Captain Curt’s Menu With Prices [Updated October 2023]

Captain Curt’s menu with prices includes updated October prices from their restaurant menu. Captain Curt’s has only one location in Florida, Siesta Key. So, let’s review Captain Curt’s menu with prices that honor the sea bounty by making it a divine meal. 

Captain Curt’s menu with prices is loaded with a delectable and extensive menu, which includes seafood delicacies like crab legs, premium fresh fish, and more. You can enjoy lunch and dinner at pocket-friendly prices between $15 and $35.

One of the best Siesta Key seafood restaurant – Captain Curt’s Key is more than just a seafood restaurant. It has been in business since 1979 and is well-known for serving the world’s best clam chowder. The restaurant offers a casual, fun family atmosphere with an outdoor tropical bar and indoor and outdoor seating. 

It also has a gift shop where tourists can buy souvenirs to reminisce about exciting memories. Moreover, as the restaurant sits directly across some of the best sun-drenched beaches of Florida, it sells beach essentials to keep visitors geared up to take a dip. 

These menu items by Captain Curt’s make them a popular choice among seafood lovers looking for a whole-hearted dining experience. Discover a menu that’s nothing short of a seafood lover’s dream.

Captain Curt’s Menu With Prices 

Captain Curt's

At Captain Curt’s, you are guaranteed a flavorful and wholesome food experience with its exquisite offerings. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a die-hard seafood fan or prefer your meals to come from the land. 

Before you dig into their delectable main course marvels, Captain Curt’s appetizers prepare your palate to embark on a culinary adventure. Some of the must-try appetizers at Captain Curt’s include crab cakes, creamy clam chowder, crispy calamari, fresh oysters, and utterly delicious buffalo wings.

Moving on, the restaurant offers a compelling experience for taste buds with its divine primary course creations that will leave you wanting more. These include pan-seared mahi-mahi grilled to perfection, grilled prime rib, shrimp scampi, battered and deep-fried Alaskan fish and chips, and shrimp basket.

The basket meals are smaller portions of house staples served with French fries & coleslaw. All the dishes are prepared with the utmost care, considering that they offer the best quality and flavor. 

But that’s not all! You can make your entree even more exciting with delectable sides to add that extra oomph to your meal. The side menu includes golden French fries seasoned to perfection, fresh coleslaw, thick-cut and well-breaded onion rings, and more. 

Furthermore, Captain Curt’s menu covers you if you enjoy gourmet-style sandwiches. They serve sandwiches made on brioche buns that are served with French fries.

You can enjoy sandwiches with fresh Gulf Grouper, mahi-mahi, fried oysters, grilled chicken, and Indiana pork tenderloin. Are you already salivating? Hold your horses! You can also quench your thirst after spending the day basking in the sun or winding down after an adventure with excellent beverages.

The beverage menu includes fruit-infused concoctions like daiquiris and non-alcoholic sodas. Lastly, Captain Curt’s also offers a special kids’ menu with hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and more options. 

These meals are served with fries, fruit cups, and a frisbee for kids’ entertainment. Now that you’ve learned a bit about the menu look at the prices of the menu items in the table below.

Appetizers Menu With Prices 

Boom Boom Shrimp$12
Fried Cheese Curds$11
Coconut Shrimp$13
Fish Dip$15
Clam Strips$14
Pretzel & Beer Cheese$12
Ahi Tuna$19
Crab Cakes$15
Gator Bites$15
Fried Pickles$11

Salads Menu With Prices 

Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad$18
Grilled Shrimp Mixed Greens$18
Grilled Chicken or Crab Salad$19
File Fish or Mahi$21
Ahi Tuna $24
Caribbean Mhi-Mahi$21
Strawberry Spring Harvest$20
Buffalo Caesar $19

Steamed & Raw Menu With Prices

Peel & Eat Shrimp$30
Raw Oysters $24
Steamed Oysters$23

Basket Menu With Prices 

Shrimp Basket$17
Grouper Basket$24
Chicken Basket$17
File Fish Basket$19
Oyster Basket$25
Rib Basket$18
Calamari Basket$19
Fish ‘N Chips Basket$17
Clam Basket$18

Wild Caught Seafood Menu With Prices

Gulf Gouper$39
Mahi Mahi$27
Sea Scallop$32
Gulf Shrimp$25

Crab Legs Menu With Prices

Snow Crab (11/4  domestic Alaskan crab legs)$49
Stone Crab (Locally caught stone crab claws)1lb $49.99 or $7 (per claw)

Shrimp Menu With Prices

Shrimp & Clam Strips$23
Shrimp & Grits$22
Shrimp & Sea Scallops$28
Shrimp & Ribs$25

Signature Menu With Prices

Alaskan Fish & Chips$22
Shrimp Scampi$24
Crab Cakes$31
Cajun Combo$22
Captain’s Platter$32
Fried Oyster Platter $35
Fried Seafood Extravaganza $29
Stuffed Flounder$24
Baby Back Ribs$25
Grilled Prime Rib$31

Sandwiches Menu With Prices 

Fresh Gulf Grouper $27
File Fish$19
Cheese File In Paradise$20
Mahi Mahi$21
Fried Oyster$25
Crab Cake$19
Crab Salad$14
Grilled Chicken (chargrilled)$16 
Grilled Chicken Club style with bacon and cheese $18
Indian Pork Tenderloin$14
Sniki Tiki Double Burger$16

Sides Menu With Prices 

French Fries$4
Mashed Potatoes$4
Classic Coleslaw $4
Cilantro Lime Rice$4
Seasonal Vegetable$4
Cheesy Grits$4
Black Beans$4

A La Carte Menu With Prices 

Onion Rings$7
Side Mixed Greens or Caesar Salad$7
Side Grilled Shrimp$12
Captain Curt’s Dill Hollandise Sauce$2

Kids Menu With Prices

Kid’s Hamburger$8
Kid’s Cheeseburger$8
Chicken Nuggets$8
Fish Sticks$8
Fried Shrimp$8
Mac N’ Cheese$8

Crabby Sodas Menu With Prices

Black Cherry$3.5
Root Beer$3.5
Cream Soda$3.5
Orange Soda$3.5
Cosmic Lemon Lime$3.5

How To Order Online From Captain Curt’s?

Captain Curt's at Siesta Key

Unfortunately, you can’t order food from Captain Curt’s online. You can enjoy it at the restaurant or opt for takeaways. 

So, if you are near Captain Curt’s location, take advantage of the chance to enjoy their food at the restaurant. Or else, if you are in a hurry, you can order from the restaurant’s menu and ask them to pack it for you.

Captain Curt’s Franchising Details

Captain Curt's at Siesta Key

Captain Curt’s is a standalone restaurant in Siesta Key, Florida. They do not have any franchises currently. 

However, as businesses plan to expand and the franchise culture takes over, you never know; they may have more locations. Therefore, look out for this space to learn more about Captain Curt’s franchise. 

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Now that you know Captain Curt’s menu, you know where to satisfy your seafood cravings when in Siesta Key. To make the most of it, get your friends and family along for a guaranteed sumptuous experience. 

While there, check out their gift shop to buy souvenirs and beach essentials. Do share your feedback about their food in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Captain Curt’s location?

Captain Curt’s is located in Siesta Key, Florida.

Does Captain Curt’s have other stores?

No, Captain Curt’s doesn’t have other outlets.

What is the price range of Captain Curt’s food?

Captain Curt’s prices average between $15 and $35.

What are Captain Curt’s hours of operation?

Captain Curt’s is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What is the dress code for Captain Curt’s?

At Captain Curt’s, you must be dressed in shirts and shoes. Otherwise, you can also visit the restaurant in an island casual attire.

Does Captain Curt’s take reservations?

No, Captain Curt’s does not take reservations. However, they specialize in accommodating parties of any size, including those more significant than 12.

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