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Most of the people think to donate something to people who are in need but due to some problems or our personal needs we can not do such good work and if you think like this, then you must visit Zambrero in Australia and in the coming lines I will provide you information so that it will become easier for you.

I will start with the purpose of opening Zambrero and when it was started. It was started by Dr Sam Prince in 2005. A medical student who started Mexican food with a good intention of providing meals to needy who can afford it.

The first restaurant was in Lonsdale Street, Braddon in 2005, and since then 202 outlets in Australia and outside the country. and the headquarters of Zambrero is in Australia. People love to go Zambrero because they donated one meal donated to someone in need across the globe whatever you eat in their shop.

In the coming lines, I will provide you with information related to Zambrero menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Zambrero Menu.

Zambrero Menu Prices

Zambrero menu

Zambrero menu includes a bunch of Mexican cuisines such as burritos, taco and quesadillas with an excellent sweet and sour taste, bowls of astonishing flavours, nachos, chips and dips with a marvellous and many other food items as well.

There are also desserts, drinks and a wide variety of sauces as well on the Zambrero menu that you can have with your chips. If you going to Zambrero with your friends or family, then you can order from their meals section as well.

There are two reasons why people love to visit Zambrero. First is that they have Vegan items on their menu as well. And the second reason is that they have a Plate 4 Plate initiative. This means that for every burrito or bowl purchased at Zambrero, a meal is donated to someone in need.

Till date, they have donated around 40 million food meals to needy from their plate 4 plate system and they serve the best quality of food with super- friendly staff.

Zambrero menu Prices are similar as compared to other Mexican restaurants. Their Nachos start from around $6 and burritos from around $10. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Zambrero Menu with Prices.

Burritos / Chikitos

Power Burrito$14.90
IQ Burrito $13.90
IQ Chikitos$9.90
Classic Burrito$11.90
Classic Chikitos$8.90

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Tacos and Nachos

Hard Taco$5.00
Soft Taco$5.00
Small Nachos$5.90
Dos Capas$5.50


Vegetarian Quesadillas$5.90


Powerful Bowl $14.40
Burrito IQ$14.40
Bowl IQ$14.40
Power Burrito$16.40

Corn Chips and Sides

Side of Guacamole$2.00
Side of Basilo Sauce$1.00
Side of Chipotle Sauce$1.00
Side of Garlic Sauce$1.00
Side of Red Chilli Sauce$1.00
Side of Secret BBQ Sauce$1.00
Side of Trezigo Sauce$1.00
Side of Verde Sauce$1.00



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Soft Drinks$4.10
Sports Drinks$4.70
Iced Tea$4.20
Smart Drinks$4.50

Meal Deals

Hunger Buster$49.60
It’s a Wrap$39.60
Power Lunch$57.60
Wellness Pack$57.60

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Zambrero menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Zambrero Franchise Details

Zambrero franchise

Zambrero has more than 202 restaurants in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and United States. with more than 1000 employees and if you want to open a Zambrero store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Cost $30,000

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Important Links

Plate 4 Plate

Contact Information

Zambrero Corporate Office Address: Level 2/ 80 Wentworth Ave Sydney, NSW 2010, AU

Zambrero Support Phone Number- +61 2 9212 2166

You can also contact the team of Zambrero by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

YouTube Channel:

Watch the Story of Zambrero

Video by Zambrero

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