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Thanksgiving has to be one of the most food-centric holidays in the year. If you want to ditch the traditional Thanksgiving feast and instead go for some fast food, there is no better place than Burger King. But is Burger King open on Thanksgiving this year? 

Burger King will be open on Thanksgiving this year to serve their customers’ lip-smacking food options. Most Burger King restaurants will operate at their usual opening and closing times. However, you may see some with reduced hours of operation. 

Burger King’s menu is well-known for its flame-grilled burgers and affordable prices. A great thing about this fast food chain is that they have specials lined up for major holidays like Thanksgiving. 

Here, we will be talking about what these specials are that could be enjoyed on Thanksgiving, along with the hours of operation of Burger King on this day. Lastly, I have also mentioned some deals worth looking out for! So, let’s get right into it! 

Is Burger King Open During Thanksgiving This Year? 

Burger King Food

Burger King locations across the United States will open on Thanksgiving Day this year. Although most outlets remain closed on this holiday, Burger King is dedicated to serving their customers and making their celebration memorable. 

Thanksgiving, after Christmas, is when we celebrate a whole feast with our friends and family. But, if you are looking for a fast food feast this year instead of regular Turkey, there is no better place to celebrate than Burger King. 

But there are also chances of most outlets running as per a holiday schedule on Thanksgiving. So, they may open later than usual and close earlier. To save yourself some trouble, check the exact timings for a holiday, with the nearest outlet. 

At What Time Is Burger King Open On Thanksgiving 2023? 

Burger King will officially operate as per their regular opening and closing hours on Thanksgiving day. These hours are 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, several outlets may run as per a holiday schedule instead. 

Burger King Opening / Closing Hours On Thanksgiving 202306:00 am to 10:00 pm

Burger King, being as large a chain as it is, has a lot of outlets across the country that are franchise-owned. Although these outlets will be open, the timings depend quite a lot on what the franchise owner decides. 

Over the past few years, most franchise owners have had reduced hours of operations for their outlets. So, the same might happen this year. Hence, I recommend calling the outlet closest to you and checking with them.

What Can You Eat At Burger King During Thanksgiving This Year? 

One of the best things about Burger King is introducing new and exciting things on their menu every holiday. These could be deals or lip-smacking additions to their classic Holiday Menu

Although, over the years, Burger King has not introduced any specials for Thanksgiving, they have deals on many of their menu items. If you haven’t already, some things you should try from Burger King this Thanksgiving are below. 

  1. Whopper
  2. Chicken Fries
  3. Chicken Sandwich
  4. French Toast Sticks
  5. Shakes

1. Burger King Whopper

Whopper burger

Whopper, as I had mentioned earlier, is one of the most popular and top-selling items from the Burger King menu. So, it would be only fair to include it in this list! You may have tried a lot of cheeseburgers, but none of them will ever be like a Whopper! 

What makes a Whopper special? Firstly, the size of the burger is larger than most other cheeseburgers that you may have ever tried. Next, the sheer quality and flavors in the Whopper make it shine too! It is packed with a fresh ¼ lb flame-grilled beef patty. 

The beef patty is followed by all the works! These include tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and also some white onion, all on a toasted sesame seed bun. The Whopper is also available in different sizes, in case a single patty just doesn’t seem enough! 

2. Burger King Chicken Fries

Chicken Fries

This does not necessarily apply to vegetarians, but I am sure most non-vegetarians may want to move above and beyond regular sides like fries. For that, Burger King has brought for you the ultimate side, which is their Chicken Fries! 

These Chicken fries are the perfect side for any burger! Burger King uses all white chicken meat to make these fries. The meat is cut into strips that actually look like fries and further breaded and fried. 

They are perfectly crispy on the outside, with a soft and juicy interior. You can pair these chicken fries with various dipping sauce options to make them taste even better! So, if you want to try a different type of side to complement your burger on Thanksgiving, you know Chicken Fries are the best bet! 

3. Burger King Chicken Sandwich

Fresh chicken sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise

With a lot of fast food restaurant chains, it has become a common occurrence for them not to serve anything other than beef. Luckily, that is not the case with Burger King! Their menu offers a variety of meat options, out of which the original Chicken Sandwich should not be missed out on!

The Original Chicken Sandwich from Burger King is actually nothing too fancy! It consists of a piece of breaded and fried chicken, which is fried till it is crispy and golden brown. This chicken is topped with lettuce and some mayonnaise. 

Finally, all of this is packed in a soft, sesame-seeded bun. Although it may sound really simple, the quality of ingredients used is so fresh that they truly make this sandwich stand out. Don’t forget to pair this sandwich with some delicious sides to make it a full meal on Thanksgiving. 

4. Burger King French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks

Burger King should probably also be named ‘Breakfast King’! Well, the breakfast options at Burger King are endless too! They do have a whole bunch of breakfast sandwiches to choose from; however, what stands out from the breakfast menu is definitely the french toast sticks! 

These French toast sticks are featured under their ‘sides’ section. However, although aside, they can be a great way to begin your day on a sweet note on Thanksgiving! Burger King, on their official website, describes these as “Golden brown, piping hot, and perfect for dipping in a side of sweet syrup.” 

Burger King serves three of these French toast sticks in a single portion. So, they can accompany any of the breakfast sandwiches well. But, whether you choose them as a side or the main dish, these will for sure make you happy on Thanksgiving! 

5. Burger King Shakes

Burger King Shakes

Sometimes, when we are indulging in delicious fast food, regular soda or other such bottled beverages might just not cut it. Hearty drinks like milkshakes do complement some meals better, and for that, Burger King has the ultimate range of shakes to choose from! 

These thick and delectable milkshakes are featured under their ‘Sweets’ section, so they can work as either a beverage to go along with your meal or also as a great way to end your meal! They also make their shakes with delicious soft serves, which makes them extra creamy! 

The shakes options on the Burger King menu include Oreo Cookie Shake, Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake, Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Shake, and Strawberry Shake. I am sure that these shakes will make your Thanksgiving extra sweet and jolly! 

Are There Any Special Deals At Burger King During Thanksgiving? 

Another way through which fast food restaurants make sure our holidays are as unique as they can be is by offering sweet deals over those days. Burger King usually has special deals that cater to different holidays during the year. 

However, over the past few years, Burger King has not had any deals specially curated for Thanksgiving. Although, there is no need to get disheartened since Burger King offers sweet deals throughout the year. 

You can check out all Burger King Deals here. As of now, Burger King has yet to announce any deals for Thanksgiving this year. But watch for this space since we will update all the deals as soon as Burger King tells them! 

Other Restaurants That Are Open During Thanksgiving

  1. StarbucksFor a perfect caffeine fix on Thanksgiving morning, there’s no better place than Starbucks. Follow the link to have a quick peek at the Thanksgiving updates of Starbucks.
  1. Wendy’sWell! Wendy’s burger paired with fries seems like a holiday treat for most of us. If that’s true for you, too, then seek out this link too; know what other Wendy’s specials you can have on Thanksgiving day!
  1. Dunkin’ DonutsWant to add some of the best comforting sweet treats to your Thanksgiving menu? Then, don’t miss out on the Dunkin’ Donuts menu items. Check out the operational hours of Dunkin’ Donuts on Thanksgiving day. 
  1. Domino’sBring some delectable Domino’s flavors to the Thanksgiving dinner table! Ready to give your guests the delight of ‘cheezy-licious’ treats from Domino’s on Thanksgiving day? Follow the link and check out what to know what to expect from Domino’s on Thanksgiving.
  1. Pizza HutIf you don’t want to miss piping hot cheesy pizzas when it’s time for the Thanksgiving feast, follow the link. Check out what you can have from Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving this year. 
  1. KFCHow about snacking on some ‘Krispy-licious’ chicken on Thanksgiving? The answer, as I know, is always a ‘Yes.’ So, follow the link to know what you can expect from KFC on Thanksgiving this year.
  1. Little Caesars Another iconic pizza serving restaurant chain that’s open and operational on Thanksgiving this year is Little Caesars. Seek out the link to know the holiday updates of Little Caesars. 
  1. Jack In The BoxOne of the popular restaurants where you can have pocket-friendly holiday-worthy meals is Jack in the Box. So, don’t wait for any further and follow the link to check what special they have on their menu on Thanksgiving day. 
  1. PopeyesIf you want to try a chicken sandwich on Thanksgiving, visit Popeyes. You can click on the link to know the operational hours of this restaurant chain on Thanksgiving day. 
  1. Papa John’sAmong famous fast food hubs, Papa John’s is another place where you can have your favorite fast food on Thanksgiving. Yes! You read it right. Papa John’s is active and operational on Thanksgiving this year.


Burger King will be open to serve customers on Thanksgiving this year. While their usual hours of operation on holiday will officially remain the same, some outlets may see reduced hours. 

So, check with the outlet closest to you about their hours of operation on Thanksgiving day to have a smooth sailing holiday celebration. You can also check if Burger King is open on other holidays during the year, like Easter, Christmas, 4th Of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Halloween

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Burger King open on Thanksgiving 2023? 

Yes, Burger King will be open on Thanksgiving 2023. 

What will be the opening and closing hours of Burger King on Thanksgiving 2023? 

The official opening and closing hours of Burger King will be 06:00 am to 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day, 2023. 

Will any of the Burger King outlets have reduced hours of operation on Thanksgiving Day? 

Yes, there are chances that the franchise-owned outlets will have reduced hours of operation on Thanksgiving Day. 

Has Burger King announced any deals for Thanksgiving yet? 

Burger King has yet to announce any special Thanksgiving deals. However, we will update them here as soon as they are out! 

What are some specials from the Burger King menu that are worth trying on Thanksgiving?

Some specials from the Burger King menu that you should try out on Halloween are Burger King Whopper, Burger King Chicken Fries, Burger King Chicken Sandwich, French Toast Sticks, and Burger King Shakes. 

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