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Wrapchic Menu With Prices

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Indian food snazzed up in Mexican style! Wanna try it?? Give it a thought and visit Wrapchic restaurant. The food served at Wrapchic is as fancy as the Indian slang “Rapchik”. Fun fact! This restaurant got its name from this slang. Read this article to know more about this restaurant.

Wrapchic food point

Wrapchic serves delicious Indian-Mexican food like chicken methi burrito, chicken kebab burrito, chicken masala burrito. Its menu has fresh-healthy salads and bowls like chicken Mughlai bowl, soya Amritsari salad, and many more. It also serves drinks and sides like chicken wings, mango lassi, masala chai. Have a perfect meal at Wrapchic for around £15.

Wrapchic is the only restaurant that serves Indian street food in Mexican style. To know all the food items on their menu along with the prices, look at the tables below. Scroll further down to have the nutritional value and the franchising details of Wrapchic. You’ll also find some other important links in this article. But first, let’s know some history about Wrapchic.

Wrapchic was founded by Mahesh Raikar in June 2012. Its first restaurant was opened in Birmingham City Centre. Now, it has multiple locations in Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, and other parts of the UK. Wrapchic was awarded the annual business awards in 2013.

Wrapchic Menu Prices

Wrapchic wraps

Gear up for something spicy! Try delicious burritos by Wrapchic like chicken masala burrito, chole masala burrito, seekh kebab wrap, samosa chat, papadi chaat.  Try fresh colorful salads like chicken masala salad bowl, mutton Hyderabadi salad bowl, and many more.   

Try wraps and wrapanini for quick and healthy bites. Chicken tikka wrapanini, veda wrapanini and chicken tikka wraps are my favorited. You’ll find all the food items on the menu spiced up with Indian food. Don’t forget to try India’s favorite breakfast dish, paranthas like paneer bhurgi paratha

Add some tempting sides and refreshing drinks to your meal like chicken wings, cheese fries, herbal tea, masala chai, chai latte, Americano, and many more. Wrapchic’s menu has numerous food items filled with tons of Indian flavors. Try wraposa and quesadilla for some light bites at Wrapchic.

That’s not all about the menu. Have a look at the tables below. You’ll find all the food items along with the menu prices. If you keep reading this article, you’ll get to know their franchising details, the nutritional value of the food items, and some other additional information.


Chicken Mughlai Burrito£7.30
Chicken Rajasthani Burrito£7.30
Chicken Methi Burrito £7.30
Chicken Masala Burrito£7.30
Seekh Kebab Burrito£7.30
Mutton Hyderabadi Burrito£7.30
Paneer Masala Burrito£7.30
Soya Amritsari Burrito £7.30
Chole Masala Burrito £7.30

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Chicken Mughlai Bowl £7.30
Chicken Rajasthani Bowl £7.30
Chicken Methi Bowl £7.30
Chicken Masala Bowl £7.30
Seekh Kebab Bowl £7.30
Mutton Hyderabadi Bowl £7.30
Paneer Masala Bowl (vegan) £7.30
Soya Amritsari Bowl (vegan) £7.30
Chole Masala Bowl (vegan) £7.30

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Salad Bowl

Chicken Mughlai Salad Bowl £7.30
Chicken Rajasthani Salad Bowl £7.30
Chicken Methi Salad Bowl £7.30
Chicken Masala Salad Bowl £7.30
Seekh Kebab Salad Bowl £7.30
Mutton Hyderabadi Salad Bowl £7.30
Paneer Masala Salad Bowl (vegan) £7.30
Soya Amritsari Salad Bowl (vegan) £7.30
Chole Masala Salad Bowl (vegan) £7.30

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Hyderabadi Biryani

Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani £7.30
Veg Hyderabadi Biryani £7.30


Chicken Mughlai Wrap£6.30
Chicken Rajasthani Wrap£6.30
Chicken Methi Wrap £6.30
Chicken Masala Wrap£6.30
Seekh Kebab Wrap£6.30
Mutton Hyderabadi Wrap£6.30
Paneer Masala Wrap£6.30
Soya Amritsari Wrap£6.30
Chole Masala Wrap£6.30

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Samosa Chaat £7.30
Papdi Chaat £7.30
Aloo Tikki £7.30

Frankie (Light Bites)

Chicken Tikka Frankie £7.30
Chicken Hariyali Frankie £7.30
Seekh Hariyali Frankie £7.30
Hara Bhara Kebab Frankie £7.30

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Quesadilla (Light Bites)

Chicken Tikka Quesadilla £5.00
Mutton Kheema Quesadilla £5.00
Paneer Bhurji Quesadilla (vegan) £5.00

Wrapanini (Light Bites)

Chicken Tikka Wrapanini £4.60
Mutton kheema Wrapanini £4.60
Paneer Bhurji Wrapanini (vegan) £4.60
Hara Bhara Kebab Wrapanini £4.60
Vada Wrapanini £4.60

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Wraposa (Light Bites)

Chicken Tikka Wraposa £3.65
Mutton Tikka Wraposa £3.65
Paneer Bhurji Wraposa £3.65

Paranthas (Light Bites)

Chicken Tikka Paranthas £5.00
Mutton Kheema Paranthas £5.00
Paneeer Bhurgi Paranthas £5.00

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Chicken Wings £3.30
Wrapchos £3.30
Punjabi Samosa £3.30
Vada £3.30
Fries £3.30
Masala Poppadoms £3.30
Mini Samosas £3.30
Hara Bhara Kebab £3.30
Mini Potli £3.30
Masala Fries £3.30
Cheesy Fries £3.30

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Mango Lassi £2.60
Masala Chai £3.30
Coke Can £1.65
Diet Coke Can £1.65
Sprite Can £1.65
Fanta Orange Can £1.65
Karak Chai £3.30
Cardamom Chai £3.30
Ginger Chai £3.30
English Tea £2.65
English Coffee £3.00
Flat White £3.00
Americano £3.00
Cappucino £3.00
Chai latte £3.30
Hot Chocolate £3.00
Espresso £3.00
Latte £3.00
Bottled Water £1.70

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Meal DealUpgrade your Main to a Meal Deal. Add a Side & Canned Drink/Water for just £3.95 Hot Drinks, Bottled Drinks or Lassi for 50p extra£3.25

Wrapchic Nutritional Information


Check out the above link to have the nutritional value of the food items available at Wrapchic.

Wrapchic Franchising Details


How about having a franchise of Wrapchik? If you want to its franchise, check out the table below. You can also fill the form on their official website to enquire about the franchising details of Wrapchic. For cloud kitchen options, the link is provided below under some important links.

Investment Range £75,000 to £120,000
Minimum Total Investment£ 75,000
Minimum Personal Investment£40,000

Wrapchic Contact Information 

Wrapchic Head Office Address: 61 The Oasis Dining Quarter Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 1EP, United Kingdom.

Wrapchic Phone: +44 114 256 9797

Wrapchic Email Address:

You can also fill the contact form to get in contact with the team of Wrapchic

Important links 

Wrapchic AppApple Store
Google Play

Social Media Handles




Watch the video below to have an insight into the Wrapchic

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