Which Wich Menu With Prices

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Looking for some good places to have sandwiches this weekend? If yes, then you should definitely head over to Which Wich as they serve one of the best sandwiches in the country. But it would be better if you knew their latest menu before visiting them. So in this article, let’s have a look at the menu with prices.

Which Wich Restaurant

Which Wich is prominent for healthy sandwiches and salads. Their menu comprises of turkey, ham, beef, chicken, seafood, Italian, classics sandwiches salads and more. They also provide catering options for large gatherings.

I hope you got an idea about the menu but this was just a short overview. The comprehensive menu is mentioned below. Also, don’t forget to check some additional information which I included below such as contact, nutritional and franchise information. But before jumping to the menu, let’s have a quick look at their history.

Which Wich is an American fast-food casual restaurant that was founded by Jeff Sinelli in 2003. The first store of the Which Wich was opened in downtown Dallas. They have more than 404 outlets across the globe.

Which Wich Menu Prices

Which Wich menu

Which Wich menu includes a wide variety of sandwiches and salads. They serve turkey, ham, beef, chicken, seafood, Italian, wicked, vegetarian options for customizing your sandwiches and salads.

You can choose the above options in wich, salad, spinach wrap and lettucewich. If you’re visiting with kids, then there’s good news for you as they have a different menu for kids which includes super awesome grilled cheese, kidwich and more.

If you’re hosting a party, then you can select the catering options in the menu as they are budget-friendly. So, without more waiting, let’s check out the Which Wich menu with prices.


Wicked®Regular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Wicked® Wednesday$5

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TurkeyRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Thank You Turkey®$7.95$11.50$15.00$8.95$8.25$8.25


HamRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Cordon Bleu$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75

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cBeefRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Roast Beef$8.50$12.25$16.00$9.50$8.75$8.75
French Dip$8.50$12.25$16.00$9.50$8.75$8.75
Corned Beef$8.50$12.25$16.00$9.50$8.75$8.75


ChickenRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Buffalo Chicken$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75
Chicken Pesto$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75

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SeafoodRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Tuna Salad$7.95$11.50$15.00$8.95$8.25$8.25
Krab Salad$7.95$11.50$15.00$8.95$8.25$8.25
Surf & Turf®$7.95$11.50$15.00$8.95$8.25$8.25


VegetarianRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Black Bean Patty$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75
The Avocado$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75

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ItalianRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Pepperoni Pizzawich®$7.50$10.75$14.00$7.75$8.50$7.75


ClassicsRegular WichLarge WichSuper WichSaladSpinach WrapLettucewich
Egg Salad$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75
Chicken Salad$7.50$10.75$14.00$8.50$7.75$7.75

Shakes + Sweets

Shakes & SweetsPrice
Real Ice Cream Shake$5.50
Courtney’s Cookie$1.75
Courtney’s Cake$1.95

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Peanut Butter + Grape Jelly$5.25
Super Awesome Grilled Cheese$5.25
Cheese Pizzawich®$5.25

Drinks + Sides

Drinks & SidesPrice
32 Oz Drink$2.50
24 Oz Drink$2.25
Bottled Water$1.95
Regular Fries$2.79
Large Fries$4.49

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Catering Easy Meals

Easy MealsPrice
Deluxe Easy Meal$230.00
Classic Easy Meal$205.00

Catering Wich & Wrap Trays

Wich & Wrap TraysRegularLarge
Traditional Wich Tray$80.00$110.00
Signature Wich Tray$85.00$120.00
Signature Wrap Tray$85.00$120.00

Catering Salads

Chef Salad$65.00
Cobb Salad$65.00
House Salad$55.00

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Deli Pasta Salads

Pasta SaladsPrice
Antipasto Deli Pasta Salad$65.00
Caprese Deli Pasta Salad$65.00
Club Deli Pasta Salad$65.00

Catering Box Lunches

Box LunchesPrice
Deluxe Box Lunch$13.50
Classic Box Lunch$10.50

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Catering Sweets

Dozen Courtney’s Cookies$20.00
Courtney’s Cakes Tray$22.00

Catering Sides + Drinks

Sides & DrinksPrice
Veggie Tray$45.00
Fruit and Cheese Tray$45.00
Additional Toppings$6.00
Dozen Assorted Chips$18.00
Gallon Beverages$12.00
Bottled Water$1.99
Canned Sodas$1.95
Bag of Ice$2.50

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Which Wich Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfooddiary.com/brand/which-wich

If you are a diet-conscious person, then you can visit the link mentioned above to check the nutritional information of the items present on the Which Wich menu.

Which Wich Franchise Details

Which Wich franchise

Which Wich has around 450 locations in America along with 27 international locations in Bahrain, Guatemala, Kuwait, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you want to open a Which Wich restaurant, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee$30,000
Total Investment$203,000-$495,250
Royalty6% of Gross Sales
Advertising Fee2%

Important Links

Official Websitewhichwich.com/
Careers careers.whichwich.com/
Gift Cardswhichwich.com/gift-cards/
Order Onlinehttps://order.whichwich.com/

Which Wich Contact Information

Which Wich Corporate Office Address- 1412 Main St. , Suite 2000, Dallas, TX 75202

Which Wich Corporate Phone Number- 214-747-9424

You can also contact the team of Which Wich by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook: facebook.com/whichwich

Instagram: instagram.com/whichwich/

Twitter: twitter.com/whichwich

YouTube: youtube.com/user/whichwich

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