Burger Chef Menu With Prices

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Get ready for the best Aussie treat at Burger Chef! This restaurant has an extensive menu filled with mouth-watering fast-food items. It has about 19 varieties of burgers and many other food items on the menu. You can also enjoy thick shakes, refreshing drinks, and delicious desserts with your meal. Check out the latest Burger Chef’s menu with prices before you visit the restaurant. 

Burger Chef restaurant

Burger Chef’s menu has different burgers like Big bird, CBR’s revenge, triple bypass, vegan Schnitty, and many more. You can have loaded fries like Aussie loaded fries, signature style loaded fries, etc. For sides, you can have chips, nuggets, onion rings, wraps, etc. Fried churros, Oreo razzle are among desserts, and chocolate shakes, grape juice bomb, etc. are among drinks. Most of these items are below $ 20.

Burger Chef’s menu items are made from 100% fresh produce and the ingredients are locally produced in Australia. This restaurant also offers online order and delivery services. So, if you want to enjoy your Burger Chef favorites at home, the links to order online are provided below. You’ll get to know more about Burger Chef as you scroll down further. Let’s know about the foundation of this famous Aussie fast-food chain. 

Burger Chef is an Australian chain of restaurants established in 2019. This fast-food brand has about three restaurants serving in Heden Greta, Singleton, and Elermore Vale. This restaurant specializes in gourmet and traditional burgers, fries, wraps, and many other items. 

Burger Chef Menu Prices

Burger Chef restaurant's food

Let’s start with burgers! Burger Chef serves varieties of thick and juicy burgers to the customers. You can have your choice of meat like chicken, bacon, or beef in the patty and your choice of sauce like mayo, ketchup, honey mustard dressing, etc. Some of these burgers are Big bird, CBR’s revenge, super chef, troppo, old-fashioned works, etc. If you’re vegan, you can try Chefs veggie specials and vegan Schnitty. 

Burger Chef is not all about burgers; you’re wrong! Its menu has several delicious items listed under the sides, desserts, fries, etc. Have you tried Aussie-loaded fries? These fries have cheese and BBQ sauce smothered over chips and crispy bacon. You can also try cheese and bacon-loaded fries or honey mustard chicken-loaded fries. The signature style loaded fries of Burger Chef has Burger Chef’s signature sauce smothered over chips with cheese sauce, pickles, and onions on top.

With burgers, you can enjoy delicious crispy sides like small or regular chips, nuggets, popcorn chicken, Mexican cheese sticks, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. Among desserts, you can have fried churros. These churros are dusted with caramel and cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate sauce. M&M razzle is real ice cream mixed with your choice of sundae fudge. You can also have chocolate dunk and caramel dunk for dessert. 

Burger Chef also offers wraps like honey mustard chicken wrap and OG wrap. The honey mustard chicken wrap is stuffed with fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, and bacon mixed with cheese and honey mustard dressing. OG wrap has fried chicken, lettuce, and tomato stuffed in it with Burger Chef signature sauce and cheese.

There are a number of thick and creamy shakes on the menu of Burger Chef. Some of these delicious shakes are cookie & cream shake, chocolate shake, strawberry shake, and salted caramel shake. Other refreshing drinks offered at Burger Chef are apple & black current juice bomb, Schweppes solo zero sugar, mountain dew, etc. 

That’s not all about the menu! There are many more items that are super delicious and served at affordable prices. Check out the menu tables below to read the entire menu with prices. You can have the nutritional information of these items from the link provided below.


Big Bird $ 14.95
CBR’s Revenge $ 13.95
Ultimate Troppo $ 19.95
Triple Bypass $ 19.90
Bacon and Egg Roll$ 8.45
Vegan Schinitty$ 13.95
Super Chef$ 14.95
Troppo$ 11.95
Old Fashioned Works$ 14.95
Old Fashioned And Cheese$ 11.95
More Than Half A Pounder$ 14.95
Crispy Deluxe Chicken $ 13.95
Classic Hamburger$ 9.35
Classic Chicken $ 9.35
Classic Cheese Burger$ 9.35
Classic Beef and Bacon$ 9.35
Chefs Veggie Special$ 11.95
Californian Chef$ 11.95
Bacon Deluxe$ 14.95

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Loaded Fries

Aussie Loaded Fries$ 10.95
Cheese and Bacon Loaded Fries$ 9.95
Signature Style Loaded Fries$ 12.95
Honey Mustard Chicken Loaded Fries$ 12.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries$ 12.95

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Small Chips $ 3.25
Regular Chips$ 4.50
Large Chips$ 5.25
XL Chips$ 7.75
3 Pk Nuggets$ 4.25
6 Pk Nuggets$ 7.95
10 Pk Nuggets$ 8.95
Small Popcorn Chicken $ 5.95
Large Popcorn Chicken $ 9.95
Mexican Cheese Sticks 5 Pk$ 6.95
Sweet Potato Fries$ 6.95
10 Onion Rings$ 6.95

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Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap$ 11.95
OG Wrap$ 10.95


3 PK Fried Churros$ 4.95
6 PK Fried Churros$ 7.95
12 PK Fried Churros$ 14.95
M&M Razzle$ 3.95
Oreo Razzle $ 3.95
Strawberry Dunk$ 2.00
Chocolate Dunk$ 2.00
Caramel Dunk$ 2.00

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Thick Shakes

Cookie and Cream Shake$ 7.95
Chocolate Shake$ 7.95
Strawberry Shake$ 7.95
Salted Caramel Shake$ 7.95
Vanilla Malt Shake$ 7.95

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1.25L 7UP$ 4.95
1.25L Solo$ 4.95
Grape Juice Bomb$ 3.00
Apple and Blackcurrent Juice Bomb$ 3.00
Apple and Raspberry Juice Bomb$ 3.00
600ml Schweppes Solo Zero Sugar$ 4.60
600ml Schweppes Lemonade Zero Sugar$ 4.60
600ml Sunkist Zero Sugar$ 4.60
375ml Orange and Mango Mineral Water$ 3.00
1.25L Mountain Dew$ 4.95
1.25L Sunkist$ 4.95
1.25L Pepsi Max$ 4.95
375ml Pepsi$ 3.00
1.25L Pepsi$ 4.95
600ml Schweppes Lemonade$ 4.60
600ml Passiona$ 4.60
600ml Mountain Dew$ 4.60
600ml Sunkist$ 4.60
600ml Solo$ 4.60
600ml Pepsi Max$ 4.60
600ml Pepsi$ 4.60
375ml Schweppes Lemonade$ 3.00
375ml Passiona$ 3.00
375ml Mountain Dew$ 3.00
375ml Sunkit$ 3.00
375ml Solo$ 3.00
375ml Pepsi Max$ 3.00
375ml Lemon and Lime$ 3.00

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Ketchup$ 1.00
BBQ$ 1.00
Mayo$ 1.00
Ranch$ 2.00
Honey Mustard Sauce$ 2.00
Burger Chef Signature Sauce$ 2.00
Cheese Sauce$ 2.00
Holldandaise$ 2.00
Lime Aoili$ 2.00

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Burger Chef Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts/burger-chef

You’ll find the nutritional value of the menu items by clicking the link in the above table.

Burger Chef Franchising Details

Burger Chef is a famous Aussie fast-food chain. This restaurant has two more branches in Australia that specialize in serving gourmet burgers,  wraps, loaded fries, and many other food items. At present, Burger Chef has no plans for franchising the brand. If there are any Burger Chef franchising details available in future, we’ll update the information here.

Burger Chef Contact Information 

Burger Chef Head Office Address:  1/18-20 Main Rd Heddon Greta, NSW

Burger Chef Phone:  02 4052 8391

Burger Chef Email Address: [email protected]

Important links 

Official Websiteburgerchef.com.au
Order Onlineorderonline.burgerchef.com.au
Apps (Google Play)google.com/apps/burgerchef
Apps (App Store)apple.com/app/burger-chef

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/BurgerChef

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