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For anyone who is a die-hard fan of McDonald’s, getting a McDonald’s gift card is one of the best things ever! Did you know there are plenty of places besides McDonald’s to buy them? This article will discuss where to buy McDonald’s Gift Cards. 

Where to Buy McDonald's gift card

You can easily buy yourself a McDonald’s gift card at several places, like Walgreens, Food Lion, Giant Eagle, Kohl’s, Ahold, Safeway, and McDonald’s too. 

McDonald’s gift cards, also known as Arch Cards, can be loaded with cash and used at any McDonald’s store to get a meal or merchandise. Although McDonald’s menu prices are pretty reasonable, having a gift card is pretty handy to save some money at McDonald’s.

So, let us look at where you can buy these gift cards and more information about them! 

Does McDonald’s Sell Physical Gift Cards? 

Does McDonalds sell Physical gift cards

Yes, McDonald’s does sell physical gift cards at their restaurants. 

Since McDonald’s gift cards or Arch cards have been booming amongst customers, the fast food chain has done all it can to make these cards as accessible as possible. So, McDonald’s gift cards and various stores can also easily be found at their restaurants. 

Moreover, you can get a McDonald’s gift card of just about any denomination at any of their restaurants. You can buy a single one or buy them in bulk at a McDonald’s store. All you have to do is ask a crew member for the same, and they’ll help you! 

Places To Buy McDonald’s Gift Cards

Places to buy McDonalds gift cards

Getting your McDonald’s Arch Card from the restaurant is an easy way to go about it. But the good news is that plenty of stores sell McDonald’s Arch cards. 

If you are out and about buying your groceries, you will quickly come across a McDonald’s Arch card right in front of you! Here are some stores where you can easily buy a McDonald’s Gift Card. 

1. Walgreens

Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States. But we all know that pharmaceuticals are not all that the store sells! You can easily buy a McDonald’s Arch Card as well from Walgreens! 

They typically tend to have non-denominational gift cards, which can be between $15-$100. Walgreen also offers Arch cards with fixed denominations. So, you can choose between the two options. 

2. Food Lion

Buy yourself a McDonald’s Arch Card from the famous North Carolina-based supermarket – Food Lion. You can find anything you need there, along with McDonald’s Gift Cards. 

Generally, it is easy to find McDonald’s gift cards of just about any denomination at both the 

stores and the website of Food Lion. However, people have also faced challenges where they couldn’t find gift cards with denominations higher than $25 at various stores, so keep that in mind. 

3. Kroger

Kroger is another store you may come across regularly, and you can easily pick up a McDonald’s Gift Card. The advantage of Kroger is that they have a much wider variety of McDonald’s gift cards than plenty of other places. 

Kroger sells McDonald’s gift cards of fixed denominations with a wide range. So, you can buy yourself a gift card loaded with fixed dollar amounts ranging from $10 to $100! They also often carry Arch cards with varying denominations. 

4. Safeway

This famous supermarket in the United States offers McDonald’s gift cards or Arch Cards in their stores and on their website. So, it is easy to get one of them anytime you shop at Safeway. 

However, this does depend largely on availability. Regarding the denomination of the card, people have found that some Safeway locations have a much larger variety than others. So, it would be better to ask the store closest to you to know their sort of Arch Cards. 

5. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle is known not just for selling excellent quality food products but also for an array of gift cards available at their stores! One of the gift cards that Giant Eagle sells at just about every store is the McDonald’s Arch Card. 

The store sells McDonald’s gift cards in-store and also on its website. The options of denominations for the cards are also plenty on both platforms, so you will have a lot of options to choose from. 

6. SuperValu

SuperValu is a store aptly named for selling goods at a lower price. The great news is that you can also find McDonald’s Gift Cards and all the wholesale goods at their outlets! 

SuperValu generally sells McDonald’s Gift cards on their official website and in-store. The cards’ denominations can vary according to availability, but they usually tend to have a large variety of denominations for Arch Cards. 

7. Kohl’s

When buying a McDonald’s gift card, Kohl’s might not be the first place that will pop into your mind, considering they are a clothing store. But Kohl’s does sell an array of gift cards, both online and in-store, including McDonald’s Arch Cards! 

Kohl’s sells McDonald’s gift cards of varying denominations and those with fixed dollar amounts. Moreover, if you use a Kohl’s gift card while making the purchase, you are eligible for even more rewards from the store! 

8. Ahold

Ahold is another place to quickly get a McDonald’s gift card while doing your regular grocery run. However, people have found that the chances of finding McDonald’s gift cards at Ahold are much higher in-store than online. 

Moreover, Ahold usually has gift cards of fixed dollar amounts ranging from $10 to $40. The variety may be less than in other places, but you can always check with them for the same. 

9. Amazon

You need just about anything in the world, and you are guaranteed to find it on Amazon! Just like Amazon sells various fantastic gift cards from different brands, you can also find McDonald’s arch cards on Amazon

Of course, with Amazon, there is no in-store option. So, you can quickly purchase gift cards of just about any denomination on Amazon. 

Can You Buy McDonald’s Gift Cards Online? 

Can you buy McDonalds gift cards online

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s Gift Cards online. 

Most people have found purchasing the Arch Cards from McDonald’s online rather than in-store easier. This is because most online platforms that tend to sell McDonald’s Arch cards have a much wider variety of cards than you could find in-store. 

How To Activate McDonald’s Gift Card? 

Here is how you can activate your McDonald’s Gift Card: 

  1. Dial the number 1-877-458-2200 from your phone to contact customer service. 
  2. After your call has been connected, listen to the operator carefully for the extension number for card activation. 
  3. Dial the extension number and your call will get redirected. 
  4. Prompt your Arch Card number when asked for the same by the operator. 
  5. Once you give them the card number, ask them to activate the card, and you are good to go as the activation process is complete. 

Remember that the card may take a while to get activated, so ask the operator about the same! 


Just as easy as it is to use the McDonald’s Gift card, you can purchase the same from an array of different platforms. McDonald’s corporation itself sells gift cards, both in-store and online. But other than that, there are nine other platforms where you can easily buy these cards! 

So, the next time you wonder what to gift a die-hard McDonald’s fan, Arch Cards are here to the rescue!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s sell arch cards in-store? 

Yes, McDonald’s sells arch cards in-store. 

Can you buy McDonald’s arch cards online from their website? 

You can buy McDonald’s arch cards online from the official McDonald’s website.

Do other places also sell McDonald’s arch cards? 

You can find McDonald’s arch cards online and in-store at plenty of other shopping establishments. 

Is the activation of McDonald’s Arch Card easy? 

Yes, the activation of a McDonald’s Arch card is easy. 

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