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The world has given us a lot of bizarre food combinations. But nothing has caused so much outrage as the pineapple pizza. The debate around this infamous pizza doesn’t seem to end. With memes and Twitter debates, people always like to tell how much they like or despise this combination.

Gordon Ramsay Pineapple Pizza

Like everybody, famous celebrity British chef Gordon Ramsay’s too had a lot to say about it, mostly how much he despised it. His pineapple pizza debate went wild on Twitter. Our beloved chef Gordon Ramsay (a very famous celebrity chef and the owner of Hell’s Kitchen) slammed pineapple on a pizza and it fueled the debate online.

There are people who agreed with him and there were many who slammed his views. Many thought that it was just plain prejudice even going as far as saying he’s canceled. While others agreed with Ramsay that pineapple on pizza is a pure crime. Gordon Ramsay has said many times how much he hates the Hawaiin pizza. He even said that the only thing Hawaiin about this pizza is that he wants to throw it in the ocean.

People said that it’s maybe because he hasn’t tried the pizza. But the truth is that he actually did and still hates it equally if not more. There are so much interesting and hilarious things that happened in the Gordon Ramsay pineapple pizza story. In case you missed the Pineapple Pizza story then, here’s the full plot.

What Gordon Ramsay Thinks of Pineapple Pizza?

Pineapple Pizza

Gordon Ramsay kickstarted the pineapple pizza debate in 2017. He said, “The world is divided into two foodie camps: one that likes pineapple on a pizza; another that thinks pineapple on a pizza is an offense to the taste buds.” This started a war between the two camps. The President of Iceland even said jokingly that he’d ban the pizza.

While appearing on ‘The Nightly Show,’ he took suggestions from the audience regarding pizza toppings, and unfortunately, one person suggested pineapple.  That is how it all started. He even said that pineapple does not go on top of pizza in a tweet.

The debate had a small rekindling when in February 2021. A meme page on Instagram posted a meme stating, “Pineapple on pizza isn’t even that bad. Most of y’all hate it because social media tells you to.”

Many people commented on the post but one comment caught everybody’s eye. It was Gordon Ramsay simply commenting, “This is a joke….right?”This closed the debate as the admin pinned his comment and replied, “The king of food has spoken. Pineapple shall never be served on pizza again.”

So, I think it’s safe to say that Gordon Ramsay hates pineapple pizza and the people who advocate for it. But why does Gordon Ramsay hate pineapple pizza so much? There should be a reason for it. Let’s explore more about that.

Why Gordon Ramsay Thinks Pineapple Doesn’t Go Well With Pizza?

Gordon Ramsay: "You Don't Put Pineapple on a F**king Pizza!"

Gordon Ramsay’s dismay for pineapple pizza first came to light in ‘The Nightly Show’. He was ordering some pizzas for the audiences from a place called “Goood Pizzas”. No, I didn’t make a spelling error. This is really the name of the place.

Anywho, Gordon Ramsay called the pizza place and asked for pepperoni pizzas for delivery. This is when a member from the audience said that he wanted pineapple topping. That is how we got Gordon’s priceless reaction.

The moment Ramsay heard “pineapple on a pizza,” he burst out, “You don’t put fu**ing pineapple on pizza.” When the member was adamant about his topping choice, Gordon Ramsay asked out of concern (more like disgust), “What’s wrong with you?”

This was the start of an epic hate relationship between Gordon Ramsay and the controversial pizza. But wait! He actually did eat this abominable pizza and believe me, he had a lot to say. Let me tell you about the time Gordon Ramsay finally took a bite of a pineapple pizza.

What Happened When Gordon Ramsay Tasted Pineapple Pizza?

Gordon Ramsay Eats PINEAPPLE Pizza(Hilarious)

Gordon Ramsay did eat pineapple pizza and that too for a great cause. When he realized that people were after him to try the nasty creation, he took a shot, a great one! He said that if he received 500 donations in the next 48 hours, he would eat the awful pineapple pizza and that too on Facebook live. The charity was for the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

To his delight and dismay, the charities did roll in on time and he had to keep his promise. When his team insisted that they got him a pizza with a ‘heaping amount of pineapple’, he just wasn’t happy. He said that he didn’t want to eat that ‘piece of sugar’.

He did take two tiny bites of the pizza and the words that came out of his were nothing short of hilarious. He said it tasted exactly like sweet and salty cardboard. He said in pain, “This isn’t a pizza. This is a mistake!”

He called the fruit pizza an “Italian tragedy”. He concluded his pizza review with a hilarious anecdote, “You know what’s sadder than this pizza? Nothing.” In his defense, Gordon Ramsay doesn’t hate pineapple. He said that the fruit is supposed to be roasted with vanilla and served with coconut ice cream. It’s the “pineapple on a pizza with tomatoes” that he finds problematic.

What Gordon Ramsay Students Think About Pineapple Pizza?

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Students About Pineapple Pizza is shit

In another light-hearted video, Gordon Ramsay tells his students that they have to make pineapple pizza to pass a test. On hearing the dish, the students go into a chaotic frenzy and we can see a pleased Gordon watching his created chaos. It’s honestly hilarious. Well, this was all the hot gossip around Gordon Ramsay and pineapple pizza.


So, this is what happened. Tell me in the comments below if you are pro-pineapple or anti-pineapple on pizza. I maintain that what you put on your pizza is truly your choice. But don’t offer it to anyone else, especially if it’s anything as controversial as pineapple pizza. Till then, happy eating!

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