How to Write your First Cookbook | 5 Tips for Beginners

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If you enjoy cooking and dream of turning your best recipes into a cookbook, you might need to learn how to do it in the right way. Today, there are so many blogs sharing amazing recipes with their readers that selling a cookbook may be a little bit challenging. But it’s definitely worth trying if you really want to create something memorable and helpful for other people. Combining mouth-watering food photos with wonderful recipes is a creative process that requires good imagination and the original approach. But if you engage in it, you can make your own masterpiece. 

I started cooking when I was studying at college. I cannot say that I enjoyed it at once, but I needed to cook food on my own to save money. After some time, cooking became more enjoyable for me and I even preferred inventing new recipes to visiting some college lectures. I devoted more and more time to cooking as it became my passion.

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My passion for cooking didn’t disappear after I had graduated from college. I started to spend even more time making new dishes. After some time, I gathered tons of recipes and published them in my best-selling cookbook. If you want to do the same and share your best recipes with others, consider the following tips for creating your first cookbook!

  1. Come up with a great idea and choose your niche

Find your best reason to write a cookbook. Maybe you want the world to see your amazing recipes or to become famous and rich, your initial idea must excite you. You should believe in your plans and totally devote yourself to them.

Think of new original things that you can offer to the readers. There are thousands of various cookbooks on the market, so what will be different about yours? You should find a niche in which you can propose a better approach to cooking. 

  1. Use blog opportunities to improve your skills

In this digital era, if you already have a blog, use it to practice writing and refine your skills. Write as much as possible and do your best to get out of your comfort zone by offering extraordinary recipes to your readers. Challenge yourself with different forms of writing and don’t forget about editing. You can even ask your friends to give you feedback on your posts or turn to a writing coach. 

  1. Add amazing photos

Use your photographic skills to make great styling for your cookbook. The pictures with delicious recipes will make your book more appealing and professional. If you are not a good photographer, find someone who can take stunning photos of your dishes. This will definitely attract more people who want to have a cookbook with bright illustrations.

  1. Collaborate with an agent and make a proposal

Although it’s not necessary to have an agent, most publishers give a higher priority to those proposals that are submitted by an agent. Finding an agent is not difficult because you just need to look at your favorite cookbooks, check their acknowledgments, and take note of the agent. After that, do some research on working with them and make an outreach. 

A good agent will help you with sending your proposal as they are usually on good terms with the top publishers. Working with an agent is crucial for your success as this collaboration will boost your chances to publish the book.

  1. Don’t rush

Publishing and selling your cookbook may take more time than you expect. It is typically a long process that involves a lot of stages and needs your patience. Sometimes it takes a few years to get some tangible results and see your book on the shelves. 

Writing your own cookbook requires a lot of effort and persistence. Even if it’s more difficult than you’ve expected, don’t get discouraged. Many famous authors had been rejected by publishers a few times in a row before they became popular. Books often get turned down because of high competition in this sphere but it doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed. If you really love what you do, there is no chance to fail. Take a risk, work hard and your cookbook will get paid off!

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