Why Captain’s Chairs Are Perfect For Traveler Oriented Restaurants

Restaurant Chairs

When you open up a restaurant, it is really important for you to first identify the niche you are planning to target. This can help you zero in on the customers you want to entice into coming to your place of business, and it can also help you make better choices with regards to planning the interior of the eatery out. Choosing the right niche can also make it far more likely that you would get the chance to earn a profit since certain customers would be more willing to pay marked-up prices than others.

If you truly want to target a niche that would pay off for you in the long run, you might want to look into travelers and vacationers. Whenever someone is on vacation, they would be eager to find a place that will provide them the maximum possible comfort level. What’s more, they wouldn’t be concerned with prices since the chances are that they come from a different country with its currency. Your customers likely wouldn’t want to worry about currency conversion in the middle of a meal, and you can take advantage of this to pad up your profit margins to a certain extent.

One of the decisions you have to make regarding your restaurant involves selecting the restaurant chairs you want to set up within it. Your choice of niche is something that can impact this rather strongly if you think about it. Travelers who come to your eatery will not want stiff chairs that sacrifice comfort in favor of functionality and portability. Hence, if you want to take advantage of the profit they can send your way, you might want to invest a little extra into buying the right chairs.

That said, comfort comes at a price much like anything else. Certain chairs offer a lot of padding, enough that you might even be able to take a nap on them due to their superior comfort levels. Padding is expensive, though, which means that if you want to buy these kinds of chairs, you might be forced to drive up your prices to the point where even people that belong to the travelers niche would not be willing to pay them.

What you need is a type of chair that would provide adequate comfort levels without breaking the bank. The halfway point would work perfectly for you here. After all, it is highly unlikely that you will buy just one or two chairs for your restaurant. Even the smallest of restaurants require at least a dozen chairs, and this is for tiny hole-in-the-wall eateries that rely on their rustic vibe to draw in clientele. You would probably want to buy at least two dozen chairs so that you can create a spacious restaurant with plenty of seating to maximize the number of guests that you can fit into your space. Hence, the extra money that you are paying for each chair would really start to add up.

The best type of chair that can fit your specific needs here would be the captain’s chair. This chair type is made entirely of wood so it won’t have the expense associated with excessive padding. However, it has two features that improve overall comfort levels regardless of the absence of the aforementioned padding.

The first feature that we feel would improve comfort for your traveling customers is arm rests. People traveling for a long time, especially backpackers and the like, would probably want to lay back in their chairs to recover some of their strength. This would also put them in a calm mindset that would facilitate them focusing on the menu that you have given to them. You would want your customers relaxed, and the arm rests on this chair would make them want to stay within your eatery for a longer period as well. The longer your customers stay in your restaurant, the more food and drinks they will order, resulting in a much heftier bill. This is just one of the many furniture-based techniques you can use to make your restaurant more profitable.

The second comfort-related advantage to captain’s chairs is also associated with allowing travelers to rest their backs. The way the backrest of this chair type is constructed makes it somewhat curved and rounded. This is far more preferable to the straight-backed chairs that a lot of restaurants use. Curved and rounded backs conform to the human spinal structure quite soundly. Hence, even though the chair does not have any padding to speak of, it would still allow travelers to rest easy while ordering their meals.

The thing that makes travel-oriented restaurants so profitable is that there aren’t many businesses targeting this niche in the right manner. They tend to use the same types of furniture that they would provide to urban, residential clientele. This is a mistake because different customer types would have different preferences and requirements from the restaurants they choose to work with.

Using captain’s chairs in your restaurants is both cost-effective and highly efficient at comfort delivery for traveling customers. If you want to set your restaurant up on a hiking or backpacking trail, using chairs of this type will be of the utmost importance. Travelers would not want to stay for long at a restaurant that does not offer adequately comfortable chairs so you will be missing out on a lot of easy revenue without the right chairs.

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