Why Are Burger King Nuggets So Cheap? | Secret Behind It

Along with burgers and sandwiches, Burger King also sells chicken nuggets reasonably cheaply. But have you ever wondered why Burger King nuggets are so cheap? Let us find out the secret behind that in this article! 

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The main reason why Burger King nuggets are as cheap as they are is that this is a strategy that the management has been implementing to get more customers. Although they are not making any money by selling nuggets for as low a price as they do, they can recover from the losses in many other ways. 

Burger King is known for having an overall reasonably priced menu. Back in 2018, Burger King announced a sweet deal where they sold a portion of 10 pieces of chicken nuggets just for $1.

Although the prices have risen to $2.49 for eight pieces, this price is still considered one of the cheapest for a portion. So, there is a little bit of a secret behind it, which all goes down to the strategy laid by the management.

But does that affect the quality of these nuggets? A lot more goes into this strategy, and today we will be taking a closer look at it, along with the consequences of it on the actual food product! Stay tuned till the end! 

Why Are Burger King Nuggets So Cheap? 

burger king chicken nuggets

One of the main reasons why Burger King has managed to keep the price of their nuggets as low as it is is because they can quickly recover from the losses. Let us look at how their management tactic works in Burger King’s favor. 

You may have noticed that most other fast-food restaurants, like McDonald’s, have introduced concepts like dollar menus, where everything is available for just $1. This is a great way to attract customers, as they are likely to look at the other options on the menu as well. 

Keeping this strategy in mind from competitors, Burger King management has implemented the same with their chicken nuggets. The idea is that the deal will attract enough customers to enter a Burger King restaurant. 

Once the customers walk in, they are more likely to spend money on various other options available on the menu. Even if customers end up ordering a beverage on the side, it would still make up for the money lost with nuggets. So, the strategy works well for the fast-food restaurant chain! 

Does Burger King Lose Money On Nuggets? 

Burger King

Yes, Burger King does lose money on chicken nuggets. However, it is smaller because the nuggets are doing what they are supposed to do: to bring in more customers. 

Once customers walk in after seeing this offer, there are likely chances of them ordering something on the side. Even a beverage may cost more than nuggets, which eventually covers up for the money lost with the nuggets. 

This technique is also termed ‘using a lost leader .’ It means that the company is willing to lose money over a single item on its menu, as other menu items can quickly recover the amount lost. 

Does Burger King Use Quality Ingredients In Their Nuggets? 

Burger King Chicken Nuggets recipe

Burger King never has and never does compromise on the quality of their food. Although the meals are reasonably priced, Burger King is one of those places where they always maintain the quality of ingredients. Here are the ingredients they use to make their nuggets. 

Burger King Nuggets Ingredients: 

  1. White chicken breast meat (100%)
  2. Batter – Water, Wheat Flour, Modified Wheat Starch, Modified Corn Starch, Salt, Sodium Gluconate, Leavening (Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate), Dextrose, Spices, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Extractives of Turmeric

If you still need convincing, look at our straightforward recipe for Burger King Nuggets here! 

Are Burger King Nuggets Healthy? 

burger king ghost pepper nuggets

Chicken nuggets from a fast food chain like Burger King might sound like something other than the healthiest thing out there. Yes, they are fried, possibly less healthy than baked nuggets. But in the table below, let us look at some hard nutritional facts about these nuggets. 

Menu ItemCaloriesFatCarbohydratesProteinSodiumSugarCholesterol
8 Pc. Chicken Nuggets385.4 Kcal24.7 mg22.6 g1.5 mg990 mg0.1 g 54.4 mg

A portion of 8 pieces of chicken nuggets has a smaller amount of calories. However, since these nuggets are fried, they have high fat and cholesterol content. This adds up; hence, the nuggets are not the healthiest thing ever. However, they are also outstanding to be enjoyed every once in a while, in moderation.


Burger King nuggets are very economically priced. However, this is all because of the chain’s strategy to get more customers to walk in. Although the price of the nuggets is low, there are very likely chances of customers buying other menu items. 

This eventually covers up for the losses incurred with the nuggets. But, regardless of the price, Burger King has never compromised on quality, and their nuggets are the best quality nuggets out there.

If you want to know more about Burger King nuggets, consider having a look at if Burger King nuggets are gluten-free and also about the Ghost pepper nuggets review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are Burger King nuggets so cheap? 

Burger King nuggets are cheap as this is just a part of a sales strategy applied by the management. 

How does Burger King recover from selling nuggets at such a low price? 

The rest of the menu items are priced reasonably, which usually helps Burger King management make up for the low prices of the nuggets. 

Does Burger King use bad-quality ingredients for their nuggets? 

Burger King uses good ingredients for their nuggets, as they always strive for quality. 

Are Burger King nuggets healthy? 

Burger King nuggets are not the healthiest option, but they can also be enjoyed occasionally, in moderation. 

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