Domino’s Secret Menu

A cheese-loaded pizza with multiple flavorsome veggies assembled over it! Enticing though! If you, too, can’t get enough of Domino’s and are always ready to enjoy the pizza combos from domino’s, this article is just for you. I’m here with a few menu hacks that you’d love to try if you’re a die-hard Domino’s fan. 


Domino’s doesn’t have an extensive secret menu. But there are two secret menu items that are worth trying. The secret menu items of Domino’s are “All day Breakfast pizza” and “Domino’s super lot”. These two pizzas are not on the official menu of Domino’s you’ll have to ask for these secret menu items at the restaurant. You can also choose to customize your pizza and discover a secret menu item at Domino’s.

Domino’s is America’s fastest-growing pizza brand. This restaurant chain was founded in 1960 by James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan, who took over Dominick De Varti’s small pizza business, DomiNick’s. This business expanded at a fast pace and had its first international branch in Canada in 1983. This iconic pizza brand has about 17,000 outlets serving drool-worthy pizzas at affordable prices. 

Domino’s has two most famous menu hacks, all-day breakfast and super lot. Do you know how these menu hacks were discovered? Well! These off-menu creations were shared by Domino’s employees over Domino’s Reddit string. Some of the Dominos’ locations also offer an off-menu pie. I have a list of a few menu hacks that you can enjoy at Domino’s. Read the list and enjoy these edibles the next time you visit Domino’s. 

1. All-Day Breakfast Pizza

All-day breakfast pizza from Domino’s is a delicious pizza topped with the fun combination of breakfast specials like scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and red onion slices. This pizza has a slightly thick, soft base and is loaded with cheese. It’s available at a few Domino’s locations. But it’s available in almost all domino’s outlets in the UK and Australia. 

2. Domino’s Super Lot

Domino’s super lot is a combination of different types of meat and cheese. Its soft but crispy base is topped with a layer of melted cheese, ham, ground beef, pepperoni, olives, and pineapple. This pizza is also not served in all Domino’s outlets. You can ask at your nearby Domino’s outlet if Dominio’s super lot is available. 

3. Off-Menu Pie

Some of the Domino’s restaurants offer off-menu pie. This dessert is filled with sweet delicious flavors. You can ask the staff if this dessert is available or not. 

4. “Build Your Own” Pizza 

You can discover your own Domino’s off-menu dish by building your own pizza (I mean by customizing your pizza from Dominos). You can try your choice of combos in toppings along with your choice of sauce used in the pizza. 


That’s all about the best off-menu items from Domino’s! In case the above-listed secret menu items are not available at your nearby Domino’s, you can customize the pizza your way (now you know the toppings used in them!). Try some more off-menu ideas at Domino’s! If you find some really interesting menu hacks, don’t forget to share those ideas with us.

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