Feastables: MrBeast Chocolate Bar | Everything You Need To Know

After giving the world delicious burgers and snacks to ‘feast,’ Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has launched Feastables. Feastables is a better-snacking-for-you brand to provide a better and healthy snacking experience to boomers, Millenials, and GenZ alike. The first thing to come out of this brand is a plant-based chocolate bar.

MrBeast Chocolate Bar

After ruling the Youtube world and becoming one of the highest-paid YouTubers ever, MrBeast ventured into a ghost-restaurant business. MrBeast Burger was an instant hit with the people. This is solidified because he sold about 1 million burgers only three months after the restaurant’s launch. He also has a successful philanthropic and gaming business. After a successful stint in all his businesses, MrBeast has now expanded into the snacking business as well. That’s a great feat considering he is only 23 years old. 

The Feastables MeBeast bar is a plant-based chocolate bar, so it’s vegan and delicious. The brand announcement was followed by the bar’s launch on 29th January 2022. The bar has three amazing flavors, and MrBeast has already picked his favorite. This is all very exciting! So, let’s find out everything you need to know about the Feastables MrBeast chocolate bar. 

All You Need To Know About The Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bar

MrBeast and MrBeast Chocolate Bars

The Feastables MrBeast chocolate bar is a plant-based and gluten-free chocolate bar. Launched on 29th January 2022, the MrBeast bar is the healthier alternative to traditional chocolate, or as MrBeast calls it, ‘Boomer chocolate.’ Let me quote what MrBeast said on the official Feastable website, “Boomer chocolate ingredient lists are low-key trash, so MrBeast decided to make his own, without the junk.”

The chocolate bars are the brand’s first phase in providing the promised better snacking experience. The website boasts that the bar is created by experts with organic ingredients and no artificial flavors. The MrBeast’s factor chimes in when you read that the bar has ‘ingredients that you can pronounce’ and is ‘delicious AF.’ Find the other important details below. 

What Are The Available Flavors In The Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bar?

MrBeast Chocolate Bar Flavors

First, let’s discuss the flavors of the bars. The MrBeast bar is available in three delicious and exciting flavors. The three flavors of the MrBeast Bar are;

  1. Original Chocolate
  2. Almond Chocolate
  3. Quinoa Crunch Chocolate

In his YouTube video, in which he also announced the bar’s launch, MrBeast said that his favorite flavor amongst the three was almond. His friend had given a different opinion earlier and said that the quinoa crunch was the best. 

What Are The Ingredients In The Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bar?

Now, let’s talk about the ingredients of the MrBeast bar. The Feastables MrBeast chocolate bar has four base ingredients. The original flavor of the chocolate is made with the base ingredients. The fifth ingredient is added for the other two flavors, almond and quinoa crunch.

The four organic base ingredients for the Feastables MrBeast chocolate bar;

  1. Sugar Cane
  2. Cocoa Bean
  3. Cocoa Butter
  4. Sunflower Lecithin

The sugar cane makes the chocolate naturally and perfectly sweet. The dark beans make the chocolate amazingly delicious. The cocoa butter just makes it creamy and rich in taste and texture. Lastly, the sunflower lecithin is the glue that holds all of it together. 

For almond flavor, add almond as the fifth ingredient. For quinoa crunch flavor, add the crispy quinoa to the mix for that loved crunch. 

What Is The Price Of The Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bar?

MrBeast Bar

This is the most important thing here. Of course, you’d want to know the price of the bar. The bar is currently being sold in bundles in a pack of 10 on the website. So, you can get a pack of 10 chocolate bars for $29.99. If you want to buy a single bar, you’ll have to pay $2.98. Other than that, you can also buy a variety pack that has all three flavors and 18 chocolate, 6 of each flavor. The variety pack is currency priced at $49.99. 

The site also offers the Ultimate Beast Bundle for $88. Other than chocolates, you get a free t-shirt and free shipping for the products. The Ultimate Beast Bundle comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and X-X-Large. 

Let me make you a simple table so you can remember it. 

Type Of PackNo. Of Chocolate BarsPrice
Original Chocolate 10$29.99
Almond Chocolate10$29.99
Quinoa Crunch Chocolate10$29.99
Variety Pack18$49.99

Where Can I Buy The Feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bar?

The chocolate bars and bundles are all available on the Feastables official site. Just add whatever bundles and flavors you want to the cart, add your address, pay, and done! The shipping is currently available in the US only. But considering the number of followers he has, MrBeast will probably make the chocolate available in Europe and other parts of the world soon. Keep in mind that the limit for the packs you can order is 21. Also, you can only buy one beast bundle per customer.

The chocolates will also be stocked in Walmart and GoPuff stores in the US. So, if you can’t wait until your MrBeast bars arrive, just get some bars from these stores near you. Now, you know all about the MrBeast bar. But there’s one more thing you need to know. Keep reading!

What Are The Feastables Sweepstakes, and How Do I Get Them?

MrBeast Sweepstakes and Mystery Ticket

This is where it gets interesting. There is about a million dollars worth of prizes waiting to be claimed. Yes, I am talking about Feastables sweepstakes. First, buy one or a dozen of the MrBeast bars. When you buy the bar, you’ll see a sticker. Peel it, and a hidden code shall be revealed (I am making it sound way more mysterious than it is).

Once you find the code, it’s all smooth sailing from there. Scan the QR code on the bar package, and it’ll take you to the website. Enter your revealed code on the website and spin the wheel (this sounds fun, like a virtual treasure hunt). When you spin the wheel, you get prizes, not just any prizes. The prizes include a Tesla model, a Seadoo Park, a Seadoo Pontoon, a Super Bike, and many more. 

MrBeast will also make your Willy Wonka dreams come true. There are 10 mystery tickets randomly distributed into 10 chocolate bars. The 10 lucky people who’ll find the tickets will be flown by MrBeast to a location. There, they’ll compete with each other for a chocolate factory. Yes, the winner will get his very own chocolate factory (Willy Wonka, who?). Even if the winner is not interested in the chocolate factory, MrBeast will buy it off from them for $500,000. That’s what we call a win-win.

Beastly Bye!

So, this was everything about the Feastables MrBeast chocolate bar. You get prizes for buying a bar that’s already healthy and delicious. I have also told you the price of the bar and where you can buy it. I hope you found everything you were looking for; I meant about the chocolate bar. It’s time for me to bid you goodbye. So, beastly bye. See you next time!

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