Why Are People Becoming Vegan? | Facts Revealed

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Veganism is a new trend where people change their food preferences and only eat vegan and plant-based food items. More and more people are becoming vegan with time, but do you know the reason behind this?

People are becoming vegan because many people who are animal lovers are against eating food that involves animal cruelty. Some other people have understood the negative impact on the environment due to the consumption of animal-based food.

It is also important to note that many people prefer vegan food because of some health issues. 

Having said that, as per the Vegan Society, more than 629,000 people worldwide signed up to try vegan. I mean, this is a great number, and it is very interesting to note that many brands and fast food chains are matching the steps.

There is a wide range of food options available that are vegan and very delicious. 

So why don’t we stretch this conversation a little bit more and understand different folds of veganism and learn about vegan food from scratch? Care to stick with me till the end, and I will also help you with some interesting vegan food ideas.

 Why Are People Going Vegan?

Without any doubt, people have switched their food preferences overnight. Whether they are influenced or got some signs from the universe, there has been a rapid growth in vegan eaters.

Anyway, let us see what are the main solid reasons behind the change of heart in people. 

1. Animal Cruelty

animal cruelty

What happens when a person switches to veganism? Few animals are hurt. There is no doubt in saying veganism has saved animals from killing. It’s not the brutal killing but the way they survive their whole lives just to deliver us delicious food. 

People have changed their ideologies and believe that even animals have freedom in their life. If you ever visit any farm, you can never come back as the same person as before. The cruelty is beyond the imagination. 

Many have turned into vegans after owning a pet as they became more affectionate towards animals. As I already said, the survival conditions of these animals are really bad. The way these animals are raised is ruthless. Therefore, switching to veganism is for sure a great help to all the animals that are dying just for our one-time meal. 

2. Health benefits of plant-based diets 

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Without any doubt, there are great health benefits to plant-based diets. Plant-based food is equally rich in vitamins and protein as meat-based food. Fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on our body and brain. 

As per a comprehensive study by the National Library Of Medicine, vegan eaters have better health conditions. Some people are advised to switch to veganism because of their health conditions. Eating vegan food has long-term health effects. 

The foods derived from plants are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and several essential nutrients. Many plant-based foods have an equal or more nutritional ratio to meat-based food. A vegan diet also helps maintain heart health and protects us from obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. 

You can easily lose weight and lower cholesterol through a plant-based diet. In total, eating fruits and vegetables is really helpful. Even ditching dairy products or any product derived from animals is a great way to keep a check on your health. 

3. Health concerns about animal protein

animal based food

People are adopting veganism not only because eating plant-based food is a healthy option. As per various research, it is not wrong to say that eating animal-based food like meat and dairy products have a bad impact on your health in the long run. 

Eating meat and pork regularly can have a bad impact on your heart and other body parts, that can lead to heart attack, stroke, cancer, and more. 

Meat and pork have been known for the obesity epidemic as well. Also, not everyone gets along with the contents of animal-based food, so if your body is uncomfortable with meat or animal products, simply eliminate them. 

4. Save Environment

save enviroment

Whenever we look back at history and think about 2020, many of us will have horrified memories. There have been various conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 pandemic. The most evident reason for the widespread coronavirus was the consumption of bats in China. 

Even if this theory is not stated as the final verdict, there is no less evidence of disease that is spread through animals and causes pandemics, just like in 2020. As per scientists, if you want to avoid another pandemic, stop or at least reduce the consumption of animals. 

Not only this, but today, climate change is a big issue, and one of the reasons is the increase in the killing of animals that have disturbed nature and the food chain. There is an imbalance in the supply and demand of animal-based food. 

Many people who recently turned into vegan eaters claim that the main reason for the change is because of the environment. As said in many types of research, animal-based diets use more natural resources that are now exhausting. 

Is It Healthy To Turn Vegan?


Yes, turning vegan has countless health benefits. Vegan foods are a great source of nutrients, and as already mentioned, they are great in the long term. One can see changes in their body from the first day itself. 

Turning into vegan is a great way to detoxify your body if you eat the right vegan food in the right amount. After turning into a vegan eater, let’s see some health benefits for your body. 

1. Less suffering from the different diseases

Eating plant-based diets will save you from various diseases. Studies have shown that vegan eaters suffer less from heart disease. It is also noted that those who are suffering from diabetes can save themselves from type 2 diabetes by switching to veganism. 

As per the National Library of Medicine, vegan eaters can easily maintain their blood sugar levels. Eating red meat regularly can cause cancers, says WHO. Therefore, it is very evident that eating plant-based food means less suffering from fatal diseases.

2. More Nutrients 

One of the misconceptions about animal-based products is that they are better and richer in nutrients. However, that is not completely true. Vegan diets are richer in certain nutrients. It is already proven that plant-based foods have fiber, antioxidants, and beneficial plant compounds. 

They also appear to be richer in potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, C, and E. When it comes to certain nutrients that are believed to be available in animals only are also debunked. Many vegan alternatives have been introduced so that you can meet your daily requirement for nutrients. 

3. Maintain the Weight

If someone is trying to lose weight or maintain the optimal weight, then plant-based food easily helps you in achieving the same. Vegetarian diets are undoubtedly great for losing weight as they are rich in fiber and low in fat.

One can easily follow the vegan diet and can see great results if proper steps like exercising are also accompanied. 

What Happens To Your Body When You Turn Vegan?

health benefits

Switching to veganism can have tremendous effects on your body and brain. From your digestion to heart health, you can see instant results. The first day is always difficult because one finds it difficult to resist the cravings, but it gets better as you get used to the change.

As plant-based food is rich in fiber, you can feel a little bit bloated, but that is a short-term issue. Obviously, you will feel more energized than before, and your body will get more active with time. 

It is also noted that with the change in diet, the overall mood of a person also gets light and better than usual. As per Peta, a week after turning vegan, the person gets better at adjusting to the cravings. Within a month, one can see increased mental acuity. 

Is Vegan Healthier Than Eating Meat?

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Yes, without any doubt, a vegan diet is healthier than eating meat. We have discussed so many health benefits of vegan diets, and it clearly shows that eating vegan food is full of nutrients and has a lot of health benefits. 

As per Insider Tracking, vegan eaters have considerably lower LDL cholesterol than non-vegan eaters. A vegan diet has numerous benefits, and if it is properly followed, you don’t need meat to fulfill the other nutrients.  

Mayo Clinic has mentioned that meat eaters are at a higher risk of death from heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. So now you know that switching to a vegan diet is actually for your own health. 

However, there is one thing that has been uncovered in this whole conversation about vegan diets and their benefits. Can we actually announce vegan diets to be the best and healthiest diet in front of the world? Let’s see in further conversation.

Is a Vegan Diet Unhealthy Too?

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Vegan diets can be unhealthy too. The simple reason is that you can have some nutritional deficiencies if you do not follow the proper vegan diet. Also, it has been seen that many nutrients are only found in meat or animal-based food. 

As per Insider Tracking, meat eaters have significantly higher levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit. Therefore, if you fail to find a vegan alternative to such food items, then there can be some health-related issues as well. Another point to note is that eating vegan food and expecting healthy results is not enough. You need to have some physical movement as well. 

Is Veganism Still Growing?

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Yes, veganism is still growing rapidly. There are approximately 79 million vegans worldwide, Soylent mentioned. The increase in the number of people switching to vegan diets has grown so much that there is a huge vegan food industry. 

As per Plant Protein statistics, 6% of U.S. consumers say they are vegan, and more than 500,000 participants signed up for Veganuary’s 2021 challenge, which is 25% higher than 2020. This has impacted the vegan food industry as well. 

PR Newswire claimed that The global vegan food market will grow from $16.05 billion in 2022 to $18.27 billion in 2023. Experts are estimating that the graph of vegan eaters and the vegan food industry will shoot up more in the coming future. 

 What Foods Are Included In A Vegan Diet?

We all know that vegan diets include all the food products derived from plants. Vegan food is also called plant-based food because of this. However, let us see what are foods that are majorly included in a vegan diet. 

1. Vegetables 


A vegan diet is mainly based on vegetables. Any type of vegetable can be included in the vegan diet. This is the primary source of energy, and other required nutrients in the body.

Just in case you are looking to replace meat but are worried about the nutrients, then there are plenty of vegetables in the market that can quickly fulfill your requirement. 

Eating vegetables makes your bowel movement better because of the fiber content. Some of the healthiest vegetables are spinach, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and onions. You can cook some stir fry vegetables or a creamy dish using these vegetables and your vegan meal. 

2. Fruits 


Eating fruits is another excellent way to absorb nutrients, and this is a great part of a vegan diet after vegetables. You can eat all kinds of fruits in a vegan diet and stay energetic throughout the day. I suggest you consume seasonal fruits for the best results. 

Apple and bananas are one of the greatest fruit throughout the year, so you can add them to your diet; you can simply cut the vegetables or make a smoothie and enjoy the refreshing flavors of the fruits. 

3. Nuts And Seeds 

nuts and seeds

Another way to add nutrients to your body and resist cravings is to eat nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, and they also keep you energetic throughout the day.

Feeling hungry? Grab some nuts and seeds and satisfy your little cravings just like that. 

4. Non-Dairy products 

non dairy

The main problem a vegan eater finds is finding alternatives to dairy products. Now let me tell you that dairy substitutes are available, like almond milk, etc., but they are pretty expensive.

Also, not everybody gets along with the taste of dairy substitutes. However, if you could give it some time, you can easily adjust the dairy alternatives in your diet. 

5. Whole grain, cereals and legumes 


Whether meat eaters or not, wholegrains, cereals and legumes are part of our diet; hence, switching to veganism does not change these food items. On the plus side, they are superfoods and help us to maintain the nutritional balance in the absence of meat and animal-based food. 

 Is It Easy To Turn Into A Vegan?


No, not at all. Switching your food preferences is very difficult. It is not necessary that everybody else gets along with your decision and supports you in the same. You may find yourself eating vegetables alone in a group of meat eaters.

So the change can be a little bit intimidating as well. Other than this, it is very difficult to control the temptations and cravings, especially if you loved eating meat earlier and now you are a vegan. 

I have already mentioned that the vegan food industry has grown, but still, it has to reach a point where vegan eaters have everything available quickly.

Even many restaurants are still adjusting to the vegan trend, and you can find difficulty in finding an outlet with a vegan menu as well. The other major issue that one faces is selecting a meal kit that fulfills your requirements. 

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Veganism is beyond food!


Many of us think that turning vegan is all about changing food choices. However, that is not the case. Veganism is not limited to food. Strict vegan supporters eliminate the use of any products that are derived from animals. 

Most people become vegan eaters because of animal cruelty and its environmental impact. So they also oppose the idea of killing animals for food or other products. 

As mentioned by Healthline, vegans typically aim to exclude animal exploitation or cruelty in all aspects of their lives, including the clothes they wear, the cosmetics they use, and the leisure activities they take part in. So, it is not just about the diet. 


Veganism has grown rapidly; whether it’s environmental concerns or personal preferences, people are switching to vegan every day. It has now become more of a trend where people are getting inspired by others. 

Whatever the case, we know one thing for sure: eating vegan food not only helps your body and brain but is also good for the environment. However, some taboos are attached to veganism, and I am sure sooner or later, people will understand the importance of a vegan diet and make appropriate decisions. 

Let us all try to be supportive of all the vegan eaters and also not backlash against the meat eaters because, after all, it is just a food choice. I will be back soon with more conversions. Until then, why don’t you try plant-based meat, which is now so trendy? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is veganism? 

Veganism means not using animal-derived products like food and other things. 

What comes with a vegan diet?

A vegan diet includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grain, legumes, cereal and non-dairy products. 

Can I become vegan?

Yes, anyone can be a vegan eater. You simply have to plan your diet that does not include any animal-derived food. You can choose a meat alternative and eat vegetables and fruits on a vegan diet. 

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