Where To Buy McDonald’s Frozen Chicken Nuggets | All 7 Options Revealed

Chicken nuggets are among the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu, costing around $2.89. Many people wonder if they can buy exact nuggets like McDonald’s. So, let’s find out where to buy McDonald’s frozen chicken nuggets. 

Where To Buy McDonald's Frozen Chicken Nuggets

McDonald’s obtains their nuggets from Tyson Foods, the largest meat supplier in the United States. They have been supplying nuggets to McDonald’s for the past 30 years. However, McDonald’s doesn’t sell their nuggets in-store, but you can purchase similar nuggets offered by other brands like Walmart, Target, Kroger, and many more. 

When purchasing other brands’ nuggets, read about the ingredient list and breading ingredients. Some brands like Tyson Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets and Perdue chicken breast nuggets are similar to McDonald’s nuggets.

This article explores other brands that offer similar chicken nuggets to McDonald’s. Apart from that, you can also learn about what ingredients are added to McDonald’s nuggets and their preparation method. So, stay tuned! 

Why Do McDonald’s Nuggets Taste So Good?

Why Do McDonald's Nuggets Taste So Good

McDonald’s nuggets taste so good because of their triple-coating breading process. The formed chicken nuggets are breaded three times. First, in a light batter, then in breading with celery and white pepper, and lastly, in a thick tempura batter that includes leavening agents to aerate the batter. 

The popular YouTube channel How It’s Made features an episode detailing the production of McDonald’s chicken nuggets. The video offers an intriguing look into how McDonald’s maintains its nuggets’ distinctive taste and quality.

A food scientist at the nugget production facility explains that she tastes the nuggets every hour to check that they are properly browned, crispy, and evenly coated. Consistent monitoring ensures that every batch meets McDonald’s’ nugget taste and texture standards.

While the taste of these nuggets is highly praised, it’s important to note that many people have questioned whether McDonald’s nuggets are healthy. Most nutritionists have also stated that they are not beneficial to eat. But if you eat them in moderation, it should be correct.  

What Brand Chicken Nuggets Does McDonald’s Use?

What Brand Chicken Nuggets Does McDonald’s Use

Tyson Foods has been supplying McDonald’s with chicken nuggets for decades. They have a long-standing partnership for their nuggets. According to reports, Tyson provides around 2 billion chicken nuggets to McDonald’s restaurants annually.

Tyson Foods is the largest meat producer in the United States, and it has a long history of supplying chicken nuggets at McDonald’s. 

In the early 1980s, McDonald’s sought to improve the taste and texture of its chicken nuggets. Tyson Foods cracked the code for the best flavor that McDonald’s needs. 

McDonald’s McNuggets became very popular after they were introduced in the 1980s. Lots of customers at McDonald’s restaurants wanted to order McNuggets. But McDonald’s needed help to meet customers’ demands. That’s when the fast-food chain joined hands with Tyson to meet the demands.   

Can You Buy The Exact McDonald’s Frozen Chicken Nuggets?

No, you cannot buy the exact McDonald’s chicken nuggets. McDonald’s obtains its nuggets supplies from Tyson Foods, which makes explicit nuggets for McDonald’s. 

Although, you can find various brands at the grocery market that offer similar nuggets like McDonald’s. Many retailers and grocery stores like Kroger, Target, Walmart, and many more offer frozen nuggets at their facilities, which you can purchase.   

Similar McDonald’s Frozen Chicken Nuggets Alternatives

Similar McDonald's Frozen Chicken Nuggets Alternatives

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. However, many want to enjoy nuggets at home for a few bucks. So, if you are looking for nugget alternatives, then find the below list:

1. Kroger 

Kroger is one of the famous retailers in the United States. They offer similar nuggets to McDonald’s. Try Perdue chicken breast nuggets, which are pretty delicious. They have a similar shape to McDonald’s and also do not contain any artificial preservatives, fillers, hormones, or steroids. These nuggets cost around $4.49 for a 12-ounce package.  

2. Walmart

Walmart offers Pilgrim’s frozen chicken nuggets that give you the same feeling as eating McDonald’s nuggets. These nuggets are frozen and easy to prepare in just 20 minutes. Additionally, they do not contain antibiotics, preservatives, added hormones, or steroids. Prepare them in an air fryer, oven, or microwave – whatever you like. These nuggets cost you $5.32, sufficient for a family of three to four. 

3. Publix

Going to the supermarket and returning home with several nuggets tells me your plans. Have a nuggets party at home with delicious Bell & Evans breaded chicken nuggets. They closely resemble the flavor of McDonald’s nuggets and are equally delicious.

For $5.99, you get a 12-ounce nuggets box that is enough for two people. Moreover, these nuggets are made with whole white breast chicken and breaded nicely. This will give you crispy nuggets. Also, 6% of marinade is used in these nuggets to keep them fresh and flavorful.  

Apart from this, Publix also offers Earth’s best chicken nuggets for kids. The breading is a little thicker, like in McDonald’s nuggets. They are antibiotic-free and do not contain any preservatives, which makes them a great choice. The best part is they are fully-cooked chicken nuggets and easy to consume. The 16 oz bag costs you $9.49. 

4. Costco

Costco offers dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets that are a fun option for children. The Yummy Dino Buddies Dinosaur Chicken Breast Nuggets product contains chicken breast meat formed into miniature dinosaur shapes. They are nutritious and tasty. 

5. Target

Target’s Good & Gather brand chicken nuggets are an alternative to McDonald’s. They can be quickly prepared in the oven or microwave and offer a convenient snack or meal option. The taste and crispiness of the nuggets will vary based on individual preferences.

6. Food Service Direct

Food Service Direct is one of the suppliers to restaurants for snacks, dry foods, meats, and refrigerated frozen foods. Good news for those who are finding similar nuggets to McDonald’s. Food Serve Direct provides Tyson tempura chicken breast nuggets. Tyson Foods provides McDonald’s chicken nuggets, and you can see their nuggets in the food store.

These nuggets are available for $50 for a 10 oz bag. You get around 200 to 250 nuggets in the bag, which will stay in your freezer for a month. When you are ready to enjoy them, deep-fry them and share them with your family. 

7. Meijer 

Lastly, the most popular United States grocery store Meijer keeps Tyson All Natural Crispy Chicken Nuggets in stock. You can air-fry, microwave, or bake them. 

Apart from this, you can also get your hands on Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets, which are dairy-free. Additionally, they are easy to prepare and contain the same flavors and juicy chicken as McDonald’s nuggets. 

Why Go For Frozen, When You Can Make McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets At Home?

Rather than purchasing frozen nuggets, why not give it a try to knock off McDonald’s chicken nuggets recipe? You can make these nuggets at home from scratch. 

It will only take 20 minutes to prepare these nuggets; you can achieve your nugget’s texture and taste the way you like. So, skip the frozen chunks and make these super crunchy nuggets at home that will put smiles on your family member’s faces. 


That wraps up our blog on where to buy McDonald’s frozen chicken nuggets. McDonald’s sources its chicken nuggets from Tyson Foods, one of the largest chicken producers in the US. The nuggets go through a triple breading process giving them that signature crispy and flavorful coating we all love.

If you want to know where McDonald’s gets its sausage patties or any other details about their menu items, be sure to check out our blog. 

Moreover, if you have leftover nuggets, you can always reheat them home to enjoy the next day. Many people have questions about nuggets, like whether McDonald’s still serves spicy nuggets or not and whether McDonald’s nuggets are gluten-free. We have covered all the answers on the blog. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading our blog. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What brand of chicken nuggets does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s gets their nuggets from Tyson Foods, the largest meat supplier in the United States.

Does Mcdonald’s sell chicken nuggets?

You can get McDonald’s chicken nuggets in the 4, 6,10, 20, and 40 pieces. They are so tender, juicy, and crispy nuggets that will make your snack time beyond perfect. 

Is McNuggets 100% chicken breast?

Yes, McNuggets are made of 100% chicken breast. The chicken breasts are chopped into small pieces, ground, and mixed with marinated ingredients to create flavor. Then, they are formed into nugget shapes and breaded three times. Lastly, they are partially deep-fried.

Did McDonald’s improve their chicken nuggets?

Yes, McDonald’s has done an excellent job of improving their chicken nuggets. In 2016, McDonald’s announced that it would not use artificial ingredients or preservatives in its chicken nuggets. They also changed their frying oil to ensure the quality of chicken nuggets stays intact. 

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