Zafrani Sooji Halwa | Samolina Sweet Dish with Saffron

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When round the corner are rainy days, how can one be away from that age-old custom of sweet SOOJI HALWA? But this time people, add a titch of saffron to our normal halwa. Let’s do justice to its nawabi name at least. Let’s add more richness and also make it an ARTISTIC ZAFRANI SOOJI HALWA.

Sometimes there are mesmerizing moments when we see the sky and it has beautiful landscape of different colors. That landscape mostly contains red and yellow colors. This halwa adds on those colors to your plate. It’s like bringing the landscape down from the sky and feeling the royalty of the dish’s name at the same time.

The pleasure of cooking it is also equivalent to an art on putting that landscape in the plate.  Then using its main ingredients so that it seems the servings are from the royal kitchen. Dry fruits and saffron used for color and richness, gives our taste buds a delightful experience.

How Much Time It Will Take:

Preparation Cooking Total

5 minutes


20 minutes


25 minutes

You got to pleasure these 25 minutes of cooking also in order to taste the DELIGHTFUL.

Ingredients for Zafrani Sooji Halwa:

Ingredients Quantity
Water 3.5 cups
Sugar ¾ cups
Pure ghee ½ cup
Sooji 1 cup
Saffron water ¼ tsp
Almonds 5 units
Raisins 15 units
Cardamom powder


1 tsp

6 units

These rich ingredients are definitely going to add on to the COMMON AND OLD.

How to Make Zafrani Sooji Halwa | Samolina Sweet Dish with Saffron | Recipe:

To make sugar syrup:

  • Take a pan.
  • Add water, sugar and cardamom powder.
  • Keep stirring and heat it till five minutes.

To make Halwa:

  • Take another pan.
  • Put pure ghee and sooji in it.
  • Cook it till sooji gives a brown texture.
  • Then add sugar syrup and mix properly.
  • Then add saffron water to it.
  • Cook it till its thick.
  • Serve in a bowl and garnish it with almonds, cardamom and raisins.

Serve it hot and savor its delight.

ZAFRANI SOOJI HALWA can become an all-time taste, especially on rainy days, while conducting auspicious occasions like pooja and also savored in family gatherings while chatting after food. Now you can add beauty to important events of your life.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life…

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