Whopper Vs. Whopper Jr. | Which One Is Better?

Burger King Whopper hardly needs any introduction. This popular item on the Burger King menu has been on the menu since the launch of the brand. Thanks to its delicious lineup of ingredients, it has withstood the test of time.

Looking at its popularity, Burger King released a smaller version of the Whopper called the Whopper Jr. in 1963, designed to be a lighter option. 

Burger King Whoppers are in a league of their own. They top the list of best Burger King items. But the size of a Whopper is so generous that it may not fit everyone’s diet. That’s where the humble Whopper Jr. comes in. 

Burger King’s Whopper Jr. is relatively smaller in size than the Whopper despite having a similar lineup of ingredients. So, if you are a small eater, Whopper Jr. will be the right option for you.    

In this article, we will find out how different or similar Whopper Jr. is to Whopper. This analysis will help us find out which one is better between two.

What Is Whopper Jr.?

Whopper Jr.

The Whopper Jr. is simply a smaller version of Burger King’s signature burger, the Whopper. 

It is designed to be a lighter option than the full-size Whopper, making it a good choice for those with smaller appetites or who are looking for a less filling meal. 

Does The Whopper Jr. Has The Same Ingredients As A Regular Whopper?

The Whopper Jr. and the regular Whopper have many of the same ingredients that provide it the same flame-grilled flavor. But the Whopper Jr. has slightly fewer toppings. 

The Whopper Jr. typically includes – 

  • A flame-grilled Beef patty
  • Sesame seed bun
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Pickles
  • Ketchup

Whereas the regular Whopper has all these ingredients but also includes sliced onions and cheese.

Read on to find out the key difference between a Whopper and Whopper Jr. 

Key Differences Between A Whopper and Whopper Jr.


The Whopper and Whopper Jr. are two similar sandwiches offered by Burger King. But there lies a difference between their sizes and the number of toppings. Let’s check out all the differences between these two popular Burger King offerings. 

1. Size Of The Actual Burger

If we keep the Whopper and Whopper Jr. side by side, you will find a significant difference in their size. 

The Whopper is a larger sandwich with a flame-grilled beef patty, sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, sliced onions, and cheese (optional). It is designed to be a hearty meal.

On the other hand, the Whopper Jr. is a smaller version of the Whopper. It features a smaller flame-grilled beef patty, sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and ketchup. However, this burger does not have sliced onions and cheese. 

A standard Whopper from Burger King weighs around 10.6 ounces (300 grams), whereas a Whopper Jr. weighs around 4.5 ounces (128 grams).

2. Pricing

Apart from the size, there is a significant difference in the pricing of these two burgers. A Whopper would cost you $ 7.99, whereas a Whopper Jr. would cost you $ 4.19. 

3. Nutritional Content Of Both The Burgers

With a big difference in size and toppings, the Whopper and Whopper Jr. also have different nutritional values. Check the nutritional table below to find the difference.

Menu ItemCaloriesTotal FatCarbohydratesProteinSodiumSugarCholesterol
Whopper679 Kcal39.5 g54.8 g34.7 g1173.9 mg14.5 g85.1 mg
WhopperJr. 334.5 Kcal18.3 g30.4 g16.9 g601 mg7.8 g35 mg

Whopper Jr. has fewer calories and less fat than the regular Whopper because of a difference in size. However, both sandwiches can be high in sodium and other nutrients that should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Is Whopper Jr. Better Than The Original Whopper?


Big or small, the Whopper and Whopper Jr. make for a delicious treat. However, the choice between the Whopper and Whopper Jr. comes down to personal preference and appetite. 

The Whopper is the better option if you are looking for a larger and more filling meal. The Whopper Jr. is the way to go if you want a lighter meal or have a smaller appetite.


Whopper and its junior counterpart are Burger King’s best-selling items. The presence of both these options on Burger King’s menu makes for a good choice for customers to decide what to order depending on individual appetite.   

I hope you found the comparison between Whopper and Whopper Jr. informative. You can also check out the difference between Whopper and Quarter Pounder

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Burger King Whopper and Whopper Jr. the same?

Burger King Whopper and Whopper Jr. are similar burgers. The difference lies in their size.

Are the ingredients for Whopper and Whopper Jr. the same?

Most of the ingredients of Whopper and Whopper Jr are the same. Whopper Jr. doesn’t include cheese and onion slices.

Does a Whopper cost the same as Whopper Jr.?

There is a significant difference in the Whopper and Whopper Jr. price.

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