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Do you love pizzas but other than you, no one in your family loves it that much? If yes, then I have a place for you where you can go with all the non-pizza lovers and everyone will have something to eat. The name of that place is Extreme Pizza.

Extreme Pizza has a wide variety of delicious pizzas on its menu. They offer classic cheese, screamin’s tomato, carnivore, veggin out, and gluten-free pizzas on the menu.

This blog will tell you about the Extreme Pizza menu with their latest prices for 2020. Besides this, I will also tell you the cost you will have to pay to open their franchise, their contact information and the nutritional breakdown of the items served in Extreme Pizza. But first, let’s check out their history.

Extreme Pizza is a restaurant chain specializing in California-style pizzas. The brand was founded by Todd Parent and Michael Pastor in 1994. They opened the first store of Extreme Pizza in San Francisco, California. Since 1994, the brand has managed to open 31 stores in the United States.

Many people love to go to Extreme Pizza because of the variety of food they offer and the calming atmosphere they have in their stores.

Extreme Pizza Menu Prices

Pizzas from Extreme Pizza

Extreme Pizza menu includes a wide variety of veg pizzas and non-veg pizzas. You can create your pizzas at Extreme Pizza as well. And pizzas are served in five different sizes- 8”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”. So it doesn’t matter if you are going alone to Extreme Pizza or going in with your friends or family; Extreme Pizza will have pizzas for every kind of group.

There are also Gluten-Free Pizzas that are available in 12” size. And if you like to create your pizza, then you can create your gluten-free pizza as well. Besides pizza, there are a wide variety of salads available for individuals and groups as well.

You can also order calzones, chicken wings, chips, desserts and beverages present at Extreme Pizza. You can say that Extreme Pizza is a paradise for all the pizza lovers out there after reading this.

The prices at Extreme Pizzas are similar to other pizza chains. You can get a 12” pizza for around $20 which will be enough for two people. So without more, let’s check out the latest prices of Extreme Pizza.

Fresh Side Salads

Fresh Side SaladsPrice
Ravin’ Arugula Salad$5.25
Caesar Salad$5.25
Spinach Salad$5.25
Greek Salad$5.25
Fresh Tracks Salad$5.25

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Fresh Entree Salads

Fresh Entree SaladsPrice
Ravin’ Arugula Salad$10.25
Caesar Salad$10.25
Spinach Salad$10.25
Greek Salad$10.25
Fresh Tracks Salad$10.25
Chef’s Gravity Grab$11.45
Back Country Betty Salad$11.45
Chicken Caesar Salad$11.45
The Wobbs Salad$11.45
Flying High Thai Chicken Salad$11.45
House Salad$11.45

Family Style Salads

Family Style SaladsPrice
Family Salad w/Meat$33.95
Family Style No Meat$28.95

X Factors

X FactorsPrice
Boneless Wings$6.95
Veggie Wings Dozen$11.95
Veggie Wings Half Dozen$6.95
Extremely Twisted Sticks$5.45
Pizza Chips and Homemade Hummus$5.45

Create Your Own Indee 8″ Pizza

Create Your Own Indee 8″ PizzaPrice
Classic Cheese Pizza$8.45

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Create Your Own Medium 12″ Pizza

Create Your Own Medium 12″ PizzaPrice
Classic Cheese Pizza$15.95
Classic Cheese Half and Half Pizza$15.95

Create Your Own Large 14″ Pizza

Create Your Own Large 14″ PizzaPrice
Classic Cheese Pizza$18.45
Classic Cheese Half and Half Pizza$18.45

Create Your Own X Large 16″ Pizza

Create Your Own X Large 16″ PizzaPrice
Classic Cheese Pizza$21.45
Classic Cheese Half and Half Pizza$21.45

Create Your Own Huge 18″ Pizza

Create Your Own Huge 18″ PizzaPrice
Classic Cheese Pizza$23.95
Classic Cheese Half and Half Pizza$23.95

Indee 8″ Veggin Out Pizzas

Indee 8″ Veggin Out PizzasPrice
The Bunny Slope Pizza$10.95
The Screamin’s Tomato Pizza$10.95
Peace In The Middle East Pizza$10.95
Mr. Pestato Head Pizza$10.95
Green with Envy Pizza$10.95
Drag It Thru The Garden Pizza$10.95
Holy Cow! Pizza$10.95
Pandora’s Box Pizza$10.95
White Out Pizza$10.95

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Medium 12″ Veggin Out Pizzas

Medium 12″ Veggin Out PizzasPrice
The Bunny Slope Pizza$21.95
The Screamin’s Tomato Pizza$21.95
Peace In The Middle East Pizza$21.95
Mr. Pestato Head Pizza$21.95
Green with Envy Pizza$21.95
Drag It Thru The Garden Pizza$21.95
Holy Cow! Pizza$21.95
Pandora’s Box Pizza$21.95
White Out Pizza$21.95

Large 12″ Veggin Out Pizzas

Large 12″ Veggin Out PizzasPrice
The Bunny Slope Pizza$25.95
The Screamin’s Tomato Pizza$25.95
Peace In The Middle East Pizza$25.95
Mr. Pestato Head Pizza$25.95
Green with Envy Pizza$25.95
Drag It Thru The Garden Pizza$25.95
Holy Cow! Pizza$25.95
Pandora’s Box Pizza$25.95
White Out Pizza$25.95

X Large 16″ Veggin Out Pizzas

X Large 16″ Veggin Out PizzasPrice
The Bunny Slope Pizza$29.95
The Screamin’s Tomato Pizza$29.95
Peace In The Middle East Pizza$29.95
Mr. Pestato Head Pizza$29.95
Green with Envy Pizza$29.95
Drag It Thru The Garden Pizza$29.95
Holy Cow! Pizza$29.95
Pandora’s Box Pizza$29.95
White Out Pizza$29.95

Huge 18″ Veggin Out Pizzas

Huge 18″ Veggin Out PizzasPrice
The Bunny Slope Pizza$33.95
The Screamin’s Tomato Pizza$33.95
Peace In The Middle East Pizza$33.95
Mr. Pestato Head Pizza$33.95
Green with Envy Pizza$33.95
Drag It Thru The Garden Pizza$33.95
Holy Cow! Pizza$33.95
Pandora’s Box Pizza$33.95
White Out Pizza$33.95

Indee 8″ Carnivore Pizzas

Indee 8″ Carnivore PizzasPrice
Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth Pizza$10.95
The Spice Route Pizza$10.95
Aveiro Pizza$10.95
Hanoi Fever Pizza$10.95
Everest Pizza$10.95
Yard Sale Pizza$10.95
Paia Pie$10.95
Railroad Grade Pizza$10.95
The Boar’der Pizza$10.95
Ragin’ Booster Pizza$10.95
Kickin’ Chicken Pizza$10.95
Poultry Geist Pizza$10.95
Wingin’ It Pizza$10.95
Baja 1000 Pizza$10.95

Medium 12″ Carnivore Pizzas

Medium 12″ Carnivore PizzasPrice
Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth Pizza$21.95
The Spice Route Pizza$21.95
Aveiro Pizza$21.95
Hanoi Fever Pizza$21.95
Everest Pizza$21.95
Yard Sale Pizza$21.95
Paia Pie$21.95
Railroad Grade Pizza$21.95
The Boar’der Pizza$21.95
Ragin’ Booster Pizza$21.95
Kickin’ Chicken Pizza$21.95
Poultry Geist Pizza$21.95
Wingin’ It Pizza$21.95
Baja 1000 Pizza$21.95

Large 14″ Carnivore Pizzas

Large 14″ Carnivore PizzasPrice
Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth Pizza$25.95
The Spice Route Pizza$25.95
Aveiro Pizza$25.95
Hanoi Fever Pizza$25.95
Everest Pizza$25.95
Yard Sale Pizza$25.95
Paia Pie$25.95
Railroad Grade Pizza$25.95
The Boar’der Pizza$25.95
Ragin’ Booster Pizza$25.95
Kickin’ Chicken Pizza$25.95
Poultry Geist Pizza$25.95
Wingin’ It Pizza$25.95
Baja 1000 Pizza$25.95

X Large 16″ Carnivore Pizzas

X Large 16″ Carnivore PizzasPrice
Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth Pizza$29.95
The Spice Route Pizza$29.95
Aveiro Pizza$29.95
Hanoi Fever Pizza$29.95
Everest Pizza$29.95
Yard Sale Pizza$29.95
Paia Pie$29.95
Railroad Grade Pizza$29.95
The Boar’der Pizza$29.95
Ragin’ Booster Pizza$29.95
Kickin’ Chicken Pizza$29.95
Poultry Geist Pizza$29.95
Wingin’ It Pizza$29.95
Baja 1000 Pizza$29.95

Huge 18″ Carnivore Pizzas

Huge 18″ Carnivore PizzasPrice
Wham, Bam, Thank You Mammoth Pizza$33.95
The Spice Route Pizza$33.95
Aveiro Pizza$33.95
Hanoi Fever Pizza$33.95
Everest Pizza$33.95
Yard Sale Pizza$33.95
Paia Pie$33.95
Railroad Grade Pizza$33.95
The Boar’der Pizza$33.95
Ragin’ Booster Pizza$33.95
Kickin’ Chicken Pizza$33.95
Poultry Geist Pizza$33.95
Wingin’ It Pizza$33.95
Baja 1000 Pizza$33.95

Gluten Free Pizzas

Gluten Free PizzasPrice
12″ The Screamin’s Tomato Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Peace In The Middle East Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Mr. Pestato Head Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Green with Envy Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Drag It Thru The Garden Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Pandora’s Box Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ White Out Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ The Bunny Slope Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ The Spice Route Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Yard Sale Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Paia Gluten Free Pie$24.20
12″ Railroad Grade Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ The Boar’der Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Ragin’ Rooster Gluten Free Pizza$24.20
12″ Baja 1000 Gluten Free Pizza$24.20

Create Your Own Pizza Gluten Free Pizzas

Create Your Own Pizza Gluten Free PizzasPrice
12″ Classic Cheese Gluten Free Pizza$18.90
12″ Classic Cheese Half and Half Gluten Free Pizza$18.90


Small CalzonesSmallLarge
Endless Summer Calzone$11.95$19.45
Big Wednesday Calzone$11.95$19.45
The Pipe Calzone$9.95$16.45


Pow Pows$5.45
Big Chewy Cookie$2.50
New York Cheese Cake$5.25


Aquafina Bottled Water$2.25
Lipton Iced Tea$2.25
Sparkling Water$1.95
Ocean Spray$2.25

Extreme Pizza Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationextremepizza.com/nutritional-information/

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Extreme Pizza menu, click on the link mentioned above.

Extreme Pizza Franchise Details

Extreme Pizza franchise

Extreme Pizza has 31 stores in some major parts of the United States that includes Portland, Michigan, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and many more. So if you are planning to open a Extreme Pizza store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Franchise Fee$30,000
Royalty5% of Gross Sales

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Important Links

Official Websiteextremepizza.com/
Careers extremepizza.com/careers/
Donate a Pizzaextremepizza.com/donate-a-pizza/
Sign Upextremepizza.hungerrush.com/account/register

Extreme Pizza Contact Information

Extreme Pizza Corporate Office Address- P.O. Box 20670, El Sobrante, CA 94820

Extreme Pizza Email Address[email protected]

You can also contact the team of Extreme Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Profiles

Facebook: facebook.com/ExtremePizza/

Instagram: instagram.com/extreme.pizza/

Twitter: twitter.com/extreme_pizza

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