What Kind Of Alcohol Is In A Hard Seltzer?

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The world has been in an extraordinary frenzy about the new talk of the party these days. Whether it’s on a video you saw on youtube or a picture of your favorite celebrity on Instagram, we’re sure this drink has caught your attention once or twice.

Hard Seltzer

With its sweet taste and say goodbye to the old, hard-core cocktails you often see at parties and hello to the elegant, colorful drink you’ll surely enjoy. Be on-trend and introduce yourself to the infamous Hard Seltzers.

But first, What’s a Hard Seltzer?

Hard Seltzer drinks rose to the mainstream in 2019 and are a lightweight beverage made out of carbonated water – which will truly bring you a fun experience, some alcoholic content, and something even light drinkers will surely enjoy: fruit flavorings.

There are a lot of existing hard seltzer flavors and products these days, giving people a wider variety of choices. You can experiment and try to find the one that suits your taste best. If you’re still discovering Hard Seltzer and don’t know what to find, we suggest you go for the “always in demand” brands like “Wild Claw” and “Truly Wild Seltzer.” But, if you’re more on the savory side and want a drink that’s sweeter and more fun, the “Long Shot UK” is one of the most highly recommendable.

What Alcoholic Beverage is in a Hard Seltzer?

Hard Seltzers may be known for their fun and light appearance, but the drink’s “boozy” nature originated from a process done just like any other beverages – fermentation. Making wine requires thoroughly fermenting grapes to turn its natural sugar into alcohol. Hard seltzers’ alcoholic content is most commonly extracted from an all-natural sugar cane, making it sweeter and more savory compared to other drinks.

Although the alcohol is acquired by sugar cane fermentation, some hard seltzer manufacturers try to explore and modify the drink by using malted barley as the primary contributor of Booz. While this may work, the outcome will surely make a difference, and you can notice that the final product will taste more of a Smirnoff rather than the expected sweet hard seltzer.

What’s the Alcohol Level of a Hard Seltzer?

Most spiked seltzers have an alcohol concentration of 4-6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), which is roughly the same as light beer, but some have as much as 12 percent ABV, which is the same as a regular five-ounce glass of wine.

It might not be known to all, but if you’re someone who would like to lessen your daily calorie intake, you should go for beverages that have lower alcohol levels. Different hard seltzer brands also have differing sugar and calorie levels. But our pro-tip is that you go for the highest in-demand brands as they are the ones that usually try to keep their calorie and sugar levels to the least extent. At best, they’ll give your body 3 grams of glucose. Not quite bad.

If you ask us whether or not Hard Seltzers are worth the hype, we’ll get our glass and cheer you on, as this drink might be one of history’s greatest discoveries. It’s a beverage not just party people will enjoy but also help light drinkers have the time of their lives. It’s a beverage you can have while sunbathing on a beach with a beautiful view or drink while you’re having a fancy dinner with your loved one in a place of luxury and elegance.

Hard Seltzers might be new to the game, but this drink is something one can call their “go-to” favorite. 

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