Why Dasha Is The Best Karaoke Bar In Toronto?

Note – We’ve created this article in collaboration with Dasha Karaoke. The article has been curated with the help of their team to provide precise information on the topic. 

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Karaoke nights are one of the best ways to spend some fun and refreshing time with your friends and family. Nowadays, many bars offer an excellent karaoke set-up with delicious food and drinks. In a cluster of so many amazing spots for you to sing and eat food, there is one special spot for you in Toronto. 

Dasha is located in the heart of Toronto City, is the best karaoke bar with a very vibrant atmosphere and delicious food. This place offers the best karaoke bar that you and your friends can visit and have a night full of fun and laughter. 

Not only the vibe, but Dasha offers great food and drinks to their customers. The electric atmosphere at Dasha can easily lift up the moods of anyone. Every karaoke enthusiast will appreciate the services like the sound quality and diverse song selection provided here. 

That is not all. Dasha is a must-visit place, and in today’s conversation, I will highlight why you should organize your next party or get-together at Dasha. So let’s begin the ride.

Is Dasha Really The Best Karaoke Bar In Toronto? 

Dasha Karaoke location

Yes, without any doubt, Dasha is the best karaoke bar in Toronto. Take it from me, who loves karaoke to the core; this place has the best vibe. If you live in Toronto, you may have visited various bars and restaurants with karaoke service, but this place is something else. 

There are so many things you can do here. You can have a great meal with your friends and family. I love ordering soup dumplings and some spring rolls because it’s the best here. Want to have some drinks? Dasha offers great drinks, from wine to beer, at a very reasonable price.

If we talk about the karaoke service, then I can bet you will experience the best karaoke night here. Sing along with your friends with some great food and drinks. That sounds like a great night, right? 

Why You Should Visit Dasha Next?

people singing at Dasha Karaoke

If you live in Toronto and love karaoke, then you have to visit Dasha and create some great memories here. There are so many great things you can do here and enjoy.

To simplify your decision, I will list the four best reasons that will make you understand why you should visit Dasha with your family and friends. Let’s see the reasons, and then you can make your call.

1. Extensive Food Menu

There is no fun night out without great food. When you visit Dasha, you have a wide choice of food items to select from their menu. All these food items are really flavorful and at a reasonable price.

For me, Dan Dan noodles and soup dumplings are must-have food items. 

You get a wide variety of small bites along with some signature food from Dasha. Are you feeling too fancy? Try their supreme food item – Peking Duck. They have a separate karaoke menu that you can enjoy while singing. 

I mean, this is the best reason you might want to visit Dasha with your friends. Let’s have a look at their complete menu list, and I am sure you will be tempted enough and give it a visit. 

Small Bites Menu With Prices

Charred Shishto Peppers (tofu vinaigrette, sesame and soy)$ 14.00
Spring Rolls (vegetables and sweet chili sauce)$ 14.00
Har Gow (shrimp and Topan dipping sauce)$ 16.00
Crispy Lobster Tacos (Atlantic lobster and  kosho mayo)$ 16.00
Pork Belly Pao (jiangbang sauce, cucumber and cilantro)$ 10.00
Black Dragon Dumpling (pork, ginger and truffle sauce) $ 18.00

Raw Menu With Prices

Spicy King Salmon Roll ( smoked jalapeño, avocado, garlic crisp)$ 25.00
Madai Crudo (red sea bream, pineapple, ponzu, shio kombu)$ 24.00
Wagyu Beef Roll (steak tartare, asparagus, horseradish)$ 37.00
Tuna Roll (yellowfin tuna tartare, yuzu kosho, kinome leaf)$ 25.00
Sashimi Platter (yellowfin tuna, west coast salmon, hokkaido scallop, and truffle ponzu)$ 24.00
Tuna Crispy Rice (miso cream cheese, yellowfin tuna tartare)$ 23.00

Signature Menu With Prices

Wasabi Prawns (tobiko and wasabi mayo)$ 25.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken (pineapple and pepper)$ 24.00
Millionaire Fried Rice (lobster, hollandaise, scallion, truffle)$ 39.00
Grilled Yellowfin Tuna (thai lime, chili, and mint) $ 49.00
Wok Rocked Shrimp (1,000 chilis, garlic and Szechuan pepper oil$ 35.00
Dan Dan Noodles (spicy Szechuan sauce, toasted sesame and scallion)$ 20.00


Tenderloin (8 oz sansho, peppercorn jus)$ 65.00
Ontario Grass Fed Ribeye (36 oz dry aged, bordelaise sauce)$ 200.00
Wagyu Striploin (10oz Mishima reserve) $ 150.00

Sides Menu With Prices

Brussels Sprouts (caramelized peanut, fish sauce)$ 18.00
Wok Fired Mushrooms (black vinegar, arugula,  parmesan crumb) $ 20.00
Heirloom Tomato (basil seed, stracciatella, shiso)$ 20.00
Asparagus (lap cheong,  toasted miso, vinaigrette)$ 18.00
Green Beans (chili, garlic, soy) $ 16.00
Dasha Fried Rice (soy, egg, scallion)$ 18.00

Supreme Menu With Prices

Peking Duck $ 120.00

Karaoke Menu With Prices

Charred Shishto Peppers (tofu vinaigrette, sesame and soy)$ 14.00
Spring Rolls (vegetables and sweet chili sauce)$ 14.00
Har Gow (shrimp and Topan dipping sauce)$ 16.00
Soup Dumpling (pork, red vinegar and ginger)$ 16.00
Lama Bao (giardiniera pickle and ssam sauce)$ 11.00
Pork Belly Bun (jiangbang sauce, cucumber and cilantro)$ 9.00
Wasabi Prawns (tobiko and wasabi mayo)$ 25.00
Grilled Tuna (charred leeks and vinaigrette)$ 38.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken (pineapple and pepper)$ 24.00
Millionaire Fried Rice (lobster, hollandaise, scallion, truffle)$ 39.00
Dan Dan Noodles (spicy Szechuan sauce, toasted sesame, scallion)$ 20.00

2. World Class Chefs

Having a great and extensive food menu is not enough until the food served is delicious and tasteful. At Dasha, the food is specially prepared by world-class chefs. The food that is served at Dasha is of the utmost quality and has very tempting flavors.

So if you are planning a small party and want some great food with a lively ambiance – Dasha is the right place. 

3. Great Customer Service

Even though you have great food and ambiance, you still need to have a comfortable evening. People and staff at Dasha will make sure that you have a great time of your life. The friendly staff will assist you at every stage, from karaoke set-up to all the technical aspects. 

They will make sure that you experience the best karaoke night. Their smiles are very warm and welcoming throughout the night. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction leaves a lasting impression on every guest, making everyone’s visit extraordinary.

4. Great Karaoke Experience

I cannot emphasize more the point that whatever place you visit, the surrounding atmosphere must be really great. Without a good and vibrant atmosphere, any place can be dull and boring. When you visit Dasha, you can feel the vibes and energy in the air. 

Even if you had a dull and boring day, the moment you step at Dasha, everything changes. 

The stylish and modern decor will catch your eye and make you fall in love with the place. This place will make you shimmer with its lively atmosphere. If I talk about the crowd, it is the best you could ask for.

The sounds of happy laughter and conversations are a mood booster. One visit to Dasha and the beautiful experience will be imprinted in your mind forever. 

The stage welcomes everyone to sing along and unleash your hidden singing talents. The cheers and applause will make your day, and strangers will become great karaoke partners. So from the crowd to the stage and ambiance, Dasha has everything you can ever dream of. 

Not only the crowd and ambiance, but you also get a massive song vault. Being a Taylor Swift fan myself, I start my karaoke night with her song only. Their meticulously maintained microphones capture every nuance of your voice, allowing you to showcase your talent with clarity and precision.

Meanwhile, the balanced audio output ensures that your performance is heard with optimal sound quality, making you feel like a true diva. 

Not to forget, Dasha offers private karaoke rooms. So if you are a little shy, you can always enjoy karaoke privately. These luxurious rooms offer an opulent setting that exudes elegance and comfort, providing a truly VIP experience from the moment you step inside. 

These rooms have great audio quality, allowing your performances to soar. Whether it’s a special celebration or a night out with friends, these private havens provide an impressive space for any gathering. 

What People Say About Dasha?

dasha food

Before mentioning the reviews from other people about Dasha, I would like to talk about my experience. I simply love this place, and every time I want to have a refreshing and fun time, Dasha is my go-to place.  

Sydney Cohen, who visited and enjoyed her time at Dasha, appreciated the food and the beautiful karaoke rooms. She mentioned that they ordered appetizers and drinks right in their private rooms. She had a great time with her friends and enjoyed every moment. 

Another visitor, Bella Sun, mentioned that Dasha is a must-visit in Toronto. She also felt nostalgic for her homeland China. She added that the food is very authentic and diverse, and she will come back here again. 

Michel Falcon, who visited Dasha with his girlfriend and other couples, had an amazing night. He was really impressed by the decor of the place. Michelk added that this is a must-see place. 

 So, How To Book Dasha For Your Next Party?

Dasha outlet

I am sure that after learning so many great things about Dasha, the next question that arises in your mind is how to make the booking. Now, to enjoy a great time with your loved ones with delicious food, a vibrant atmosphere, and a lively crowd, simply visit their website.

 They have a very pleasing website where you can find all the booking details. You can even contact them, and they will get in touch with you to assist you with the booking. Their complete address with Google map location is available on their website, which will help you reach the place easily. 

You can even give me a call and plan your best karaoke night ever within a few minutes. Book a table with your friends and experience the elegant yet fun atmosphere at Dasha. 

I have mentioned the address below as well for your convenience. Do check out the place and book a fun time.  

Address Dasha Toronto – 620 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

Phone Number – 647-931-0283


I think I have made my point very clear by now. So, next time you are planning a get-together, party, or some private time with friends, visit Dasha. You get a great karaoke experience, and without any doubts, the food, drinks, and ambiance at Dasha are commendable. 

What are you waiting for? Visit the website and a book table with your loved ones and enjoy the night with electrifying moments, lovely laughter, and nostalgic memories. I will be back with much more fun and exciting conversations. Until then, sing and laugh. 

What to expect on a karaoke night?

Karaoke night is all about singing and having fun with your friends and family. So, if going for a karaoke night, prepare yourself to sing your favorite songs for the whole night. 

What to wear for karaoke night at Dasha?

The dress code at Dasha for karaoke night is smart casual. Wear something that is comfortable yet very stylish. 

Does Dahsa have private karaoke rooms?

Yes, Dasha has luxurious private rooms that are fully equipped with all the karaoke items, food, and drinks. 

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