19 Creative Ideas For Restaurant Interior Design That Will Wow Your Customers!

If food is the heart of your restaurant business, interior design is the brain. Your restaurant’s interior creates brand identity and gains customer’s interest and loyalty. 

Creative Ideas For Restaurant Interior Design That Will Wow Your Customers

Your choices while designing your restaurant’s interior directly affect the customer experience. To make your restaurant’s dining experience memorable, we have shared some creative ideas for restaurant interior design that will wow your customers. 

19 Creative Ideas For Restaurant Interior Design That Will Wow Your Customers

Let us have a look at the amazing ideas that you can use to design interior of your restaurant:

1. Have a Concept

Concept Of A Restaurant

Concept acts as a blueprint of your restaurant dining experience, as it can help you visualize what your restaurant should look like. 

Not only this, but if your restaurant concept is clear enough, all the other things you decide, like colors and patterns, will quickly fall into place. 

For instance, if you want a family restaurant, you should have a full-service model. If you are trying to bring an Italian vibe to your restaurant, using red and white colors for tables and walls with vintage paintings can be significant. 

2. Set The Theme

Theme Of A Restaurant

The theme of the restaurant is another thing that you must plan mindfully. Your restaurant needs a clear theme that matches your customer’s expectations. 

If you want your restaurant to have an old-vintage cafe vibe, consider using textured colors or brick walls. Place some old artifacts, like rustic telephones or other antiques. 

Another example we can give here is if I wanted to set up an F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme restaurant, I would use purple and yellow colors and place big-sized coffee mugs, as this was one of the attraction points of the show. 

3. Make A Great Entrance


Ensure your customers feel like they are walking on the red carpet when they enter the restaurant. Just like you would feel the main character of your own story, think of your customers as glamorous as Gloria from Modern Family and let them make a stylish entrance. 

You can add many elements, such as big mirrors, royal lights, plants, and soft music playing in the background, to this. 

These details added to the restaurant’s ambiance and impacted the customer dining experience. So why not make it a little grand for them? 

4. Aisle And Walkways

Aisle And Walkways

Who would love to visit a restaurant where they are squeezed like a toy because it’s too crowded? Not me, for sure. 

To avoid such situations, you can try placing the tables and chairs at a reasonable distance, like 4–5 feet per table. The space between the seating area and walkways should be 18 inches wide.

This way, anyone can easily walk, and there will be no eavesdropping. The idea is to give enough space for people to move around comfortably without running into each other. 

5. Optimize Seating Arrangements


Seating arrangements may seem simple, but much thought goes into them. In other words, the arrangement of your chairs and tables makes a difference.

Whether you throw some high chairs near the bar or have a big community table, the seating arrangements should align with your restaurant’s concept and theme. 

Above that, remember the golden rule here- the chairs should be comforting, and the seats should be placed so you can easily access essential parts like restrooms. 

If you find all these overboard on your budget, consider hiring credibly and let them help you design your restaurant. 

6. Open Concept For Your Restaurant

Open Floor Layout

Open floor plans are a great way to optimize your restaurant’s space. An open floor has ample space that can be used for different restaurant sections. 

You can use dividers and other elements like bookshelves and decorative tables to separate these sections. This will help you to define and make the best use of distinct spaces. 

To create a great dining experience, you can also extend your seating area to the outside space. This is a surefire way to let the customer enjoy the fresh air and majestic views of the surroundings. 

7. Mirror Mirror On The Wall…


Mirrors can elevate the interior of your restaurant. They are like magic for space: put them right, and instantly, your place feels brighter. 

Adding mirrors serves not only aesthetic needs but also other essential functions. Mirrors help you monitor your surroundings and every corner. This way, you can easily sense whenever the customer needs help and be available for them instantly. 

Mirrors also help in reflecting positive vibes. If you have a beautiful view, adjust the mirrors so the customers sitting inside can enjoy that, too. 

The best thing is that mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, so you can always create new and innovative patterns using them. 

8. Treat All The Senses

Cater All Senses

Humans have different senses, and as a restaurant owner, it is a plus point if you cater to all the customers’ senses. You can have other elements that elevate the sensory experience, like sight, touch, and sound. 

Try adding textured tables or letting the aroma of food take over the entire restaurant. Make sure to create a holistic sensory experience that delights your customers. 

9. Make Your Restaurant Instagram-Worthy 

Instagram Worthy

Let’s remember that we live in a world where social media rules. Therefore, ensure your restaurant is Instagram-perfect so people can take nice pictures and upload them to social media. 

You can emphasize plating the dish before serving more. Also, consider placing attractive items like statues or maybe flowers. The more people find your place beautiful, the more they will share the experience online. 

People love to visit restaurants not just for the food but also for the ambiance and style. 

10. Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi Functional Chair

You can always have simple furniture, but what is fun about that? Think a little advanced and get multi-functional furniture. You can have tables with built-in storage or charging points. 

It will also minimize the clutter as they are adjustable and can be placed anywhere.  

Adding multi-functional furniture to your restaurant’s interior will help you manage your place smoothly. If you have an average size of a restaurant then this type of furnitures can be a gam changer. It will help you make the best use of your minimum space. 

11. Lighting Makes It Better

Creative Ideas For Restaurant Interior Design That Will Wow Your Customers

You have to agree that better lights set the mood better. Let me help you ensure that your restaurant has the perfect lighting according to the ambiance. 

You can use dim yellow lights to create a warm and conversational atmosphere. For added flair, consider statement lighting fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lights. 

These lights and eye-catching chandeliers will add elegance and style to your restaurant’s interior. 

12. Technology Integration

Technology Intergration

Undoubtedly, having a tech-focused restaurant will make your restaurant run smoothly. Integrating technology like a Q.R. menu will attract new customers. 

You can set up a CRM so customers can bring their issues straight to the management. You can even let the customer pay the bills through scanners placed on the table. 

Just make sure to make a balance so that customers are comfortable with the technology and have some human interaction, too. 

13. Infuse the Space with Greenery

Greenry In A Restaurant

 Greenery has a calming and soothing effect on people, and you can ensure the same for customers. You make an excellent place for your customers and promote greenery. 

The dining experience and air quality of the area also elevate. So add greenery and ensure your customers reconnect with nature while having good food.

14. Highlight the Kitchen

Kitchen In A Restaurant

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, so isn’t it best to let people see what lies in the heart? Highlighting the kitchen ensures that customers can rely on the quality of your food. 

Let customers see how your chef creates magic with simple ingredients. People can see what goes inside your kitchen and put their trust in your food. 

15. Display Local Art 

Local Art

What’s better than featuring local art in your restaurant and giving it a great twist? This way, you promote local artists and add a new style to your restaurant. 

Reach out to the artists and display their art in your restaurant. You can hang their paintings or crafts and display them artistically. This will set the ideal mood for your customers, and they will have a delightful experience. 

Trust me, people would love to visit places that showcase art and paintings. This also builds a unique connection between the art and customers. 

16. Make Your Bar a Focal Point

Bar In A Restaurant

If your restaurant has a bar, keep it in a corner away from sight. Make your bar a focal point. Consider arranging chairs so people can eat and drink near the bar area. 

Also, watching a cute bartender make buzzy drinks is always fun. Let the bar be your fun spot for conversation and eating delicious food. 

17. Consider Sound Set Up

Sound Set Up

While designing your restaurant’s interiors, remember the beat. You can place a music system subtly in the entrance area and set up a stage in the middle to organize live music concerts for your customers. 

Good music can make people stay, and that is why you should ensure that with good food, your customers enjoy good music, too. 

18. A comfortable restroom

Comfortable Restroom

You may want to put a little effort into designing your restaurant’s restrooms. However, your restaurant’s restroom is equally essential. 

Imagine customers having great food and experience at your restaurant, but their mood sets off because your restroom is not lovely and comfortable. 

That is why you should keep enough space for your restaurant’s restroom and design it so that people can have a peaceful time. 


As we are at the end of this discussion, I am sure that you have an idea of how to design your restaurant. You can always incorporate your vision into your interior design, but ensure it aligns with the restaurant’s crowd. 

Also, ensure that your restaurant serves more than just good food. This was helpful. I will be back soon, until next time.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Does Interior Design Affect Your Restaurant?

Interior design affects your restaurant as it sets the mood and vibe for your customers. 

Does The Interior Of Your Restaurant Attract Customers?

A good restaurant interior attracts customers, who find the place more vibrant and spend more time there than usual. 

What Is A Good Design For Your Restaurant?

An excellent interior design of your restaurant should reflect your vision and align with the customer’s interest. 

What Makes Your Restaurant Look Luxurious?

The style, theme, music, furniture, and other elements make your restaurant look luxurious. Make sure to put great thought into planning and designing your restaurant interior.

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