KFC Secret Menu

Not only fried chicken, but KFC’s menu has got a lot of other options to satiate your cravings. Ever thought if KFC’s menu is hackable? Yes, it is! You can try a number of other items that are discovered from KFC’s menu by its fans. Read on to know all the menu hacks and secret menu items served at KFC. 

The secret menu of KFC has a hot pocket bowl, poutine, sides of biscuits, mashed potatoes, and bacon. You can customize your KFC bowl or any dish by adding extra bacon for $0.40 and mashed potatoes for $1. The triple down has a double down with layers of cheese, chicken, and bacon in it. Try any of these menu-hacks the next time you visit KFC. 

Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders as a roadside restaurant in 1930, KFC started serving finger linkin’ chicken bites in Kentucky. Yum! being its parent brand, this restaurant chain has more than 24,000 branches worldwide today. After McDonald’s, KFC is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world. This American fast-food chain specializes in fried chicken, hamburgers, etc. 

There are a lot of other options that you can try at KFC that are not listed on its menu. It’s obvious that you won’t find all the secret menu items of KFC on its official website or menu. Only zinger chipster and triple stacker burgers are available on KFC’s official app. To order other secret menu items, you need to ask the staff at this restaurant.  

Secret Menu Items Of KFC

Zinger Chicken at KFC

The list includes some of the most sought-after menu hacks at KFC restaurants. You can also add bacon, mashed potatoes, and cheese to any dish at KFC and enjoy your own menu hacks. Follow the list below and try all these items now! 

1. Zinger Chipster

This dish has zinger chicken and chips in a wrap. The zinger chicken is loaded with spicy flavors and zinger sauce. It also has lettuce and crispy fries in it. This side dish can be enjoyed with a condiment of your choice. It costs around $6 to $7.

2. Triple Stacker Burger

Triple stacker burger has three crispy zinger chicken, with cheese slices stacked in it. It has spicy sauce layered on the chicken in the burger. A triple stacker burger costs between $12 to $13. 

3. Double Down

This sandwich features two crispy chicken filets loaded with cheese and sauce. This menu item was even featured on KFC’s main menu for a limited period of time. You can add more cheese and add bacon to this sandwich. You can also have zinger filets in this sandwich if you want. 

4. Triple Down

As the double down burger gained popularity, ‘Triple down’ was introduced and is way better than the double down. This sandwich has three chicken filets mixed with assorted fillings and sauces. It can be customized your way by adding more cheese and bacon to it. The chicken filets in the sandwich are extra crispy and grilled to perfection. You can enjoy it with your choice of sauce. A triple down costs around $6.99.

5. Build-Your-Own-Bowl 

Do you love the KFC bowl? Now, you can customize your KFC bowl by substituting the ingredients with your choice of add-ons. You can add fries, mashed potatoes, bacon, some extra cheese, etc. Try adding butter or honey for some additional flavors in the bowl. Build-Your-Own-Bowl costs around $5.

6. Hot Pocket Bowl

The hot Pocket bowl is another version of the build-your-own bowl. This dish has KFC’s hot pocket’s in a bowl. These hot pockets are smothered in melted cheese and are served with corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy in a bowl. You can add bacon, fries, extra cheese to the bowl. Hot Pocket bowl costs around $5.

7. Poutine

Poutine has crispy cheese curds added to french fries with KFC gravy. This dish has soggy fries loaded with thick and scrumptious gravy. Try this delicious side dish by adding some cheese or bacon to it. It costs around $2.

8. Zinger Stacker 

If you like some extra spice in chicken bites, a zinger stacker is for you. It has lettuce leaves, zinger chicken filet, chili relish, and slices of melted cheese all stacked up on a burger. You can choose to have spicy sauce in your zinger burger. Enjoy this burger with fries and refreshing beverages at KFC.

9. Ultimate Zinger

Ultimate zinger is a pulled chicken sandwich. This sandwich has a zinger filet tucked in a bun with lettuce, crispy chicken filets, cheese, barbeque chicken, and southern-style coleslaw. You can choose the sauce and zinger chicken according to the spiciness you want in your sandwich. 

10. Beese Churger

‘Beese Churger’ is another delicious secret item served at KFC. It has a zinger filet and slices of cheese stacked in a burger. The burger also has mayo layered over the filets in it. Enjoy this burger with fried and refreshing beverages served at KFC. 


So, you got the idea of the secret menu items at KFC restaurants! Keep discovering more hacks and if you find any other secret menu item, we’d love to know. Don’t forget to read KFC’s official menu and its operational hours from our platform. Keep feasting finger-lickin’ food!

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