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Who knew being famous could get free food for a lifetime at Burger King? As fascinating as it sounds, Burger King handpicks only a few lucky people for this exclusive service. Yes, I am talking about Burger King’s Crown Card. 

Crown card

The Golden Crown Card at BK (not to be confused with their gift card of the same name) gives you lifetime access to free food at any BK outlet. One can get everything, from a Whopper and fries to shakes and coffees, without paying a dime for their entire life. 

From Robert Downey jr. to Jennifer Hudson, only 12 selected people have been honored with exclusive ownership till now, as they have a great history with Burger King.

The first Crown Card was issued in 2006 (similar to McDonald’s Gold Card) and proved to be a legitimate marketing strategy in the entire history of BK’s marketing style.

As the famous people (only selected ones) hold the card, it excites their fans and eventually drives more foot counts at the outlet.

Today we will dig into all the facts and information about the exclusive crown card and who holds the card, and how? Stay tuned till the end, as we will also discuss the other type of crown cards you could get for your special ones. 

 Is There Really A Burger King For Life Card?

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Yes, Burger King has a lifetime Crown Card offering cardholders free BK food. Having said that, this card is like a luxurious possession, especially for those who are fans of Burger King. 

Although many of us dream of having one, Burger King for life cards are not for everyone. You need to be really famous and have a solid connection with Burger King to get a card like this.

Burger King Crown Card Benefits 

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Burger King’s crown card allows the owner to eat Whoppers, fries, burgers, or anything on the menu without any charges for a lifetime. I know this is so dreamy to eat from your favorite outlet without any payments. 

The card owner simply has to present the crown card at any Burger King outlet, and they can get whatever from the menu for free. The best thing about this card is that it is valid for a lifetime, and only 12 people have held the crown card till now.

Benefits of the Burger King Crown Card include: 

  • Unlimited food
  • Zero charges
  • Lifetime access

Who Can Get The Burger King Crown Card?

BK outlet usa

The question is really important to address as only 12 people in the USA hold this exclusive crown. How did they get the card, and can you also have one like this?

First, the current cardholders are those who are famous and have a deep connection with Burger King. So, in short, not every person can get this magical crown card. 

Let’s see how some famous people get the crown card.

  • George Lucas – George Lucas is a very famous filmmaker mainly known for Star Wars. Lucus promoted his film Star Wars with BK in 1977. Burger King also promoted Star Wars by handing out glasses and posters of the movie. He also promoted his movie Revenge Of Sith in 2005. After that, he stayed in touch with Burger King for other promotions. Lucas was the first one to do cross-promotion with BK. Hence he got his crown card from Burger King. May the force be with him. 
  • Jennifer Hudson – Jennifer Hudson, a famous singer, and actress, got her exclusive crown card as she used to work at BK Drive Thru. In an interview, she announced that while working at BK, she also sang a song on the microphone whenever a car came. Getting a burger with sweet musical notes was a delight for the customers, and Jennifer loved singing while handing out the orders. She actually earned the crown card.
  • Greg Gracia – As per a Reddit post, Greg Gracia, a famous writer, and American television director, intentionally worked at BK to collect funny stories whenever he had a writer’s strike. Obviously, BK’s outlet is filled with incredible life stories, which inspired him to curate many of his writing pieces, and BK got their promotion in exchange. This is how he got his unlimited BK food for lifetime access. A True King!
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Everybody knows that Robert Downey had a problem with addiction. As per his report Burger King’s greasy burger saved his life when he panicked due to an overdose. After his incident, he decided to quit drugs.Robert has not left a chance to show his gratitude towards Burger King. In his movie Iron Man, he ordered “American cheeseburgers” in a scene as a tribute to Burger King saving his life. Burger King was equally moved by his story as we are and decided to gift him a crown card. 
  • Jay Leno – Jay Leno is a top-rated American host and the proud owner of the Crown Card. He stated that it was actually kind of a big deal to own that card. Jay Leno shared this experience in an interview with the London Times about how once a BK employee did not care that he had a famous host or an expensive Porsche but was surprised when Jay slipped the card in front of him.
  • Hugh Laurie – How Hugh Laurie got his crown card is actually kinda funny. Actor Hugh Laurie lied about having a BK crown card. He added that it is one of the most incredible perks of fame. Burger King got impressed with his wicked yet sweet comment and sent him a real Crown Card so that he could actually enjoy some perks of being famous. Who knew that manifestation also works like this?

Can You Get Your Own Crown Card?

Gift card

Burger King offers the Crown Card to those who are well-known and popular with solid past connections with BK. So the chances of you getting a Crown Card is very slim until you are someone close to BK and famous simultaneously.

But there is nothing to feel devastated about, as even if you can’t get the ultimate crown card, Burger King has something for everyone.

Burger King has a crown card for customers, which is a gift card that can be purchased at any Burger King outlet. One can simply redeem the card at any Burger King outlet and get whatever they wish. 

The card does not give any complimentary food or discount, but this can be used as a gift on special occasions to those who love Burger King. You can learn more about this here and clear all your confusion. 

You can also avail of good discounts at Burger King through various coupons the outlet provides. 


I must say that the Burger King crown card, which gives unlimited food at BK for a lifetime, is one thing many wish to have but cannot. I hope you don’t feel sad and instead go to Burger King and avail the latest discounts on the menu. 

Another hack to get free food at BK is to work at the outlet after qualifying the age benchmark of working there. 

Burger King is emerging as one of the famous fast food chains, and many of them are open 24 hours because of the crowd, but there are reports that their outlets are shutting down, which is still unclear. 

Anywho, we Burger King fans won’t let it vanish in thin air like this. So, take a deep breath and order some chicken nuggets. I hope the conversation was fun and exciting, and I will be back with more discussions. Until next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone get a Burger King Crown Card?

No, everyone cannot get the BK’s crown card, and it is only given to those who are famous and have a solid history with Burger King.

What is Burger King’s Crown Card?

Burger King Crown holds limitless food service at BK for a lifetime without paying for the menu item. One can buy anything from BK just by presenting the card at the outlet. 

Can I get Burger King crown card?

Yes, you can purchase a burger king crown card (a fancy name for a gift card) at any outlet. The crown card, available for regular customers, provides no free food. 

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