Burger Chef Menu With Prices [Updated March 2023]

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The Burger Chef menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided the menu of Burger Chef with prices from the location in Australia. The menu is updated from 1st March 2023 onwards. 

Burger Chef Restaurant

For accurate prices, look at the menu of the nearest Burger Chef from its official website, android app, iOS app, or any other food delivery app.  

The Burger Chef menu with prices presents a variety of fast food. You get burgers like classic chicken burgers, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, etc. Most of the food items at Burger Chef are below $20.

You can also purchase gift cards for birthdays. It will be the perfect gift for any occasion. You’ll find the menu prices and all you need to know about this restaurant below. But first of all, let’s first check out Blimpy Burger’s history. 

Burger Chef was an American fast-food restaurant chain. It was founded by Frank and Donald and patented in 1954. Burger Chef has over 2,500 locations in 43 states of America, Canada, and Japan.

Burger Chef Menu With Prices

Burger Chef Food

The Burger Chef menu has super chef burgers, big bird burgers, old fashioned works burgers, which will cost you $17.99, $17.99, and $18.99, respectively. You can also enjoy desserts like chocolate fudge sauce and apple pie bites.

For fries lovers, here you get in section loaded fries like Aussie loaded fries cost $12.54, cheese and bacon loaded fries cost $12.54, honey mustard chicken loaded fries cost $15.62, etc. on the menu.

Burger Chef offers a delectable favorite burgers section, including troppo burgers, crispy chicken burgers, and Californian chef burgers. You can have these for just $14.64 each.

Burger Chef is famous for its variety of food. They make food daily and always serve fresh food to their customers.

In the Sides section, you can enjoy items like popcorn chicken, a box of chips, nuggets, Gravy, etc. These will cost you $11.95, $6.95, $3.00, and $9.95, respectively. So without waiting, let’s check the latest Burger Chef menu with prices.

Picked For You Menu With Prices

Old Fashioned Works Burger$ 17.79
Triple Thick Shake$ 7.95
Crispy Chicken Deluxe Burger$ 15.97
Fried Cheese Sticks$ 8.98

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Classic Burgers Menu With Prices

Classic Cheese Burger$ 12.54
Classic Hamburger$ 12.54
Classic Beef and Bacon Burger$ 12.54
Classic Chicken Burger$ 12.54

Favorites Burgers Menu With Prices

Troppo Burger$ 14.64
Californian Chef Burger$ 14.64
Old Fashioned Bacon and Cheese Burger$ 14.64
Crispy Chicken Deluxe Burger$ 15.97

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Vegan And Plant Based Menu With Prices

Chefs Veggie Special Burger$ 14.12

Double Burgers Menu With Prices

More Than Half A Pounder Burger$ 17.79
Super Chef Burger$ 17.79
Big Bird Burger$ 17.79
Old Fashioned Works Burger$ 17.79

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Loaded Fries Menu With Prices

Aussie Loaded Fries$ 12.54
Signature Style Loaded Fries$ 15.62
Cheese and Bacon Loaded Fries$ 12.54
Honey Mustard Chicken Loaded Fries$ 15.62
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries$ 15.62

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Sides Menu With Prices

Nuggets$ 9.95
Fried Cheese Sticks$ 8.98
Popcorn Chicken$ 11.95
Box of Chips$ 6.95
Gravy$ 3.00

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Dipping Sauces Menu With Prices

Honey Mustard Sauce$ 2.50
Burger Chef Sauce$ 2.50
Cheese Sauce$ 2.50
Ketchup$ 2.50
Smoky BBQ Sauce$ 2.50

Beverages Menu With Prices

Triple Thick Shake$ 7.95
Soft Drink$ 3.50

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Desserts Menu With Prices

Fried Churros$ 9.95
Deep Fried Cheesecake$ 6.95
Apple Pie Bites$ 6.95
Caramel Fudge Sauce$ 2.50
Chocolate Fudge Sauce$ 2.50

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How To Order Online From Burger Chef Menu?

Let me give you some insights into how to order online from Burger Chef. The menu items of Burger Chef can be ordered from its official website, android app, or iOS app.

You can also look for Burger Chef’s menu on other food delivery platforms like Doordash, UberEats, and Postmates.

Finding The Latest Burger Chef Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the restaurant’s official website and place the order online. 

Burger Chef Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest Burger Chef restaurant.

Burger Chef Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Burger Chef Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add them to your cart.

Burger Chef Add To Order

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Burger Chef Confirm

Burger Chef Nutritional Information

Nutritional informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/burger-chef

You can get nutritional information on the food items available at Burger Chef from the above-provided link.

Burger Chef Franchising Details

Burger Chef Outlet

Burger Chef has over 2,500 locations in 43 US, Canada, and Japan. It is an American fast-food restaurant chain. If you look forward to owning its franchise, you’ll have to wait a while. Burger Chef is not offering franchises at present. But as soon as there’s any such information available, we’ll update the details in this article.

Important links

Official Websiteburgerchef.com
Gift Cardsuber.com/in/en/gift-cards
Order Onlineorderonline.burgerchef.com

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/burgerchefandjeff

Instagram: instagram.com/burger_chef00

Twitter: twitter.com/burgerchef

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Burger Chef [FAQs]

What is the most popular item from the Burger Chef menu?

Double-decker hamburgers with cheesy tang sauce are the most popular item on Burger Chef Menu. Through the years, the chain has added more than burgers to its menu while keeping its standards high, and its customers enthralled.

How many total locations does Burger Chef have in the U.S.?

Burger Chef has over 2,500 locations in 43 U.S. States.

Does Burger Chef provide gift cards?

Yes, Burger Chef provides gift cards.

Is Burger Chef affordable?

Yes, Burger Chef is affordable. You can have any food items here below $20.

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