Why Good Food Packaging Is Important For Restaurants

Along with serving delicious food, restaurants must ensure their Packaging is on point now that everyone gets takeaway often. If you are a budding restaurateur curious about why good food packaging is essential for restaurants, you have come to a suitable space! 

Why Good Food Packaging Is Important For Restaurants

Good food packaging establishes a brand identity for restaurants and helps outshine competitors. Moreover, good food packaging also helps with food safety, like protecting the food from contamination and improving its shelf life. 

In this amazingly informative post, you will learn why good food packaging is essential, along with key factors that make it stand out. So, let’s begin exploring! 

Why Is Good Packaging Important? 

Why is good packaging important

Good food packaging, especially for a restaurant, is an important aspect, as it helps create awareness about the brand amongst customers. Moreover, if a restaurant serves tasty food but also puts in the extra effort to ensure it reaches the customers in the best possible way, it creates a lasting impression. 

But, honestly, there is so much more to food packaging than just that! Sure, having a good logo with attractive Packaging will bring repeat customers. However, many scientific and food safety-related aspects are also attached to good food packaging. 

Hence, despite how small or big it may be, every restaurant out there should implement these practices to give them a better business and reputation in the long run. Now, let us take a look at in detail what these factors are that make suitable Packaging extremely important. 

1. Establishes The Brand’s Identity

Every restaurant wants to create awareness about their brand. Of course, if customers need to learn about the brand or the restaurant, will they even buy food from there again? Good food packaging with your brand name is sure to make customers more aware of you.  

Think of it this way: most of us know about McDonald’s Happy Meals not because they stand out but because the Packaging makes us all relate! When we think of a kid’s meal, we always associate it with McDonald’s Happy Meals in their iconic red boxes. 

So, similarly, even if you have a stand-alone restaurant, you can very quickly establish your brand’s name by working on the Packaging. This will help the customers associate with your brand better. 

2. Outshines Competitors

The food industry means a lot of competition. Every corner has a new restaurant, and quite a lot of them serve similar food options. So, is there a way to outshine competitors other than with food? Yes, food packaging sure helps with that! 

Again, I want to bring the McDonald’s Happy Meal example here. As we all know, most fast-food restaurants serve kids’ meals these days. But why do most of us still associate kids’ meals with McDonald’s? 

This is where their food packaging comes into place. Since McDonald’s implemented this practice and ensured it was unique, they are now the pioneer of kids’ meals. Similarly, if you have good Packaging at your restaurant, you too can easily outshine your competitors. 

3. Convenience For Customers

Convinience for customers

A restaurant must consider basic customer needs for food packaging to avoid causing them trouble later on. Most customers have certain expectations on how they would want their food delivered from restaurants, which is fair. 

These expectations mainly include basic needs, like the food packaging should avoid food spillage. Moreover, it should be easy to carry around and convenient enough to enjoy anywhere and everywhere. 

These are the most essential aspects that any customer would want, as they make things convenient. When a restaurant keeps these criteria and customer needs in mind regarding Packaging, it will surely build a name for itself in the market. 

4. Prevents Food From Contamination

Most of us know that food is very prone to contamination; if it goes bad even a bit, it is best to avoid consuming it. Moreover, if a customer is ordering food from a well-established restaurant, the least they would expect is the food to be safe and reach them in an edible state. 

Keeping that in mind, restaurants must practice good food packaging. If the Packaging is well thought out, it will prevent contamination while ensuring the food remains in its optimum state for customers to enjoy when they fancy it. 

5. Improves Shelf Life Of The Food

Improves shelf life of food

Food made at restaurants, in most cases, is meant to be consumed as soon as possible. Since most restaurants make a lot of food options in big batches, restaurants need to maintain the shelf life of the food, even when it is served in single portions. 

This is where good food packaging comes into play. Most restaurants have their Packaging well thought out to ensure the food stays fresh in the container, at least for a few hours after the customer has bought it. Again, this leaves a lasting impression about the quality of food provided by the restaurant. 

6. Helps Prevent Tampering Of Food

Last but not least, good food packaging also helps prevent tampering with food. Lately, there have been plenty of instances where delivery partners have been tampering with the food before it reaches the customers. 

So, good Packaging that properly seals the food will stop malpractice. Moreover, if the food has been tampered with, it would be easy to tell if it is adequately packed, with ample sealing. 

Critical Factors In Great Food Packaging

Key factors in good food packaging

Now that we know why food packaging is essential, it is time to learn the key factors that most restaurants consider in great food packaging to ensure your Packaging is as unique as possible. As mentioned earlier, food packaging needs to be adequately thought out. 

Most restaurants think about various aspects before coming up with standard packaging procedures for their restaurant. This includes factors like the type of food being served, health and hygiene protocols, sustainability of Packaging, and more. Please look at each of these factors in detail to understand them better

1. Type Of Food Is Considered

You must update your food packaging based on the type of food you are serving. A great example is if you are serving a cold dessert, you must ensure that the Packaging can withstand dry ice packets placed around it to maintain the temperature. 

Similarly, if you plan on serving a piping-hot soup or curry, the Packaging should withstand high temperatures. A good package will always have these factors considered

2. Customizable Packaging Is Often The Norm

Customizable Packaging Is Often The Norm

Packaging should be as customizable as possible to accommodate different food types, along with the needs and whims of the customers. A great example is that many restaurants have simple Packaging for most of their products. 

However, if they cater to children, they add attractive stickers on it. This creates a lasting impression among customers of all ages and is commonly seen at places with the best food packages. 

3. The Packaging Should Enhance The Brand 

Along with serving the customers with the best food possible, it is also essential for brands to create a stand among them. This is where proper Packaging comes in handy. 

If the Packaging is related to your brand or menu regarding colors, text, and more, the customers will remember you and return. Hence, this is a common practice amongst restaurants with the best Packaging.

4. Sustainable Packaging Is Considered More

Most people are much more vigilant about the environment and want to ensure they use sustainable products as much as possible. Keeping that in mind, most restaurants are saying no to plastic and are going for eco-friendly Packaging instead. This creates a significant difference among customers, for sure. 

5. Hygiene Standards Are Adhered To

Hygiene standards are considered

Good food packaging is not just about the brand but also about maintaining hygiene standards. Of course, most restaurants care for the same while preparing the food. But, an excellent way to include the same when it comes to food packaging is to add instructions along with your Packaging, which include basic information about the food. 

This should include factors like when the food was packed and when it will expire, as well as nutritional information. This, too, is something we have commonly seen lately, especially with good restaurants with the best packaging processes. 

Some Examples Of Good Food Packaging

We have discussed a lot about why good Packaging is essential for your restaurant and what factors are the key aspects when it comes to the same. To help you grasp it better, I will give you some examples of good food packaging as far as restaurant chains are concerned. These will give you an idea of how each stands out amongst customers and the brands most of us associate with. 

1. McDonald’s 

McDonalds 1

McDonald’s will, of course, always top our list regarding suitable Packaging. It is one of the most famous fast-food chains in the world, and honestly, just about anyone can recognize those golden arches. 

Speaking of golden arches, the first time most of us remember seeing those was with the Happy Meals. The toy, particularly for the Happy Meals, used to come in a red box with the classic McDonald’s ‘M’ on it. 

This design has become a trademark for McDonald’s, and to date, although the box for the Happy Meal toys goes through modifications, you will still see the ‘M’ or golden arches on it. This was such a big trademark for McDonald’s that it made them stand out, and even the Adult Happy Meals came in a similar box to keep the nostalgia. 

2. In-N-Out


Although more of a West Coast favorite, In-N-Out is another one of those recognizable fast-food chains. Despite not having outlets across the United States, most people from just about anywhere in the country are well aware of the chain. 

This chain has been a stand-out regarding Packaging since they have added Bible quotes to all their cups and wrappers. For example, let us talk about the In-N-Out chocolate milkshake, a customer favorite. 

The milkshake ticks all the boxes regarding flavor, but its other unique factor is the Bible quote printed on the cup. It has Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” This adds a personal touch from the owners and is well appreciated by Christians. 

3. Chipotle

Chipotle kids meal

Chipotle is yet another very recognizable fast-food restaurant with even more recognizable Packaging. Chipotle is known for being very sustainable with its Packaging and ensuring it sources most of its packages locally. 

Moreover, Chipotle has some lovely packaging designs, as far as the convenience of customers is concerned. The most unique packaging offered by the chain has to be their kids’ quesadillas. 

This Packaging is very different from other brands, as it has compartments for each food item. If you have fussy kids who don’t like their food options getting mixed up, there is probably nothing better than getting them a lovely kid’s quesadilla from Chipotle. 

4. Wagamama

Wagamama 12

This is a British restaurant chain serving lip-smacking Japanese delicacies. Along with serving fantastic food options, Wagamama is well known for having some of the best food packaging in the Asian food market. 

The chain is known for having special Packaging for different food items. Let me tell you about the unique Packaging of their Teriyaki Chicken Donburi. The dish consists of various elements, like sticky rice, shredded carrots, and chicken covered in teriyaki sauce. 

All the elements mentioned here have very different types of textures. To ensure each component’s texture remains at its best, Wagamama ensures all items are packaged separately to keep their freshness intact.

5. Domino’s Pizza

Dominos pasta

If we are talking about pizza, most of us would head to Domino’s! This pizza chain has made a name for itself worldwide, not just by selling some of the best pizzas, but also by making sure their packaging is always on-point. 

But, although Domino’s is mostly known for its pizzas, but we should not forget that the chain also offers lovely pasta. Their chicken alfredo pasta is a hit among customers, as it is truly delicious, but also because of its lovely packaging. 

Domino’s makes sure they pack their pasta in the aluminum container in which they originally made the pasta. This ensures that the pasta remains hot throughout the journey, and customers can enjoy a piping hot bite despite the delivery time! 

How Your Restaurant Can Have Stand-Out Food Packaging

How Your Restaurant Can Have Stand Out Food Packaging

If you are opening a restaurant soon but are worried about making the food packaging stand out from the competition, this is the section for you. Here, you will get all the information you need to ensure the food packaging you opt for your restaurant makes your business just as much of a hit amongst customers as your delicious food would! 

If you take care of one crucial aspect of good food packaging, the rest will be taken care of simultaneously. This one critical factor is always going for custom food packaging

Getting standard food packages may be more affordable for most restaurants. However, as we noticed earlier, it is practically impossible to create a lasting impression amongst your customers with generic food packaging. 

Hence, going for custom food packaging is highly recommended by most people. To get the best custom food packaging service, check out Refine Packaging. This is one brand where all your packaging needs will be handled. 

They can cater to just about anything you have in mind. You can quickly contact their custom packaging specialists if you have a specific idea. These specialists are here to guide you through every step to get the perfect Packaging and the right size, material, designs, and more. 

On their website, you can easily navigate various design options, including everything from rectangular box designs to top and bottom closure boxes, fold and assemble boxes, tuck end boxes, and so much more. 

They also give you an overview of what each box type is like, along with the best way to use it. Once you select the box, they also quote you how much it would cost. Moreover, food packaging is only part of Refine Packaging! 

You can also explore packaging options for various industries, including cosmetic boxes, candle boxes, e-commerce boxes, and so much more! Lastly, they have different customer success stories from brands like Pandora, Old Spice, Marriott, and even Adidas! 

Should I say more? If you are on the verge of opening a new restaurant or food establishment and are wondering how to proceed with the Packaging, head to Refine Packaging’s website immediately to get an answer for all your needs! 


As we have reached the absolute end of this article, I hope it has helped you understand all about good food packaging and why it is essential. Good food packaging that takes care of all factors, from food safety to imposing a brand standard, is always the best way to go about it. 

To make your customers know that you are a brand they should trust, it is vital to keep in mind all the factors we have covered in this article while designing your food packaging. Moreover, I recommend going for a custom food packaging service. 

A good custom food packaging service will ensure all your needs are met, and nothing is compromised. After all, when it comes to being in the spotlight amongst customers, you should never compromise on any vital factor! Remember these guidelines, and I can guarantee your food packaging will be a hit! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is custom food packaging better than standard food packaging for restaurants? 

Custom food packaging is always better than standard Packaging as it takes care of all the nitty gritty details that cater to your restaurant’s needs. 

Are food safety standards worth considering when it comes to good food packaging? 

Yes, you should always keep food safety standards in mind when considering a new type of packaging for your restaurant. 

Why is sustainability important when it comes to good food packaging? 

Sustainability is a pretty important factor as it helps create better customer practices regarding recycling and, in general, caring for the environment. 

Can good food packaging help avoid tampering with food? 

Good food packaging will always help avoid tampering with food before it reaches the customer. 

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