Why Does McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better | Truth Behind It

McDonald’s soft drinks have garnered much attention apart from the food. A common belief is that McDonald’s coke tastes better than other restaurants. 

Is it true, or is it just in our minds? We will debunk this very common theory that says that the coke in McDonald’s is a lot better than other fast-food restaurants.

McDonald’s Coke does taste better than the other restaurants. Thanks to the special filtration method, Coke syrup ratio, temperature, and storage methods that McDonald’s uses. 

Other theories also point out that their Sprite tastes better than other restaurants, and McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken. Therefore, it’s best to check these facts for yourself to know the truth.

Let’s find out whether McDonald’s Coke tastes better than other fast-food restaurants. If so, what are the reasons behind this?

Why Does McDonald’s Coke Taste Better Than Other Restaurants?

McDonald's coke

If we compare the Coke from McDonald’s with other restaurants or even the bottles available at the supermarkets, we will find a difference in taste. This may make you think McDonald’s retails a special variety of Coke. However, this is not true.

McDonald’s Coke is no different. But McDonald’s takes special care of it by using a special Coke syrup ratio, and follows a high quality filtration system, while keeping a close eye on the temperature and storage methods that makes all the difference in taste.

By following these factors closely, anyone can achieve the same Coke flavor. 

McDonald’s Takes Better Care Of Their Coke

McDonald's coke

You are not alone if you are a fan of slurping Coke from the Golden Arches. Many customers find McDonald’s Coke way better than those in other places. The simple reason for it is the way McDonald’s stores Coke, the filtration process, mixing strategy, temperature, and even the size of the straw matters!

Another reason behind McDonald’s Coke is its special relationship with Coca-Cola that goes back in time. In search of a beverage supplier, Mr. Ray Kroc called Coca-Cola to ask about selling its sodas. He reached Waddy Pratt, who ran Coke’s fountain division.

The meeting turned out to be so successful that Mr. Pratt and Mr. Kroc shook hands and decided to help each other’s companies to grow and expand around the globe.

Now, let us take a look at all of these factors in detail to find the secret behind the taste of McDonald’s Coke.

1. A Filtration Process Like No Other

One of the key factors that make McDonald’s Coke taste better is its top-tier filtration process. The McDonald’s website says, ” To ensure our drinks are always meeting a gold standard, we have proper filtration methods in place.” 

The fast-food chain filters its water more than most competitors and invests a lot of money into maintaining its filtration system before it enters fountain dispensers. 

What does filtration do? Filtered water removes contaminants, leaving behind minerals that make water taste good. Thus, following a strict water filtration method, McDonald’s ensures its Coke tastes better.

2. The Perfect Syrup Ratio

McDonald's coke

The main flavor of Coke depends on a special syrup used to make Coke and the ratio in which it should be used. McDonald’s ensures that it perfects the syrup ratio. 

To make the perfect flavor of Coke, the soda fountain system mixes water and syrup at a 5-to-1 ratio. McDonald’s takes full care to stick to this ratio.

Moreover, they also set their machines for a syrup-to-water ratio keeping in mind the increase in water content from melting ice cubes. 

To achieve this ratio, McDonald’s adds more syrup than most other fast-food restaurants. This ensures that McDonald’s Coke doesn’t hold water down and stays as good as your first sip.

This also means that ordering Coke at McDonald’s without ice will cause a flavor change, and it won’t be perfect.

While the syrup ratio plays an important role, the taste of the syrup also depends on its temperature and storage. Read on to find out about these two factors.

3. Chilly Cold Temperatures 

To make the best-tasting Coke flavor, the temperature plays an important role. To serve the best-tasting Coke, McDonald’s Coke syrup and filtered water must be chilled at a specific temperature. 

Many restaurants and soft drink serving outlets flash chill their sodas which come out cool but are never cold. However, McDonald’s takes the most care of Coke syrup temperatures.

Before placing the syrup in the fountain machine, McDonald’s pre-chills the syrup. Similarly, the filtered water that goes into the fountain machine is maintained at a freezing temperature.

Such cold temperatures help to achieve high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. With more CO2, the fizz stays crisp and bubbly and keeps the carbonation longer. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a flat, flavorless Coke. 

4. Storage

McDonald's coke

One factor that has a direct impact on the taste of Coke is the packaging. Typically, restaurants get their soda syrups in plastic bags. But Coca-Cola, with its special relationship with McDonald’s, does something different for them.

McDonald’s gets its Coke syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks. According to the New York Times, the material keeps the soda fresher, and your tongue can taste the difference.

5. A Better Straw 

Have you ever noticed the straw size at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants? If not, then you must know that it is one factor contributing to how Coke tastes better at McDonald’s than anywhere else. 

McDonald’s straws are slightly wider than average. McDonald’s says their straws are designed like this so that all the Coke can hit your tastebuds. 

The science of straws is real! The reason for using straws to sip a beverage is not for fun sake. Straws enhance the flavor of drinks by effectively changing the drink’s temperature in your mouth. 

They also reduce the amount of oral surface area the liquid is exposed to compared to large sips or gulps of a soda, coffee, or milkshake. This causes the liquid to heat up faster in your mouth, which is extremely important in the science of how we taste. It also produces more complex aromas, which leads to enhanced flavors.


Now you know why McDonald’s Coke tastes better than the rest. I’m sure you must have found these facts interesting. But they are not just limited to McDonald’s Coke. 

Find out 85 crazy facts about McDonald’s here and share them with your friends and family. You will be amazed by all the food and other secrets of McDonald’s that you would have never imagined. 

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s Coke taste better?

Yes, McDonald’s tastes better than other restaurants.

Does McDonald’s buy special Coke?

McDonald’s buys the same Coke syrup as other restaurants. However, their Coke-making technique lends a unique taste.

What makes McDonald’s Coke better?

McDonald’s Coke tastes better because of many factors, such as the water filtration method, syrup ratio, temperature, and storage.

Why does McDonald’s Coke not water down?

McDonald’s Coke does not hold water down despite the presence of ice cubes because they add more than recommended syrup ratio.

Why does McDonald’s Coke with ice and without ice taste different?

McDonald’s Coke with ice and without ice taste different because of the change in temperature and the difference in the water ratio that melting ice adds.

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