What to Eat If You Want to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Decay-Free


Dental hygiene is so important, but these days there are so many kinds of food which can cause significant damage to our teeth and gums. Unlike in the past, when we used to cook all of our meals from scratch, our modern diets often include many processed foods that have substantial amounts of sugar added, which are extremely corrosive. Along with good dental hygiene practices like regular teeth brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, eating the right diet is one of the best ways to ensure that your teeth stay in good shape.

This article is a guide to what to eat if you want to keep your teeth healthy and decay-free.

  1. Unprocessed Food

Whilst processed foods are quick and convenient, they are usually very bad for your teeth. The experts at Dunn Orthodontics explain that processed foods have a lot of sugar added to them to make them taste better. Fresh food always tastes good, but without the extra sugar, processed foods would not taste very nice because of the age of the ingredients and all the chemicals in them. We all live busy lives, but to keep your teeth healthy and decay-free, it is vital to eat fresh, unprocessed food whenever you can.

  1. Fruit Without Sugar and Acid

We all know that fruit has many health benefits, and every diet should include a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. There is some fruit, however, that can be bad for your teeth, so you should try and limit how much of these you eat. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are great for the body because they have lots of vitamin C, which is good for immunity, but they also contain a lot of acids that can seriously corrode your teeth. Try to stick to fruit that has less sugar and acid, such as apples and bananas. These provide many health benefits but are much kinder to your teeth. When you do eat citrus fruits, be sure to brush your teeth afterward so you can remove the sugar and acid that they leave behind.

  1. Whole Grain Bread and Pasta

Carbohydrates are an integral part of our diet as they provide us with the energy that we need. However, some carbohydrates, especially white bread and pasta, contain a lot of sugar, which can damage your teeth a lot. In Western countries, for instance, eat a lot of these carbohydrates and so the damage can really build up. The good news is that you don’t have to cut out your favorite carbs altogether, you just need to switch to healthier options. Whole grain bread and pasta are delicious alternatives that have little to no sugar, and so they are much better for your teeth.

Good dental hygiene starts with your diet, so you must know which foods are bad for your teeth. Processed foods, citrus fruits, and white carbohydrates contain a lot of sugar, so you should avoid them whenever possible. Make sensible food choices, and you will be able to keep your teeth healthy and decay-free.

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