Why and How To Use A Kitchen Scale

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Many people find measuring food to be time-consuming, but the truth is that it can save you a lot of money. One of the most popular ways people measure their food is with kitchen scales. Kitchen scales come in all shapes and sizes, with various functions.

Kitchen Scale

There are many benefits to using a kitchen scale, so they have become so popular in recent years. This article will discuss some of the main reasons why everyone should use a scale in their kitchen and how to properly use it.

Types of Kitchen Scales

There are a few different types of kitchen scales available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can find a perfect scale for you. Two main types of kitchen scales are electronic and mechanical scales.

The most popular type is the electronic scale, which typically has a digital display. These scales are very accurate and can measure weights in grams and ounces. Today, every scale manufacturer has an electronic scale in their product lineup.

Moreover, many of these scales come with additional functions, such as a tare button (a button that resets the weight to zero) and a hold function Tare function (which allows you to measure the weight of a container or bowl without the weight of the contents). This type of scale is perfect for measuring baking ingredients or recipes that require precise measurements.

Mechanical scales usually have a spring-loaded central beam and rely on gravity to measure weight. Mechanical scales are not as accurate as electronic scales, but they are typically more durable. In most cases, a kitchen scale will come with a bowl or tray that can be used to measure the food.

This type of scale is perfect for general use, such as measuring spices or other ingredients. However, it is not recommended for use with delicate ingredients or baked goods.

How to Use a Kitchen Scale

Now that you know a little bit about the different types of kitchen scales, let’s discuss how to use them. In general, there are three basic steps to using a kitchen scale: turn the scale on, set the desired weight, and pour the food into the bowl or tray

Set the desired weight once you have turned on the scale by pressing the corresponding buttons. Most scales have a “tare” function, which allows you to subtract the weight of the bowl or container from the total weight. This is very useful for measuring ingredients that are already in a bowl or container. Simply place the container on the scale, hit the “tare” button, and then add your ingredients.

After setting the weight, pour your food into the bowl or tray. Be sure to level off the food so that the scale can get an accurate measurement. Once you have added all of the food, wait a few seconds for the scale to stabilize, and then read the weight.

If you are measuring multiple ingredients in the same bowl or container, tare the scale after each ingredient to get an accurate measurement. This function is especially helpful when you are measuring wet and dry ingredients separately.

Coffee Beans

Benefits of Using Scale

There are many benefits to using a kitchen scale, so they have become so popular in recent years. Some of the main benefits include:

1. Precision

One of the main benefits of using a kitchen scale is that it provides precision when measuring ingredients. This is especially important for baking, as even a small mistake can result in an inedible product. Electronic scales are typically more precise than mechanical scales if measured in grams.

However, read the measurements on your specific scale, as not all electronic scales are created equal. In most cases, scales will have a margin of error of +/- 1 gram.

2. Money-Saving

Another benefit of using a kitchen scale is that it can help you save money. By measuring your food instead of guessing, you will be able to cook more efficiently and not waste any ingredients. In addition, many recipes call for ingredients in specific quantities, so using a kitchen scale is the only way to ensure that you are following the recipe correctly.

3. Time-Saving

Measuring ingredients by volume can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to measure a small amount. Kitchen scales take the guesswork out of measuring and allow you to get on with your cooking quickly.

Since many electronic scales have a tare button, you can easily measure multiple ingredients in one bowl. This will not only save you time but also clean-up time. This is especially helpful when you are cooking a complicated dish and need to measure multiple ingredients.

There are many reasons to use a kitchen scale, and the benefits listed above are just a few of them. Whether you are a beginner cook or an experienced chef, using a kitchen scale can help make your cooking experience easier and more accurate. So, consider using a kitchen scale for the most accurate results next time you try out a new recipe or just make your old standbys.

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