What Size Of Cake Feeds How Many People?

Cakes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. So, it becomes tricky sometimes to calculate what size you need to feed your guests. Portions depend on the size and also the shape of the cake. Thus, it becomes very important to know what size of the cake will feed how many people. 

The most common shapes for cakes are square, round, and heart. The same size of the three shapes yields different portions. A 6-inch cake yields 11 portions for a round cake, 18 portions for a square cake, and 12 portions for a heart-shaped cake. This may vary for other shapes and sizes. A square cake usually yields more than any other shape.  

It is a tad bit difficult to understand the portions of the cake according to shape and size. So, I will give an easy guide for that. 

Cake Portions According To Shapes, Sizes, And Type

different types of cakes

Cakes have a lot of types, shapes, and sizes. People go all out when ordering cakes for a special occasion. Also, you have sponge cakes, tiered cakes, theme cakes, and of course, ice cream cakes. 

The most common type of cake used is a sponge cake. But if you are using a fruit cake, it will yield more portions as it is firmer and easier to cut into small pieces. Similarly, an ice cream cake needs to be ordered more as it is softer and melts too. 

Portions Of All Types Of Cakes 

The most common type of cake is a sponge cake and the most common shapes for cakes are square, round, and heart. So, I am going to make a table for a single-layered sponge cake with three different shapes and different sizes, showing the different portions they’ll yield.

Portions For A Single Layered Sponge Cake

single layer cake

The calculated portions are approximate values.

Cake SizeRoundSquareHeart

As you can see, the square cake yields the most portions. If you have an unusual-shaped cake like a pentagon or an octagon then, it will yield similar portions to a square cake. 

Portions Of Different Tiered Sponge Cakes

two tiered cake

The tiered cakes yield more portions. But, the portions depend on the shape of the tiered cake too. Tiered cakes are usually served at weddings.  A standard slice of cake of a tiered cake is 4 inches in height, 2 inches in length, and 1 inch in width. This is the usual serving for a tiered wedding cake. The serving size should also be considered when portions are being discussed. 

The wedding cakes are commonly two-tiered, three-tiered, or four-tiered in the three basic shapes. A table with approximate portions for different sizes and shapes is given below.  

Cake Sizes (in Inches)RoundSquareHeart
6, 1049 6842
8, 127610464
6, 8, 106910066
6, 9, 1294125
8, 10, 1211415494
6, 8, 10, 12125172
8, 10, 12, 14189270

Professional Way To Cut A Tiered Cake

There is a way that professional bakers cut the tired cakes so that the slices are neat and perfect. 

1. For Round Tiered Cake

You need to cut the cake by dividing the cake into a center circle and a ring for the round-tiered cake. Then, cut the ring into 1-inch slices and then, the inner circle into 1-inch slices. Do this for all tiers and make the rings and center circles accordingly.

2. For Square Tiered Cake

It is easier to cut the square-tiered cake. You just need to cut the cake across into 2-inches wide strips. Then, slice the strips into 1-inch small slices. Repeat the same for all tiers. 

Use Cupcakes As An Alternative


If you find it difficult to understand portions and cake sizes, the easiest way out is to order or make cupcakes. One cupcake equals one serving. You know the standard size for a cupcake and can order portions according to the guests. 


So, now I have told you the portions of a cake according to their shape, size, and type. You can easily keep this guide in mind when ordering a cake for a set amount of people. It also depends on the size of the serving. If your serving is bigger than the standard serving size then, your cake may yield lesser portions.

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