10 Tips For Buying Quality Lobster Online

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Lobsters are one of the most delicious seafood that is widely popular. When it comes to buying lobsters online, some of us are skeptical about the quality. Worry not; I will share some great tips for buying quality lobster online without much hassle. 

When buying lobster online, always remember- 

  • To check the source of the lobster
  • Online website authenticity
  • Handling and shipping of the lobster.
  • Good customer services.
  • Great customer reviews
  • Type Of Lobster
  • Freshness
  • Pricing
  • Return Policy
  • Shipping Process

There are high chances of a good quality lobster if you check these things before you buy a lobster online. 

Another thing that you should look for is promotional discounts, as a good lobster seller will value their customer. Also, it is always suggested to purchase lobster during their peak season, which is late June to December. 

There are other factors also that should be considered, especially when you are buying lobster online. Let us dive deep into all the possible tips and get the best quality lobster to eat. Stick with me till the end as I will share some best online places to buy lobster. 

Why Buying A Quality Lobster Matters?


Buying a quality lobster matters as it determines the taste and flavors of the dish you are going to make. Fresh and good quality lobsters have amazing flavors.

They have a little sweet note and are less fishy when compared to other seafood. Buying a quality lobster will make sure that you eat a delicious lobster dish. You can easily store the leftovers for a good time if the lobster is good quality. Usually, lobster that is of cheap quality gets spoiled easily even after storing it properly. So even if you have to pay a little extra for quality lobster, you must do it. 

 Why Should You Buy Lobster Online?

lobster dish

The simple reason for buying a lobster online is that you can get premium quality lobster. Now all of us are not lucky to have a house near the coast.So, it is not easy to get delicious lobsters that are of premium quality. Finding good quality lobster at your local fish market is often difficult. 

Buying lobster online gives you a variety of options. You can choose the source of the lobster and get the best quality one even if the place is far from you. Many selling brands are upscaling their quality and delivering the best lobsters to your doorstep within a short time. 

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Lobster Online?

lobster in a plate

When purchasing lobster online, there are many factors to be looked upon. The source of the lobster, the seller’s authenticity, and the shipping process are important to consider. Let us learn a little more about these factors so that you can buy the best quality lobster online. 

1. Source Of The Lobster

Not all of us can catch live and fresh lobster from the coast, but we can still purchase it even if we are far away. Now if buying lobster online, you must check the source to know where the lobsters are coming from. Many harvesters do not follow the sustainable process. 

They might harm and exploit the natural lobster environment to sell more quantities. This affects the environment and the quality of the lobsters. The way and timing of the lobster’s breeding is really important. So make sure that the brand you choose is mindful of the environment and quality breeding of the lobster. 

2. Authenticity And True Elements

It is very important to check the true authenticity of the site from where you are purchasing the lobsters. Research the brand and check its policies. If everything about the brand seems true and authentic, you should buy the lobsters. Check their privacy policies and security elements. 

3. Shipping And Handling

The most important factor while purchasing lobster online is to check the shipment and handling process. Even if the lobster is of excellent quality, if not delivered in a proper manner, then the quality can be affected. 

If the packaging is not proper, then lobster can easily get spoiled. Look for the brand’s shipping and handling process. The process of delivering the lobster to your doorstep fresh and healthy is very important, and companies should take this very seriously. 

4. Customer Service

The utmost concern for any lobster-selling site should be customer service. The way their policies are designed for customers really helps to see through the brand. One of the policies that should not be ignored is the return and refund policy. One can not be 100% of the quality of the lobster, and if you don’t get delivered what you ordered, what’s next?

Clearly, there should be a returns and refund policy for the better interest of the customer. This way, you will know that you won’t be scammed. Another thing that comes under customer service is promotional discounts. Many brands offer great discounts on first orders to gain the loyalty of customers. This shows that they want their customers to come back, and that is only possible if their product is up to quality. 

5. Pricing 

Look for the pricing of the lobster and other charges that are included. Many sites provide you with great quality lobsters at a reasonable price. The price of the lobsters also differs depending on the type of lobster and the source of the lobster. If you think the price is unreasonably high, avoid such sites or brands. There can be brands that may charge extra, given the quality of the lobster is really great. So make sure you know the lobster’s worth and pay that much only. 

6. Customer Reviews

Last but not least, customer reviews are the best way to get the reality check. Look for customer feedback on what they have to say about their services and the quality of lobsters. Were they satisfied? Was there any issue with the taste of the lobster? You can easily rely upon the reviews by the customers. 

7. Type Of Lobster

There are different types of lobsters available in the market. The most commonly purchased are Maone lobsters. Depending upon what you need, make sure to check that the same is available with the seller. 

8. Freshness

Not only different types of lobsters but also different parts of lobsters are sold separately. Different parts are available, either with the same or another seller. Consider checking the type of lobster along with the parts that you would like to eat. The brand that sells all the different parts is more reliable when it comes to freshness and quality. 

9. Shipping 

If you don’t get your delicious lobsters delivered on time, then there is no point in anything. Not only the quality of lobsters are important, but on-time delivery is a must. Look for sellers that deliver your lobsters within less time. Firstly, if there are no on-time deliveries, there are chances that the lobsters may get spoiled. Secondly, you don’t want to re-plan your lobster dinner party, so make sure you choose the seller that delivers at the right time.

10. Return Policy

If the seller does not have a return policy, then I would suggest you avoid getting your lobster from the same place. No matter how great the lobster brand is, no one can give 100% on the quality of lobsters. 

If by any chance you get spoiled lobsters, then you must have a way to return the lobster in exchange for money or another unspoiled and fresh lobster. The brands with a return policy show that they care about their customers and keep them interested at first. They can be easily relied upon for the quality of the lobsters.  

Best Places To Buy Lobster Online

lobster meal

If you really want to try fresh and delicious lobster, there are many brands that are best at their service. Let us look at the list of best places to buy lobster online.

1. Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere is the most reliable brand and all-rounder in their field. They deal in Maine lobsters, which are the most tender and delicious lobster species. You can get fresh and premium quality Maine lobster within 24 hours across the USA. 

They offer a variety of lobsters, from fresh to frozen, and you can earn rewards and redeem discounts too. Lobster Anywhere has been serving the best lobsters for 20 years and has beautiful customer reviews. 

2. Maine Lobster Now

The name of the brand itself tells about what Maine Lobster Now deals with. You can order fresh and live Maine lobster within a day. Isn’t it interesting? You can choose from different sizes of lobsters. 

The best thing about the brand is that the lobster is sustainably and responsibly harvested from the coast of Maine. You can easily enjoy fresh and high-quality lobsters from Maine itself. 

3. The Lobster Guy

Another brand that catches live lobsters directly from Maine and delivers to your door in a very short time span – The Lobster Guy. You may have watched Tim Handrigan on discovery channel, who is the guy behind the Lobster Guy brand. So you can unthinkingly rely upon the quality of the lobsters.  

The lobster guy also deals in shrimps and scallops other than lobsters. They offer best priced Maine lobster and guarantee the freshness and quality of the lobsters.

4. Lobsters Online

Lobster Online got you covered whether you need just one pound of lobster or more. Quickly fix your dinner party with lobster online. Enjoy their prepared food items like clams and scallops along too. Lobster Online has been serving its customers for 25 years, and they have an excellent reputation. You can even order live lobsters starting from $16 to dinner meals for two, four or even six people and more. 

5. Luke’s Lobster

Following sustainable harvesting, Luke’s Lobster delivers the best quality lobster to your doorstep. They have great discounts and rewards for their customers and also provide free shipping options. Luke’s Lobster is in its third generation of family-running lobster business. Their frozen items are available in grocery stores as well. They also offer free oxo seafood tools with every live lobster purchase you make. 

6. Get Maine Lobster

With thousands of customer reviews, Get Maine Lobster are the master in their field. You can order fresh and premium-quality Maine lobster without any fear of getting scammed. They come with various offers and discounts from time to time. You can also create your bindle and get it at a heavily discounted price. From Maine live lobster to lobster rolls to lobster tails and meat, you can really enjoy everything here. 

7. Lobster Gram

What to give some lobsters to your loved ones? Lobster Gram is the best place for the same. You can give someone lobster dinner and let them enjoy the best feast of their lives. You can schedule the delivery of the live lobster or even get a gift certificate from the Lobster Gram. Other than lobsters, they deal in an array of scallops, shellfish, and other seafood. You can also get steak, sides, and dessert. 

How Big Of A Lobster Should You Order Online?


The size of the lobster really depends upon your menu, budget, occasion, number of people and size of the event. However, it would help if you always went for lobsters that are on the smaller end of the scale. For instance, Maine lobsters are also legal to harvest from one pound. Large-sized lobsters are also great and well-marketed. The only difference about the size is that small ones are easy to cook and affordable. 


Finally, we are at the end of this delicious conversation. I am glad that you got to learn so much about lobster. Next time you order the lobsters, follow these simple tips. I really hope you get the best quality lobster to enjoy. Let me know in the comments once you order it online. I would suggest you try lobsters for lobster anywhere, as they are best in their field. I will be back with some more interesting information. Until then, find your lobster. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we order live lobster online?

Yes, you can order live lobster online and get it delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. 

Do lobsters get spoiled?

Yes, if not properly stored, then cooked or uncooked lobsters can quickly get spoiled. 

How to order the best quality lobster?

When buying lobster, always remember to check the source of the lobster, online website authenticity, handling and shipping of the lobster. If the website you are buying from has good customer service and reviews, then there are high chances of good quality lobster. 

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