Is BlendJet 2 Worth It? | Best Portable Blender?

The growing popularity of smoothies and protein shakes ensures that you have encountered BlendJet 2 plenty of times. It is the perfect choice of blender to make these drinks. This article will answer the ever-important question – is BlendJet 2 worth it and possibly the best portable blender out there? Let’s find out! 

Is BlendJet 2 worth it?

BlendJet 2 is worth it and is undoubtedly one of the best portable blenders on the market. Although this blender may have a few disadvantages, the advantages surely outweigh them, making it worth investing every penny in. 

The good points about BlendJet 2 seemingly never end. Of course, you can make lovely smoothies, shakes, and much more on the go. However, this blender has many other aspects that make it a stand-out product.

I still remember when I got my hands on this product and was ultimately in awe of its design and functionality! This post will discuss all that makes this blender unique and some disadvantages of owning one.

I will also share some personal experiences about using this fantastic product. This will give you an idea of whether or not BlendJet 2 is worth your money. So, let’s begin! 

Advantages Of BlendJet 2

Advantages of BlendJet 2

BlendJet 2 is one of those products that is marketed well. I remember the first time I came across this product on the internet. The product’s design and functionality, just how quickly everything blended, left me in complete awe. 

However, once I laid my hands on it, I realized there is so much more to this fantastic product than you can see! Besides how amazing it looks, owning a BlendJet 2 has many advantages. 

After reading this section, I am sure you will all say, “Take my money!” just like I did! So, let us dive right into all the advantages of BlendJet 2! 

1. Its Portable And Sleek Design

Since I have emphasized quite a lot how attractive a BlendJet 2 looks, it would be only fair to start with this advantage. Most of you have seen this product in some advertisement, which has brought you to this article. 

You are probably aware that this blender has a unique and sleek design. Also, let us remember that this product is completely portable! BlendJet 2 has a lovely transparent cup where you can see how well your beverages get made without any hassle. 

Moreover, the blender comes in 14 color palettes, along with more options the company offers for a limited time. Over the years, along with their primary colors, BlendJet company has also developed designs inspired by your favorite Disney movies.

These include Mickey, Minnie Mouse, and movie classics like Toy Story and Frozen-inspired blenders. Over and above, they also came up with a limited-time series of Disney Princess-inspired blenders! 

I remember the first time I saw the BlendJet 2 Toy Story-themed blender. I knew I had to buy it as soon as I could. Not just me, but the kids in my family loved it so much that I barely get to see my BlendJet 2 around now! 

So, whether you are a plain Jane looking for a simple colored blender or want to live your ultimate Disney fantasy, BlendJet has all the solutions. That was all about the design of this product. Now, let us take advantage of its portable nature. 

Preparing a smoothie or protein shake before workouts in those large blenders is too much of a hassle for most of us. Of course, who would want to take out all that extra time to bring out a large blending machine and make a protein shake, right? 

I used to face this issue a lot, so BlendJet 2 allowed me to make my protein shakes on the go as freely as possible. Moreover, the compact size of this blender makes storage easy, making it a permanent accessory that I carry in my bag daily! 

2. You Can Blend Your Beverages Quickly And Efficiently

You can blend your beverages quickly and efficiently

BlendJet 2 is one product that doesn’t let its size fool you! Most of us feel that a small product will not have as much power or be too efficient. Well, I felt the same until I bought one for myself. 

Luckily, I was shocked when I saw how quickly and efficient this blender is. Although it looks petite, this blender has a whole lot of power. You can blend whole fruits within seconds in this portable blender without worrying about large pieces being left behind. 

The blender has simple 20-second blend cycles. A single cycle will break apart all the ingredients and blend them cohesively. However, if you want thicker blends like I love smoothie bowls, you can easily add to the number of cycles to get the right blend. 

3. Multi-Purpose Use

Since the product name is BlendJet 2, and most of us have only seen commercials for the same blending juices and more, you may think that this product cannot be used for anything other than beverages. But that is so far from the truth! 

BlendJet 2 is one of the most multi-purpose blenders out there, and it can be used to blend not just beverages but so much more! This blender can also make dips and sauces on the go, ranging from hummus to pesto and various other sauces. 

You also won’t be left with chunks of ingredients, as the blender breaks down everything you add. I remember this one time I had to prepare a quick hummus dip to take at a party. This was the time when I could rely entirely on BlendJet 2. 

All I had to do was pack all the ingredients for the hummus in the blender. After that, can you believe that I made hummus on the go?! Yes, that is entirely true! 

Moreover, BlendJet 2 also has a pulse mode that you can activate by pressing the central button twice. Using this function, I have regularly been able to make nut flours right at home rather than investing in expensive products available in the market. 

4. Rechargeable


Although we don’t live in an era that would face power cuts, having a rechargeable blender can still be a blessing in disguise. The rechargeable blender is a plus as you would not have to worry about carrying loads of wires everywhere just to blend something or make a smoothie. 

Moreover, imagine situations where you are in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be easier to carry a portable blender that you can recharge quickly? The best part is that you wouldn’t have to worry about long recharge times. 

I live in a place where we often experience power cuts. I cannot tell you how much BlendJet 2 has helped me in similar situations. I would always keep my BlendJet 2 charged all the time. 

For this reason, I never had to change my plans if I ever wanted to make myself a quick drink during a power cut. Another definite plus is that the blender takes barely any time to recharge and does not need special cables! 

5. Easy To Clean

The BlendJet 2 blends everything quickly, from whole fruits and vegetables to ice, nuts, and much more. Now imagine once you are done blending whatever you had to. The mess has got to be hard to clean, right?! Not at all! 

As easy as it is to blend almost any ingredient in a BlendJet 2, it is equally easy to clean this equipment! All you have to do is add water and soap to the blender and let it blend as usual. 

Once done, you rinse the blender, and there you have it! As clean as new! Gone are the days when you would have to dismantle your blender to get each piece clean. With BlendJet 2, cleaning is made just as easy as blending! 

The process is so easy that my little niece often cleans BlendJet 2 by herself! We have never even had to worry about safety or any other issue, even with a little kid using the portable blender, but we will get to that later. 

6. Environment Friendly

Environment friendly

With the rise in global warming, wastage, and much more that isn’t good for the environment, most of us are always looking for eco-friendly products. For blenders, you don’t need to look further than BlendJet 2, as it is one of the most environmentally friendly electronic products! 

You must be wondering how this blender can be environmentally friendly. I asked the same, and well, that is a valid question. But I can give you a few very valid reasons for this. The first reason is that you can recharge the equipment, making it wireless. 

You would not have to use electric ports when you use the blender. Instead, recharge for a few minutes, and your blender is ready to use for an extended period! This saves a lot of electricity, which is essential for the environment. 

Moreover, BlendJet 2 is also a multi-purpose piece of equipment. If you are out and don’t have a paper cup or container to transfer your smoothie, you can enjoy it directly from the blender. This eliminates the possibility of using single-use utensils, making the product environmentally friendly. I always use my BlendJet 2 as a container, just as efficiently as I use it to blend! 

7. Make A Variety Of Smoothies And Beverages On The Go

I don’t know about all of you, but I always seem short of time while at home. There are so many little things to be taken care of that making a smoothie, or any beverage could take a backseat on your to-do list. 

But with BlendJet 2, it does not have to! Pack your blender with all the necessary ingredients and place it in your bag. Then, whether you are commuting, at the gym, at work, or just about anywhere, you can blend away and enjoy a delicious smoothie or beverage of your choice! 

The best part is that the sheer variety of ingredients you can blend on the go is endless! If you want inspiration on some fantastic recipes in your BlendJet 2, look at this excellent blog by World Of Blenders about easy BlendJet recipes

This blog will give you a good idea of everything you can prepare in your new portable blender. Moreover, if you are looking for some fun smoothie recipes, the blog has you covered, too! I have been hooked on this blog for a long time and cannot get enough of their fantastic recipes!  

8. Safe To Use

Safe to usse

Safety is one of the most important features when using any electronic product. This is even more important, especially if you have kids at home. Lucky for us all, BlendJet 2 is one of the safest blenders out there for a few reasons! 

Firstly, the blender has its blades at the base, with a narrow opening. So, the chances of something going wrong that way are low. On top of that, BlendJet 2 also has a lock safety feature. This prevents accidents and will also not blend anything you are not supposed to. 

Do you remember how I mentioned in the previous section that my little niece uses BlendJet 2 often? The safety features are so well added that I have never had a reason to worry about a little kid using this blender! 

Disadvantages Of BlendJet 2

Disadvatages of BlendJet 2

Like yin and yang, some disadvantages come with owning a BlendJet 2. Although there are a lot of advantages to owning this product, there are also some disadvantages you should know about. 

Here, I will share some disadvantages I have faced with this product. This will help you better understand whether the blender is worth investing in for your home. 

1. It Has A Limited Capacity

BlendJet 2 has a total capacity of 16 ounces, which is good enough for one person. However, if you would like to blend in bulk, the chances of that being possible with BlendJet 2 are low. 

Sure, BlendJet 2 also comes with large-capacity jars. However, they cost extra, and not everyone could afford the same. This may be a huge disadvantage for people with a budget, as they must invest even more in additional accessories. 

I have faced this issue often, so I have never been able to make too much at a time. This is one of the reasons I had to invest in a larger jug, which was pretty expensive. 

2. It Can Only Make Fifteen Blends On A Single Charge

Fifteen drinks on a single charge

Fifteen blends on a single charge may not seem like a small number. But, this number is deficient for those who regularly go on long trips with their portable blenders. Imagine having to recharge your blender after a few hours of use. 

This will pose a massive problem for those who travel regularly and want to make their drinks. Moreover, although charging the product is pretty simple, it would be even worse if you get caught up in a situation where no charging is available.

I faced this issue once when I went on a long trip and was craving a lovely drink. Sadly, the problem was so bad that I had to keep the blender away for the entirety of the journey. So, if you are one of those people who travels often, this disadvantage of BlendJet 2 is undoubtedly worth considering. 

3. It Is Not Dishwasher Safe

Lately, most of us have dishwashers installed in our homes. Hence, we all want to make the best use of these machines. However, owning a piece of equipment that cannot be used in the dishwasher can be a big hassle.

Technically, cleaning BlendJet 2 is pretty simple. However, that is from the inside. To get it all spick and span from the outside, you would still have to resort to methods like washing it with a sponge. 

This may be a slight disadvantage to all of you. However, for those who think every piece of equipment must be dishwasher safe, just like me, this is a point worth considering before investing in a BlendJet2. 

Should You Buy BlendJet 2? 

So, we have reached the end of this post. By weighing out the pros and cons of this product, I can easily vouch that BlendJet 2 is worth buying. Anyone who is used to making their beverages would surely appreciate this product a lot. 

Sure, certain fundamental disadvantages of this product can come their way. However, for regular use, the advantages surely outweigh them. Hence, this product will make a great addition to your kitchen. I also vouch for that, as I have always looked past the disadvantages since the product was a lovely addition to my kitchen. 

Moreover, with BlendJet 2 in your kitchen, you can also say goodbye to large and heavy food processors and instead use this multi-purpose equipment for everything. So, will you be investing in a BlendJet 2? Let me know in the comments! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use BlendJet 2 only to make beverages of different kinds? 

No, the BlendJet 2 is a multi-purpose product used to make beverages and as a food processor.  

Is the BlendJet 2 easy to clean? 

Yes, the BlendJet 2 is very easy to clean as it needs just a little bit of liquid soap and water, and then you rinse the product. However, the product is not dishwasher safe. 

Does the BlendJet 2 have a large capacity? 

No, the BlendJet 2 does not have a considerable capacity. 

Can you buy BlendJet 2 with blending jugs of a higher capacity? 

Yes, you can buy BlendJet 2 with blending jugs that have a higher capacity. 

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