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WingStreet Menu With Prices

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For the best chicken treat, you have got to visit WingStreet! This multinational restaurant chain has the best chicken wings with different delectable sauces on the menu. WingStreet offers breaded, non-breaded, and all different varieties of chicken wings along with many side dishes. Read the full menu of WingStreet here in this article and visit your nearest WingStreet to have a chicken treat!

WingStreet restaurant

The menu of WingStreet has large traditional wings and breaded bone-out wings served with blue cheese, garlic, marinara, ranch, or honey BBQ sauce. You can also have wing combos here like traditional wing combo, breaded bone-out wing combo, and traditional wings meal for two. Among desserts and sides, you can have fries, apple pies, etc. You can have most of these items for less than $12.

WingStreet is famous for serving breaded and traditional buffalo wings. They also offer take-out and delivery services. WingStreet works in combination with the sister company, Pizza Hut. You’ll get to know more about WingStreet as you read further. Let me tell you the backstory of WingStreet!

WingStreet is a multinational restaurant chain that specializes in serving chicken wings. WingStreet was launched by its parent company Yum! In 2003. At present, WingStreet has about 5,000 active restaurants in Canada and the US.

WingStreet Menu Prices

WingStreet chicken wings

One of the most sumptuous dishes offered by WingStreet is large traditional wings. These wings are served with different types of sauces like Hawaiian teriyaki, honey BBQ, garlic parm, blue cheese, marinara, etc. You can choose your choice of flavor among buffalo sauce, lemon pepper dry rub, naked, Cajun-style dry rub, or any other. 

Breaded bone-out wings are all-white meat chicken wings coated with savory breading. You can add your choice of sauce to the wings. You can also have combos at WingStreet. The traditional wings combo has six saucy traditional wings, a cold beverage, and a side of your choice. Traditional wings meal for two has twelve saucy traditional wings, two beverages, and a side of your choice. You can also add apple pies and cheese sticks to your combo meal.

Among dips, you can have blue cheese or garlic dip. For sides and desserts, you can have fries, apple pies, and fried cheese sticks. Sweet apple pies have fried mini apples spiced up with cinnamon and loaded with the sweetness of sugar. 

To know the entire menu with prices, read the tables below. You can read the nutritional value of these menu items from the nutritional information table below. Check the contact details of WingStreet to get in direct contact with the team of WingStreet for any queries. 

Large Traditional Wings

6 Pieces$ 8.09
12 Pieces$ 13.79
18 Pieces$ 20.19
36 Pieces$ 35.09
Choice of Sauce/DipPrice
Blue Cheese$ 0.50
Garlic $ 0.50
Honey BBQ$ 0.50
Marinara$ 0.50
Ranch$ 0.50

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Breaded Bone-Out Wings

8 Pieces$ 8.09
16 Pieces$ 13.79
24 Pieces$ 20.19
48 Pieces$ 35.09
Choice of Sauce/DipPrice
Blue Cheese$ 0.50
Garlic $ 0.50
Honey BBQ$ 0.50
Marinara$ 0.50
Ranch$ 0.50

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WingStreet Wing Combos

Traditional Wings Combo$ 10.39
Traditional Wings Meal For Two$ 17.79
Breaded Bone-Out Wings Combo$ 10.39
Add Fried Cheese Sticks$ 5.29
Add Apple Pies$ 4.29

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Blue Cheese$ 0.50
Garlic Dip$ 0.50

Sides And Desserts

Fries$ 2.69
Apple Pies$ 4.29
Fried Cheese Sticks$ 5.29

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WingStreet Nutritional Information


Click on the above link to check the nutritional value of WingStreet’s menu items.

WingStreet Franchising Details


 WingStreet has been serving delicious chicken wings in multiple countries since 2003. This restaurant brand has about 5,000 branches and has plans to grow further. You can also own a franchise of WingStreet. Read the table below for the franchise details or contact the team of WingStreet for further inquiries.

Initial Investment$ 265,000 – $ 1,000,000
Initial Franchise Fee$ 15,000 – $ 25,000
Royalty Fee3%

WingStreet Contact Information 

WingStreet Head Office Address: 2211 Lake Avenue Altadena CA 91001. United States

WingStreet Phone: (703) 406-2323

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