6 Yummy Street Food to Try in Australia

Street Food

Being one of the great countries, Australia is filled with many types of street cuisines and some of the best restaurants; you must know about street food available in Australia. If you are traveling to the country for the first time, you should be aware of the street food to check out once you are here.

To look for the delicious, tasteful dishes, you need to roam around the streets and look for the food of your interest. Street food in Australia is quite popular among the locals and visitors from other countries. So if you are strolling down the city streets, going through the food alleys is a must. As you get through the cities, there are so many cuisines that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Let’s have a look at the below listed six foods that are must-try in Australia:

  1. Meat Pies:

They are the delicious meat pies available across the Australian street food market. You can consume this tasty snack, and they are filled with different types of meat. You can have them with gravy or mashed potatoes, and we are sure the first time itself you will be impressed and will never forget these unfamous meat pies. The street vendors serve them with different side dishes and dips to enhance the flavor. One of the best restaurants to look for select meats is visiting and booking through Meat Maiden, to have a tasteful and beautiful dinner or lunch. 

  1. Lamington:

For the people who lose eating dessert, the recipe is irresistible. It is also known as the national cake of Australia. So there are chances that once you have tasted it, you will be browsing the recipe and then trying it up at your place. The desert is a square-shaped cake coated with shreds of coconut and chocolate to enhance the taste. The variations are available with the cream filling and jam. Lamington is readily available on the streets of Australia and is quite tasteful with a cup of coffee or tea. 

  1. John Dory Fillets:

It is delicious and is consumed as a snack in Australia. The dish is made of fish with a delicate, flaky texture and white flesh. The fish used is a saltwater fish with a sweet and mild flavor and is served baked, sauteed, poached, steamed, or often coated with breadcrumbs and a dash of flavored oil. It is served with mashed potatoes, chips, and salad. The John Dory is the name of the fish. While cooking them, it needs a lot of concentration as if overdone, it can spoil the taste of the complete dish. 

  1. Barbecue Snags:

They are thick Australian sausages and are made up of beef, rolled in the form of pork sausage, dipped in onions and garlic butter, and then finally barbecued. The street vendors serve this dish across the city, and it is quite popular in Australia. It is included in almost every party, and there are many variations of dips that they are served with. At times Australian Snags can be accompanied by tomato sauce, grilled onions, mashed potatoes, chutneys, and salads. Nowadays, these snags are also available with many other gourmet fillings like cheese, chicken, beef, rosemary, and lamb.

  1. Chiko Rolls:

Undoubtedly they are an essential part of the food culture in Australia. Chiko Rolls are the Australian version for egg roll or spring roll with a wide variety of beef or vegetable as the stuffing. They are a deep-fried kind of fast food consisting of thick and chewy dough wrappers around them. The dough used is made up of flour and egg, and various other ingredients are seasonings, rice, celery, carrot, cabbage, barley, and mutton. The stuffings vary from one shop to another. Nevertheless, it is one of the delicious and readily available dishes in Australia.

  1. Halloumi Burger:

Street food in Australia serves a complete range of different types and variants of burgers. The dish is perfect if you like to try Halloumi cheese. Along with the cheese, it consists of buttered cheese, which further enhances its flavor and makes them tasty. If you like burgers, then they are a must-try on your visit to Australia.

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