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Are you a Japanese and migrated to America last year and you are missing your traditional Japanese food. Now, you are searching for a traditional restaurant that serves the best traditional Japanese food and while searching for a restaurant you came to my blog?

Where I have mentioned the best Japanese restaurant name which is Yoshinoya and apart from the name I will provide you information regarding the Yoshinoya Menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on Yoshinoya Menu.

I will start with history first. Eikichi Matsuda started Yoshinoya restaurant in the year 1899. The first restaurant he opened is in Japan. In the present time, Yoshinoya has more than 2000 locations in three countries with more than 4000 employees with its headquarters in Kita, Tokyo, Japan.

People love to go to Yoshinoya because of their regular beef bowls and they serve more than 500,000 delicious bowls daily. They serve pure additional food and the chef they have firs they train them in Japan than, they will work in their restaurant.

Yoshinoya Menu with Prices

Yoshinoya Menu

Yoshinoya Menu includes colourful and delicious combo bowls, large bowls in which they have chopped vegetables, beef which is simmered in sweet and savoury herb miso soy broth, a regular bowl which is served with award-winning rice of Yoshinoya.

The Menu of Yoshinoya also has kids menu which is not spicy and specially meant for the savoury taste of kids, appealing appetizers, sizzling sides with myriad variety, delightful desserts, appetizing drinks.

Yoshinoya serves the fresh food and flavours which are inspired by Japanese heritage and their staff well-experienced is presenting Japanese with a welcoming nature. They use all the ingredients which are exported from Japan to make their dishes more relevant.

Yoshinoya prices are quite high because of the ingredients they export from the native place and lies between $1 to $10. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Yoshinoya Menu Prices.

Combo Bowls

Combo Bowl$7.79

Large Bowls

Large Original Beef$7.59
Large Original Beef with Veggie$7.59
Large Teriyaki Chicken$7.59
Large Grilled BBQ Beef$7.59
Large Orange Chicken $7.59
Large Habanero Chicken$7.59
Large Boneless Wings$7.59
Large Sweet Chili Shrimp$8.59

Regular Bowls

Regular Original Beef$6.59
Regular Original Beef with Veggie$6.59
Regular Teriyaki Chicken$6.59
Regular Orange Chicken$6.59
Regular Habanero Chicken$6.59
Regular Boneless Wings$6.59
Regular Grilled Tilapia$6.59
Regular Grilled BBQ Beef$6.59
Regular Sweet Chili Shrimp$7.39
Regular Mixed Vegetables$4.99

Kids Meal

Kid Original Beef$4.99
Kid Teriyaki Chicken$4.99
Kid Orange Chicken$4.99
Kid Grilled BBQ Beef$4.99


Spring Rolls$3.00
Boneless Wings$3.00
Clam Chowder$2.19

Side Orders

Original Beef Only$4.79
Grilled BBQ Beef Only$4.79
Sweet Chili Shrimp Only$4.79
Orange Chicken Only$4.79
Teriyaki Chicken Only$4.79
Habanero Chicken Only$4.79
Grilled Tilapia Only$4.79
White Rice Only$1.99
Not So Fried Rice$2.49
Vegetables Only$1.99
Coleslaw Only$1.99
Potatoes Only$1.99


Flan $2.19
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.79


Fountain Drink$2.29
Bottled Drink$2.29
Apple Juice$2.29
Orange Juice$2.29

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationyoshinoyaamerica.com/nutritioninformation/

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Yoshinoya Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Yoshinoya Franchise Details

Yoshinoya Franchise

Yoshinoya has 2000 locations in countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States with more than 4000 employees. If you want to buy their franchise here is the cost I’ve mentioned in the table below.

Total Investment $738,600 $1,494,900 
Franchise Fee$27,500

Important Links

Official Websiteyoshinoyaamerica.com/
Bowler Clubyoshinoyaamerica.com/bowlerclub/
Order Onlineyoshinoyaamerica.com/orderonline/

Yoshinoya Contact Information

Yoshinoya Corporate Office Address: 19th Floor Centerpoint Bldg., Julia Vargas corner Garnet Street. Ortigas Business Center

Yoshinoya Corporate Office Phone Number: 310.527.6060

Yoshinoya Corporate Office Fax Number: 310-527-6050

To contact the team of Yoshinoya you can fill the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Instagram Account: instagram.com/yoshinoya_america/

Facebook Page: facebook.com/yoshinoya/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/yoshinoya/

Watch How To Make Yosinoya Beef Bowl

Video By Martin Johnson

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