They are portable pizza ovens – Easy to carry.
  • They can be used in the kitchen, backyard, or anywhere you wish to.
  • Get your pizza ready within 60 seconds.
  • Easy to set-up and starts quickly.
  • Less cooking time as the ovens get heated up quickly.

Ooni pizza ovens deal in a wide range of portable pizza ovens that are made for your convenienceThe Ooni pizza ovens are easy to set up and start the process of making the best pizza. The cooking time reduces as the ovens get heated up really fast. Portable pizza ovens are easy to carry and do not require much effort.

So, if you are looking for some great pizza time at home with friends and family, Ooni pizza ovens are here to serve you perfect slices. That is not all. We will dig in further about this brilliant invention that made cooking and eating pizza at home very swift. 

Why Choosing The Right Pizza Oven Matters?

ooni pizza oven

Choosing the right pizza oven really matters to get perfectly crisped pizza slices that are evenly cooked. If you cook pizza in an inappropriate pizza oven, there are chances that your pizza won’t turn out to be as delicious as desired. The temperature of the pizza oven is really important to get a perfectly cooked pizza. Other than this, the size and complexity of a pizza oven also matter. Let us learn about this a little more. 

1. Taste And Flavors 

We all have tried pizzas from many places, and every other one has some unique tempting flavors. If you want to achieve the perfect flavors in your pizza, then it is really important to choose an oven that does its job right. 

2. Size And Convenience 

Another important factor to look for in the right pizza oven is size and convenience. Choose an oven that is easy to set up, fits at the desired pace and does not require much effort to operate. 

3. Fuel Type 

There are various types of ovens available that are operated differently. Some are wood fire-based, and others are gas-powered. Obviously, one needs proper skills to use wood fire-based pizza ovens. Whatever is suitable as per your convenience is the right one.  

4. Quality Of Pizza

We all know that the quality of pizza determines the taste. A good pizza oven will always yield a great quality pizza with perfect flavors. Make sure that your regular oven does not compromise with the flavors. 

5. Cooking Time

Who wants to wait for delicious pizzas? There are many pizza ovens that take an awful lot of time to cook. Make sure to get the oven pizza that cooks your food easily without taking much time. 

6. Ease Of Use

Nobody wants to spend time setting up huge and complicated ovens just to bake pizza. The more accessible setting the oven is, the better pizzas are yielded. Do not let your fun time get utilized in setting up the ovens. Choose the oven pizza that is convenient in terms of setting it up and using it. 

7. Energy Efficiency

There is no doubt that many conventional ovens need different energy sources like electricity, wood, coal, etc. With new technology, energy consumption can be easily reduced, making your oven energy efficient. 

8. Capacity Of Oven 

The oven’s capacity is also an essential factor to consider before getting your pizza oven. Ensure that the oven can yield a reasonable quantity of pizza and can handle multiple pizzas of different sizes at one time. 

9. Quality Of Oven

Without any doubt, one should always check the quality of the oven. Getting an oven means investing a good amount of money, which is why quality matters. If your oven is of good quality, then for sure, the pizzas you bake will be really authentic and delicious. Make sure you check the quality of the oven and make your decision accordingly. 

10. Size And Weight

Getting a pizza oven is all fun and games until you realize you don’t have enough space. Get an oven pizza that fits your surroundings. Not only the size but the weight matters too. There are plenty of light weighted oven pizzas available in the market that are of great quality. 

The light weight of oven pizzas ensures they can be carried easily from one point to another. This makes your oven pizza more versatile, and you can enjoy warm and delicious pizza anywhere and everywhere. 

About Ooni Brand

ooni pizza oven

Ooni has been dealing in pizza ovens since 2012 and continues to deliver the right tools and guidance to people to make perfect pizzas. The simple goal was to end the quest for authentic pizza. With their innovative pizza ovens, it is really easy to bake some delicious and perfect pizza slices at home. 

The brand deals in a variety of portable pizza ovens. From gas-powered to wood pellets to multi-fuel and electric pizza ovens, Ooni is a one-stop solution for pizza ovens. One can bake pizza within 60 seconds with a perfectly crispy crust and evenly cooked vegetables and cheese. 

Ooni pizza ovens get heated up really fast and deliver within a short time span. The mechanism of the Ooni pizza ovens is too simple. Whether you get wood, charcoal, pellets, gas or electricity, these ovens are super convenient. 

Not only stylish pizza ovens, but Ooni also offers excellent accessories required to make the perfect pizza. Even if you are confused about which Ooni pizza oven you should buy, there is instant help too. 

Why Are Ooni Ovens Better Than Other Pizza Ovens?

ooni pizza oven

When it comes to pizza ovens, we get this overwhelming feeling. From set up to cleaning the ovens, once you are done feels like a task. However, with Ooni pizza ovens, you can actually enjoy your time making delicious pizzas. That is why Ooni pizza ovens are better than other pizza ovens. Let us see other reasons why you should choose Ooni pizza ovens. 

1. Better flavors 

With Ooni pizza ovens, you can make authentic flavored pizza. You can enjoy perfectly cooked pizza that is crispy enough to soothe your soul. Did you know you can make Napolean pizza with Ooni pizza ovens within 60 seconds? Isn’t it great? Many pizza ovens are very basic, and the pizzas are not up to the scale. 

2. Better Design 

Ooni pizza ovens are designed so that anyone can operate them efficiently. The portable ovens are stylish and have an optimum design. Not too big in size, they are perfect in shape and circumference that easily fit in your place. 

3. Super Fast

Without any doubt, Ooni pizza ovens deliver perfectly baked pizza within a very short time. These ovens’ heating process is high compared to other pizza ovens. So the pizza gets cooked really fast with the best flavors. 

4. Versatile 

Ooni Pizza not only delivers perfectly baked pizza, but you can cook much more than pizzas. Other pizza ovens are specifically designed to make pizzas, and you can hardly cook any other recipes or dishes. Many customers have tried making steaks and other similar recipes. 

What People Say About Ooni Pizza Ovens?

ooni outdoor oven

When it comes to Ooni pizza ovens, customers have warmful stories to share. Christina, who took pizza-making classes, wanted a pizza oven for her backyard. She highly recommends the ovens from Ooni, as she was able to make not only pizzas but pretzels, steaks and more! 

Another customer, Karen, mentioned that pizza is similar to the one at restaurants and takeaways. Daneve, who got an Ooni Koda 12 gas oven, could easily set up the oven and made their first pizza within no time. 

Without any doubt, the customers were delighted as they were easily making pizza without much effort and time. Kattie felt like a pro after using Ooni Koda 16 to make pizza for lunch. Toby has experimented with different pizza recipes and got perfect flavours every damn time. He was shocked to see the uniform result after every new recipe.  

Why Are Ooni Pizza Ovens So Expensive?

ooni oven

Ooni pizza ovens are expensive simply because they deliver you the best-curated pizza within very less time. These ovens get heated more than regular ovens, which cuts down a lot of time and effort. 

The pizzas made in Ooni are crisp and evenly cooked. They taste better than the restaurant’s pizzas. One does not use much of their mind while using the Ooni pizza ovens as they are easy to set up and use. Ooni pizza ovens are ready to make pizza within 20 minutes or less. Not only this but electric Volt pizza ovens by Ooni can cook Napolean pizza in less than 60 seconds. 

The Ooni pizza oven can be fired up in your garden, backyard, kitchen, or anywhere you want to. Not only pizzas but you can easily cook other recipes as well without much hassle. Let us have a look at the pricing of Ooni pizza ovens.

Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven$799.00
Ooni Karu 12G Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven$429.00
Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven$399.00
Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven$599.00
Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven$399.00
Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven$349.00
Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven$349.00

Even though you may feel like they are too expensive, trust me, they are worth the price. Also, you can easily save a great deal of money with Ooni Coupon Codes. You can avail a great discount on purchasing Ooni pizza ovens. They also provide discounted rates on various occasions like Thanksgiving, Halloween and more. 

Is Buying Ooni Pizza Ovens Worth It?

ooni oven

Yes, buying Ooni pizza ovens is worthwhile. Ooni pizza ovens are the best if you love doing things outdoors, says New York Times too. If you really want to enjoy authentic pizza flavors with easy set-up and smooth working, Ooni pizza ovens are the right ones. 

You can cook crisp and healthy pizzas within a short time and enjoy them at your home. You do not require any technical knowledge to operate the ovens, and they are portable. So you can literally take them anywhere and everywhere. 


Well, we all love the perfectly baked pizza that has a crispy texture and evenly cooked ingredients. Without any doubt, Ooni pizza ovens are the one that delivers exactly what you are looking for. For sure, they are a little expensive but worth every penny.

Everything from setting up to cooking pizzas is swift and quick with Ooni pizza ovens. I am sure you find this piece of information helpful and are fully aware that Ooni pizza ovens are better than other pizza ovens. I will be back with more conversations to solve your problems. Until then, bake some Margherita pizza.  

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