Will This Chick-Fil-A Milkshake Size Return To The Menu?

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Who doesn’t love Chick-fil-A? The food it serves is *Chef’s kiss*. Chick-fil-A’s chicken nuggets are to die for, and don’t get me started about their chick-n-strips (they’re sooooo good!).


One of the most popular Chick-fil-A offerings is its milkshakes. Their milkshakes are made with low-calorie ice cream and are just so delicious. They’re topped off with a bit of whipped cream and cherry.

Chick-fil-A used to offer its milkshakes in various sizes. With time, Chick-fil-A cut back on their size options. The only option now left is the 16 ounces one. They took the large milkshake option off their menu in 2021.

But will the large milkshake be making a comeback any time soon? Customers were left heartbroken when Chick-fil-A decided to cut off the large size of milkshakes. Many customers want the size to come back and speculate that it will.

What do we know about this so far? What have the customers been saying? This article will provide you with everything you need to know about this so far. 

Chick-Fil-A Milkshakes

Chick-fil-A Milkshakes

Chick-fil-A has a range of milkshake flavors to choose from and enjoy! The milkshake flavors include all the basic ones like orange, strawberry, chocolate, cookies, cream, etc.

Several seasonal milkshake flavors are also available. These include autumn spice, peach, etc. Not only are these milkshakes extremely delicious, but their texture is something to talk about as well.\

Large Sized Chick-Fil-A Milkshakes

Chick-fil-A broke many hearts when it took off the large-sized milkshake option from the menu. Ever since then, customers have been requesting Chick-fil-A to bring the large size back.

A Redditor recently made a post saying that the customers haven’t forgotten the large-sized milkshakes yet and want them to come back. The post further said that fans are greatly upset over the fact that the large size option of milkshakes is no longer there.

There were many fan theories related to the reason behind Chick-fil-A discontinuing its large-sized milkshakes. Some said that Chick-fil-A wanted to make the queues move faster, while some said that it was due to financial reasons.

Fans have been standing strong against the discontinuation of the large-sized milkshakes. One fan said, “I’m waiting for the day large milkshakes come back…why take away the greater things in life??”

Another customer said, “Milkshakes are my food source. I need them.” Not only this, but there is a petition up for signing as well. The petition has about 400 signatures so far.

All we hope for is that the customers get what they want. Chick-fil-A, if you’re reading this, bring back the large-sized milkshakes!

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