Sirloin Stockade Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Sirloin Stockade menu with prices may differ depending on the nearest outlet of Sirloin Stockade restaurant. We have provided the menu of Sirloin Stockade for the location Murray, Kentucky. The menu is updated from 1st April, 2024.

Sirloin Stockade Restaurant

The explicit prices of Sirloin Stockade menu might not be available on its official website. But you can find your nearest Sirloin Stockade from the website. You can also find the Sirloin Stockade menu with prices on other delivery platforms.

At Sirloin Stockade, you can have a hearty meal or just light brunch, all in one place. They offer beverages, desserts, steaks, chicken as well as seafood. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for sandwiches, salads and soups.

They serve children’s menu, senior menu and buffets. It is the one-stop restaurant for all your dining needs. You can have a satiating meal at this restaurant for around $30.

You’ll find their complete menu going further down. In addition to that, you’ll find additional important information like their contact information, nutritional and franchise details.

You’ll also get to know how you can order food online from this restaurant chain. let’s read about the history of Sirloin Stockade first! So, here’s a little sneak peek into their history.

The first Sirloin Stockade restaurant was opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the year 1966. This restaurant had an 1800 pound ornamental plastic cow, which is similar to the one in their logo.

They have over 80 company-owned restaurants and about 74 restaurant franchises.

Sirloin Stockade Menu With Prices

Sirloin Stockade Food

Sirloin Stockade offers a lot of items on their menu in addition to steaks. They serve different soft drinks as well as tea and coffee if you need a beverage to go with your meal.

They also serve different desserts in case you want something sweet to eat after your meal. The lunch menu of Sirloin Stockade has sirloin tips, chopped sirloin, fried chicken fillets, and many more.

Chicken fried steak and Teriyaki chicken on the menu of Sirloin Stockade cost around $ 9.88 each. These are served with a choice of a side dish and a beverage.

The special menu item on the menu of sirloin stockade is a 12-ounce ribeye. It costs around $ 25.25, and you can choose the temperature, from rare to well, under which this meat is cooked.

Then, they have a good variety of steaks, including beef, chicken, and pork chops. If you are craving seafood, they also have options for you.

They have the children’s menu and the senior menu, so all age groups feel included. 

The menu of Sirloin Stockade has signature steaks like Big Sky sirloin, sirloin, double tips, ribeye, and many more. Pork chop and steak & shrimp cost $16.49 and $18.69, respectively.

Also, their children’s menu has grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, etc. Refreshing beverages, from Dr. Pepper to lemonade, all cost around $2.85 each.

One cannot forget to mention their list of buffet and lunch menus. You can also find sandwiches on their menu.

Also, if you feel like having a light meal, they serve salads and soups in their specials. They also offer catering for parties. You can look at the main and catering menu here.

Picked For You

Buffet para Llevar$249.00
Roast Beef 1/2 kg$290.00
Lasagna de Res 1 kg$140.00
Roast Beef 1 kg$565.00
Fajita Rib Eye (1 kg pesado en crudo)$795.00

Favoritos del Cliente

Lasagna de Res 1 kg$140.00
Roast Beef 1/2 kg$290.00
Roles de Canela 6 Pzas$42.00
Lasagna de Res 1/2 kg$78.00
Bollos 6 Pzas$42.00
Alitas Bufalo 1/2 kg$127.00
Spaguetti Bolognesa 1 Lto$211.00
Costilla de Cerdo 1/2 kg$149.00
Galletas de Choco Chips 6 Pzas$28.00
Barrita de Limon 6 Pzas$50.00
Paella Valenciana 1/2 kg$134.00
Ensalada de Manzana 1/2 Lto$127.00
Spaguetti Bolognesa 1/2 Lto$112.00
Paella Valenciana 1 kg$248.00
Pure de Papa 1/2 Lto$64.00
Macarron con Queso 1 Lto$126.00
Alitas Bufalo 1 kg$239.00
Barrita de Limon 12 Pzas$85.00
Costilla de Cerdo 1 kg$282.00
Roast Beef 1 kg$565.00
Pure de Papa 1 Lto$112.00
Macarron con Queso 1/2 Lto$71.00
Ensalada de Manzana 1 Lto$248.00
Ensalada de Zanahoria 1 Lto$183.00
Ensalada de Zanahoria 1/2 Lto$99.00
Ensalada de Surimi 1 Lto$245.00
Ensalada de Surimi 1/2 Lto$127.00
Bollos 12 Pzas$78.00
Roles de Canela 12 Pzas$78.00
Galletas de Choco Chips 12 Pzas$50.00
Lomo de Cerdo Hawaii 1/2 kg$163.00
Arroz a la Mexicana 1 Lto$78.00
Arroz a la Mexicana 1/2 Lto$42.00
Lomo de Cerdo Hawaii 1 kg$304.00
Asado de Puerco 1 Lto$255.00
Asado de Puerco 1/2 Lto$134.00
Picadillo 1 Lto$241.00
Picadillo 1/2 Lto$127.00
Gucamole 1 Lto$211.00
Gucamole 1/2 Lto$126.00
Barritas de Cacahuate 12 Pzas$126.00
Barritas de Cacahuate 6 Pzas$69.00
Pozole 1 Lto. Congelado$140.00
Pozole 1/2 Lto. Congelado$78.00

A la Parrilla

Fajita de Sirloin (1/2 kg pesado en crudo)$245.00
Carne Asada Taquera (1/2 kg pesado en crudo)$230.00
Fajita de Sirloin (1 kg pesado en crudo)$465.00
Carne Asada Taquera (1 kg pesado en crudo)$435.00
Fajita Rib Eye (1 kg pesado en crudo)$795.00
Fajita Rib Eye (1/2 kg pesado en crudo)$435.00
Queso Fundido Con Chorizo (250 gms)$65.00
Papa al Horno con Queso Y Carne Sirloin (250 gms)$65.00


Buffet para Llevar$249.00


Pepsi Regular$25.00
Pepsi Light$25.00

How To Order Online From Sirloin Stockade?

Sirloin Stockade also offers food online. The updated menu to order online from Sirloin Stockade is unavailable on its official website. You can check out the restaurant hours of Sirloin Stockade at your nearest location from the locations mentioned on its website.

Don’t worry; you can still order food online from Sirloin Stockade if you use other food delivery platforms like Doordash, UberEats, and Postmates. If you don’t know how to check the latest menu of Sirloin Stockade, read further and try ordering your favorites from this restaurant. 

Finding The Latest Sirloin Stockade Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

Read the steps below to gain insights into how you can find the updated menu prices of your nearest Sirloin Stockade. I’ve included the pictures below to guide you through the process of ordering food from Sirloin Stockade from Doordash.

  1. Enter your location in the search box at the homepage of Doordash. 
Cracker Barrel Menu1
  1. Now, enter the name of the restaurant, Sirloin Stockade, in the search box and find your nearest Sirloin Stockade. 
Cracker Barrel Menu 2
  1. Click on “Store Info” to check out the restaurant hours and its contact details. 
Sirloin Stockade Doordash Menu
  1. Now, move all your favorite dishes for Sirloin Stockade’s menu to the cart. View the cart and edit the list according to your choice. 
Sirloin Stockade Doorash Menu
  1. Click on “Check Out” and sign in to your account to proceed with your order.
Sirloin Stockade Personal Details


Sirloin Stockade offers a delicious dining experience with a wide variety of options to satisfy every taste. Whether you’re craving steak, seafood, or a hearty salad, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So why wait? Head to Sirloin Stockade and treat yourself to a meal that’s sure to please your palate.

Frequently Asked Questions Relate To Sirloin Stockade [FAQs]

What is Sirloin Stockade famous for?

Sirloin Stockade is famous for sirloin steak, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and bakery. 

Does Sirloin Stockade offer franchises?

Yes, there are about 74 restaurants in Sirloin Stockade that are franchised. 

What are the best dishes served at Sirloin Stockade?

The best dishes served at Sirloin Stockade are Teriyaki chicken, chicken fried steak, and big sky sirloin.

Can we order food online from Sirloin Stockade?

Yes, you can order food from Sirloin Stockade online but not from its official website or apps. You can order this restaurant’s famous dishes online using other food delivery platforms like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, etc.

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