Which Wich Menu and Prices

Which Wich Menu and Prices

Which Wich (additionally called Which Wich Superior Sandwiches) is a quick easygoing eatery network that spends significant time in sub sandwiches that they call “Wiches”. Which Wich menu prices are somewhat higher than the normal sub sandwich eatery costly.

The sandwiches are on the whole accessible in three sizes including little (7 inches), medium (10.5 inches), and huge (14 inches). In the event that you lean toward, you may likewise get your sandwich in a bowl. There are numerous sorts of sandwiches you can get, for example, turkey, ham and pork, hamburger, chicken, fish, veggie lover, Italian, works of art, and breakfast-style sandwiches. Try ‘Which Wich location near me’ to taste Which Wich special. Use Which Wich coupon to avail amazing discounts and offers.

The following are the most recent Which Wich menu prices.


Which Wich Sandwiches

Any Standard Sandwich Small 7 in. $6.00
Any Standard Sandwich Medium 10.5 in. $8.50
Any Standard Sandwich Large 14 in. $11.50
Any Standard Sandwich Bowl $7.00

Which Wich Sandwich Extras

Double Meat $2.00
Double Cheese $1.00
Bacon $1.00
Avocado $1.00
Sliced Egg $1.00

Which Wich Breakfast

Any Breakfast Sandwich Small 7 in. $6.00
Any Breakfast Sandwich Medium 10.5 in. $8.50
Any Breakfast Sandwich Large 14 in. $11.50
Any Breakfast Sandwich Bowl $7.00

Which Wich Kids

Ham Kidswich $4.00
Turkey Kidswich $4.00
Cheese Pizzawich® $4.00
Peanut Butter + Jelly $4.00
Grilled Cheese $4.00
Roast Beef Kidswich $4.00

Which Wich Shakes & Sweets

Shake Small $3.00
Shake Regular $4.00
Shake Large $5.00
Brownie $1.50
Wich Krispie $1.50
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich $3.50
Cookie $1.25

Which Wich Drinks & Sides

Fountain Drink Regular $1.75
Fountain Drink Large $2.00
Fountain Drink Refill Large $1.50
Bottled Water $1.75
Chips $1.25

Which Wich Catering Trays

Breakfast Wich Tray $45.00
Traditional Wich Tray $55.00
Favorites Wich Tray $55.00
Custom Wich Tray $55.00
House Salad Tray $45.00
Chef Salad Tray $45.00
Cobb Salad Tray $45.00
Greek Salad Tray $45.00
Combo Tray $75.00
Easy Meal Tray 6 Pack $45.00
Easy Meal Tray 10 Pack $75.00

Which Wich Catering Box Lunches

Boxed Lunch $7.50

Which Wich Catering Drinks & Sides

Tea or Lemonade 1 Gallon $8.00
Cookies 12 Pc. $15.00
Sweets 12 Pc. $15.00
Sweets 24 Pc. $30.00
Sweets 36 Pc. $45.00
Canned Drink $1.50
Bottled Water $1.75

Which Wich Limited Time Items

Superfood Wich $7.75
Project PB&J $3.00
The Wicked® Small 7 in. $7.00
The Wicked® Medium 10.5 in. $10.00
The Wicked® Large 14 in. $13.50
The Wicked® Bowl $8.00

Which Wich was established in 2003 in Dallas, Texas, by Jeff Sinelli, in light of the fact that he was basically baffled by the absence of choices with regards to extraordinary sub sandwiches. Despite the fact that the eatery began little, today, there are more than 340 areas in more than 35 states. The eatery additionally has a couple of areas outside the United States, for example, in Dubai, Panama City, Guatemala City, and Mexico City.

In the event that you are worn out on the present sub sandwiches, you should need to try Which Wich out. Which Wich menu prices may be somewhat higher than you’re accustomed to paying, yet their sandwich sizes are additionally bigger and as a rule, there are more choices to look over.

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