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Sahiba Sharma
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Many people are a fan of dark meat, but there is always another option that I recommend called roasted meat. Many people are also shifting to fried or roasted meat because dark meat is not so healthy. So if you want to cook something really tasty that is roasted, then I’m bringing this delicious chicken recipe for you all.

I personally like roasted chicken, so that I couldn’t bypass this recipe. Today, I’m going to share the recipe for Zuni Chicken. This one is exclusively for the roasted chicken fans.

This dish is basically from San Francisco but it is now available in other cities and countries. I always wanted to try it at home and after a month of continuous research by visiting different restaurants, I finally came with this recipe.

The secret behind the taste of Zuni Chicken is salting the bird at least a day in advance. It will help in improving flavour, keeping it moist and make it tender. It is basically served with bread or salad or can use any of your favourite side dishes with this. Let’s check the ingredients we need to make this recipe at home.

Ingredients for Zuni Chicken

Chicken2 lb.
Salt3/4 tsp.
Black Pepper3/4 tsp.
Water1/2 cup.
Bread5 cubes
Loosen Vinegar1/2 tsp.
Spring Fresh Thyme4

Here are the main ingredients we need to make Zuni chicken. Grab them from the store and let’s get ready to make this yummy chicken.

How Much It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 minutes20 minutes30 minutes

Zuni Chicken will take almost 30 minutes and it is really a quick dinner idea for a special evening. Now let’s move to the directions to make Zuni chicken at home.

Zuni Chicken Recipe

Zuni Chicken recipe
  1. Loosen the skin of the chicken; it will make it easier to season.
  2. Now add salt to the chicken under the skin.Add 3/2 tsp seasalt and pepper to taste ,season the chicken properly.Inside the cavity sprinkle some salt,tuck and twist the wings behind the shoulders, loosely cover it and refrigerate for sometime.
  3. Put it the oven for 30 minutes.
  4. When the oven start sizzling and browning,the skin should blister and thus chicken fat is smoking,then reduce the temperature. After 30 minutes change the side of bird .For 10 or 20 minutes,roast it and then flip it to re crisp for sometime.
  5. Cut the bread and add chicken broth, olive oil and toss them easily.
  6. Put it in a pan, use a paper towel and remove moisture. Now put the chicken over the bread mixture.
  7. Brush some oil and add black pepper.
  8. Bake it for 15 minutes, move it to the cutting board.
  9. Now mix some vinegar plus extra virgin oil and salt, then whisk it properly.
  10. Cut the chicken into small pieces and you can pour the pan drippings over the chicken and pour vinegar mixture on it and serve it with some salad.

Our yummy Zuni Chicken is ready now. I recommend you to make it at your home and I bet that everyone will definitely love it.

Nutritional Breakdown of Zuni Chicken

We all know that chicken is really good for our health. That’s why, I’ve added the nutritional breakdown of this Zuni Chicken below.

Calories806 kcal
Carbohydrates52 mg
Fat52 mg
Protein31 mg
Cholesterol188 g
Sodium418 g
Potassium112 mg

How to Make Zuni Chicken at Home | Video

Here is a video for you. You can watch it and learn the recipe in a better way. Try to watch this video whenever you have any confusion.

Video by America’s Test Kitchen

Try this recipe at home and give your feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions regarding the recipe, feel free to write in the comment section. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy.

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