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You are a new resident of Queensland and you heard about Zarraffa’s Coffee chain a lot and one day, you decided to go their but before you go their you want some information regarding the cafe and while searching for the cafe you came to my article.

In this article, I will provide you information regarding the Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices, contact information, franchise details, nutritional breakdown of Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu items. Apart from this, I will provide you with history also and I will start with history first.

Kenton Campbell founder of Zarraffa’s Coffee, an Australian food chain started in 1996. He started it as a roasting house but after that, he converted it to a coffee house and he opened his first cafe on Gold Coast with three tables and nine chairs. They have more than 90 outlets of their cafes and the headquarters of their company is in Eagleby, Queensland, Australia.

People love to go to Zarraffa’s Coffee because it is the national coffee chain of Australia and have trust in their customers. They also have a non-profitable charitable organization which works for environment and conservation issues and also have Drive-Thru.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices

Zarraffa's coffee menu

Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu includes chilled cold drinks which include iced latte, iced mocha, iced chai, and many more delectable drinks, scorching hot drinks which include cappuccino, cafe mocha with many more marvellous drinks.

If you are hungry you can also visit Zarraffa’s Coffee they will serve to have coconut loaf, raisin toast, chocolate muffin, cookies, ciabatta toast with many more mouth-watering eatables.

Zarraffa’s Coffee has many satisfied customers with impeccable staff who knows how to keep their customers happy and satisfied. They introduced many innovative ideas in the field of Coffee Cafes.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Prices are similar to other coffee chains. You can have your tummy filled here for around $10. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices.

Cold Drinks

Iced AmericanoIced Chocolate Float
Iced LatteLatte Float
Iced MochaMocha Float
Iced ChaiWhite Chocolate Mocha Float
Coffee FusionIced Flavored Milk
Caramelized FusionBreakfast Smoothie
White Chocolate FusionBanana Smoothie
Chai FusionMixed Berry Smoothie
Creme Caramel FusionMango Smoothie
Creme White Chocolate FusionLemon Iced Tea
Creme Strawberry FusionPeach Iced Tea
Creme Choco Mint FusionLychee and Mint Tea
Mango Iced Tea

Hot Drinks

AmericanoGreen Tea
Flate WhitePeppermint Tea
Caffe LatteChai Tea
CappuccinoChamomile Tea
Cafe MochaEarl Grey Tea
Caramelized MochaEnglish Breakfast Tea
White Chocolate MochaEspresso Affogato
Caramelized CappuccinoBabyccino
Caffe BreveEspresso Con Panna
Hot ChocolatePiccolo
White Hot ChocolateEspresso Macchiato
Chai LatteEspresso


Han and Cheese Zed BreadGranola, Yogurt and Mixed Berry
Roasted Veggie Zed BreadGranola, Yogurt and Mango
Chicken, Cheese and Avo CiabattaGranola, Yogurt and Banana
ZBR ( Zarraffa’s Brekkie Roll)Granola and Yogurt
Open ClubRaw Super Seed Energy Ball
Smashed AvoRocky Road Energy Ball
Hummus CiabattaWhite Choc and Macadamia Cookie
Ham and Cheese Le CrunchTriple Choc Fudge Cookie
Ham and Cheese CroissantGranola, Blueberry and Chia
Gourmet Beef RollDotty Cookie
Pumpkin and Ricotta RollPeanut Butter Brownie
Spinach and Feta RollCaramel Slice
Ciabatta ToastCitrus Tart
Raisin ToastCustard Tart
Banana and Walnut LoafPeanut Butter O.M.Z Cookie
Coconut LoafChocolate O.M.Z Cookie
Raspberry and Pear LoafLemon O.M.Z Cookie
Heritage Carrot LoafRaspberry and White Chocolate Muffin
Orange and Almond LoafChocolate Muffin
Blueberry and Banana MuffinButterscotch and White Chocolate Muffin

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu, click on the link mentioned above.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Franchise Cost

Zarraffa's coffee franchise

Zarraffa’s Coffee franchise has more than 90 stores in cities like Queensland, Northern NSW, WA, and Melbourne. If you want to open their Zarraffa’s Coffee, then this is how much it will cost you.

Total Investment Required for Zarraffa’s Coffee Cafe$500,000
Total Investment Required for Zarraffa’s Drive-Thru$750,000

Important Information


Contact Information

Zarraffa’s Coffee Corporate Office Address: 124 Distillery Road, Eagleby QLD 4207
PO Box 2089, Beenleigh QLD 4207

Zarraffa’s Coffee Corporate Office Phone Number: 07 5500 0800

To contact the team of Zarraffa’s Coffee you can fill the contact form .

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