Does Burger King Have Root Beer On Their Menu?

Burger King is known for serving various drinks on the menu, such as soft drinks, shakes, coffees, and more. However, do you know if Burger King serves root beer on their menu? If not, then let’s find out.

Burger King Root Beer

Yes, Burger King offers Root Beer at selected stores in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Illinois. Prices for root beer at these locations range from $2 to $4.

Therefore, in this article, you will find which BK stores in the USA offer root beer on their menu. Moreover, you will also find the nutritional information for BK’s root beer and its review. So, keep reading till the end. 

Is It Possible To Get Root Beer At Burger King?

Burger King Root Beer

Yes, it is possible to get Barq’s Root Beer at Burger King at a few stores in the United States. They are available in four sizes – value, small, medium, and large.  

You will not find root beer mentioned in the latest Burger King allergen menu. Therefore, it is a limited regional offering. You can see all these locations listed in the table below:

United States Stores That Are Root BeerAvailability Of Drink 
Arizona Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
New Jersey Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
CaliforniaLos Angeles (Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer)
IllinoisChicago (Barq’s Root Beer)
TexasBarq’s Root Beer
Hawaii Barq’s Root Beer
Pennsylvania Barq’s Root Beer
Colorado Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
North CarolinaBarq’s Root Beer
MontanaBarq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
UtahBarq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
Alabama Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
Missouri Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
Oregon Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer
Louisiana (Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer)
Oklahoma (Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer)
New Mexico Barq’s Root Beer
Nevada Las Vegas (Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer)
Mississippi Barq’s Root Beer
Kansas Barq’s Root Beer
New Hampshire Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Barq’s Root Beer

Now that you know which BK stores serve root beer, you can visit them anytime to enjoy a refreshing drink.      

What Are The Different Sizes BK Offers for Root Beer?

Burger King offers Root Beer in value, small, medium, and large size. Therefore, you can choose your preferred size of drink. 

Here are the sizes BK offers for root beer and their corresponding prices taken from BK’s California store:

Barq’s Root Beer SizePrice 
Value $1.39

Burger King also offers Diet Barq’s root beer in a few stores. So, let’s check the prices of the same in the table below: 

Diet Barq’s Root Beer SizePrice 
Value $1.79

Is Barq’s Root Beer Caffeine Free?

No, Barq’s Root Beer is not caffeine-free. According to Burger King’s nutritional information, root beer contains caffeine. 

If you check Burger King’s nutritional information, you will discover that Barq’s root beer contains 22 mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz.  

Caffeine is a stimulant that can have several benefits. It increases your alertness and boosts energy. However, it can also have adverse effects, such as anxiety, insomnia, and headaches, if consumed in large amounts.

Therefore, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid the consumption of Barq’s root beer. 

Why Isn’t It Available At Every Store?

Burger King Root Beer

Barq’s Root Beer is unavailable at most of the Burger King stores due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. It led to a disruption in the supply chain that affected the root beer market, like many other goods. 

Root beer was a part of Burger King’s menu before the pandemic. Therefore, if you check Burger King’s 2020 nutrition information, you will find Barq’s Root Beer on the menu. But soon after 2020, Burger King stopped selling Barq’s root beer at most of its stores in the United States. 

The reason behind the disappearance of root beer was due to the effect of the pandemic. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic had an adverse impact everywhere. It restricted the movement of people and affected businesses as there were fewer hands to get the job done. 

As a result, the supply chain of Barq’s Root Beer was also affected, and the drink from BK’s menu was discontinued. However, another reason could be that this drink didn’t make profitable sales.

It should be noted that Barq’s Root Beer is owned by Coca-Cola, which also sells Fanta, Sprite, Minute Maid, and other brands. Therefore, during the pandemic, Coca-Cola may have decided to focus on selling products that were in high demand. 

On the other hand, the company may have observed a lesser demand for root beer than the other brands. As a result, they must have decided to remove Barq’s Root Beer from the menu.

Does BK Offer Root Beer In Other Countries?

Yes, Burger King does offer Root Beer in most of the stores across Canada. Additionally, you will find Root Beer and Root Beer Float in BK Philippine outlets. 

For Barq’s Root Beer in Canada, check out the Burger King outlets in Canadian states such as Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. You can visit the BK stores in these territories and enjoy your favorite root beer.  

Likewise, you can also purchase Root Beer and Root Beer Float from Burger King Philippines.

Burger King Root Beer Nutritional Values

NutrientsRoot Beer Value SizeRoot Beer Small SizeRoot Beer Medium SizeRoot Beer Large Size
Calories 210 Kcal260 Kcal380 Kcal500 Kcal
Sodium 50 mg60 mg90 mg115 mg
Carbohydrates0 g72 g105 g137 g
Sugar 58 g72 g104 g137 g

Looking at the nutritional value of all sizes of Barq’s Root Beer, one can see that it’s not an unhealthy beverage. However, it is recommended to consume this drink in moderation as excessive consumption of sodas can lead to health issues.

How Does Barq’s Root Beer Root Taste At Burger King?

Burger King Root Beer

Barq’s Root Beer has a distinctive, bold flavor. It has a spicy and sweet taste with a hint of vanilla. Some people also find that it has a hint of caramel flavor that adds to its sweetness.

Moreover, root beer is highly carbonated, giving it a refreshing fizz. The high carbonation also balances the drink’s creaminess and sweetness.

This non-alcoholic beverage is also prepared with natural and artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. It combines carbonated water with other ingredients, such as sassafras, wintergreen, birch bark, licorice, and spices. 

All these ingredients add a spicy kick to the root beer. Furthermore, the drink’s flavor is enhanced due to caffeine, which gives root beer a slightly bitter aftertaste. 

Is Barq’s Root Beer Good At Burger King?

Yes, BK Barq’s Root Beer is cherished by many people for its unique, bold, and spicy flavor. It has a perfect kick of caffeine and high carbonation, offering a refreshing taste. 

I have gathered some reviews on Barq’s Root Beer, which will help you judge the drink better. So, let’s have a look at them. 

One of the reviewers mentioned on the Influenster food review site,” This root beer has always been excellent. The flavor is lovely and has a unique taste. When served chilled or with ice, it is very refreshing.”

Another mentioned, “It has the best flavor and is the most refreshing of all the root beers. It is crisp, and the vanilla flavor is bold.”

A YouTube channel, Demise Media, mentioned, “If you are a fan of spicy, salty, savory flavors, then you will love Barq’s root beer. It has less sweetness and has more strong flavors.”

Another YouTube channel, Meaningfully Vacant, said, “It has more tang to it. It comes up and gets you in the tongue a bit, and then it has a sweetness that follows. 

Lastly, a YouTuber, Casual Game Reed, mentioned,” It’s got a smooth flavor that tastes like wow.” 

Overall, the reviews of Barq’s root beer are favorable, and people have preferred Barq’s over other root beer brands because of its intense flavors. 


It’s a wrap on the article. In this blog, we discussed whether or not Burger King offers root beer on their menu. We found that Burger King only offers root beer in a few stores in the United States. 

Therefore, you can head to those stores to enjoy it. However, if you can’t access those restaurants, you can try other beverages at Burger King. For example, Burger King offers several coffee options. So, you can try their delectable frappes and hot coffees. 

Apart from them, they also serve caffeine-free options that you can explore, like smoothies. However, Burger King does not offer hot chocolate in the United States. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for light and refreshing beverages, you can purchase lemonade from Burger King. In addition to these options, Burger King also serves several varieties of sodas.

Thus, many delectable options are waiting for you at Burger King. So, visit your nearest Burger King restaurant and have a great time with your friends and family. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Burger King have root beer?

Yes, you can find root beer at Burger King. However, not all BK stores in the United States offer Barq’s root beer. Only a few of the stores are offering root beer.

Does Burger King serve root beer in other countries?

Yes, Burger King serves Barq’s root beer in Canada. Moreover, you can also find root beer floats in the Philippines.

Is Barq’s Root Beer an alcoholic beverage?

No. Barq’s root beer is not an alcoholic beverage. It’s a regular soda drink.

Is Barq’s Root Beer caffeine-free?

No, Barq’s root beer contains caffeine. A 12 oz of root beer includes 22 mg of caffeine.

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