What Does Vermouth Tastes Like? A Detailed Answer

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Vermouth! Does that sound familiar to you? Some people prefer it as a drink, while others say it’s a cooking ingredient. But what exactly is vermouth, and what does vermouth tastes like? If you have no idea about vermouth, then this article is for you.


Vermouth is an extremely flavorful as well as aromatic drink. It comes in two variants – dry and sweet vermouth. The sweet vermouth has a sweet taste, spicy taste, and hint of bitterness. On the other hand, dry vermouth has a tart flavor.

Whether making a bowl of salad or throwing a cocktail party, vermouth is something you can use. With its distinctive flavor and aromatic punch, vermouth has all the potential to place itself as your favorite drink.

If you are new to this drink, vermouth might sound a little enigmatic. In that case, you must read this article to learn about vermouth. We will discuss vermouth, its taste, health benefits, and much more.

What Is Vermouth?


Vermouth is one of the most flavorful and aromatic drinks you could ever have. Whether you want to sip it as a standalone drink or want to make a cocktail out of it, vermouth won’t disappoint you!

Vermouth is a fortified wine infused with the goodness of several spices and herbs. The modern version of vermouth was founded in Italy in the mid-eighteenth century. At first, due to the presence of herbs, it was used as medicine. 

Vermouth got its French pronunciation from “wermut,” a German word meaning wormwood. Wormwood was one of the common ingredients of vermouth when it first came into use.

In short, we can say that vermouth is essentially a mix of wine, spices, herbs, and alcohol.

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Is Vermouth A Wine or Liquor?


Vermouth has a high ABV of 16 – 18%, and people new to vermouth often confuse it with a form of liquor. However, that is not true. Vermouth, regardless of its liquor-like characteristics, isn’t liquor.

Vermouth is not a liquor but a wine. It contains 75 % of wine and some amount of alcohol. A vermouth is a form of fortified wine, meaning a certain amount of liquor is added to vermouth at the time of its making.

What Does Vermouth Taste Like?


Never say no to a vermouth cocktail anymore! Many stop trying new drinks because they are doubtful about their taste. If you are one of them, read this session before going to your next cocktail party.

Vermouth has a spicy flavor to it. This comes from the various herbs and spices that have been infused in it. Juniper, coriander, and cardamom are some of the most commonly used spices. Depending upon the sweetness, vermouth has been majorly classified into two – dry vermouth and sweet vermouth.

Dry vermouth has a very strong flavor profile. As its name suggests, it lacks any sweetness and has a tart, spicy flavor. Dry vermouth has a subtle floral scent to it and is often used in martinis.

Sweet vermouth has a subtle sweet taste with a hint of spiciness. Dry vermouth has a delicious aroma of herbs and spices and a sweet note of vanilla. It is commonly used as an appetizer along with whiskey and brandy.

Does Vermouth Have A Strong Taste?


Since there are a variety of vermouths, it’s hard to pinpoint their flavor. Vermouth, in general, has a spicy flavor to it. However, the flavor profile of vermouth highly depends upon the vermouth variants. 

Dry vermouth has a strong taste to it. Its strong tart, spicy flavor, and floral aroma make your taste buds burst with different flavors. However, sweet vermouth, on the other hand, is comparatively lighter in taste.

Does Vermouth Taste Like Black Licorice?


Vermouth has a strong spicy taste with a hint of bitterness. Due to its strong spicy smell and bitter flavor, people often associate it with black licorice. 

But does it exactly taste like black licorice? The answer is no. Vermouth doesn’t have a taste for black licorice. 

People often misunderstood the taste of wormwood as the taste of black licorice. But there is no denying the fact that vermouth has a hint of licorice in its aroma.

What Does Vermouth Taste Like In A Martini?


When you hear the word martini, if you are a cocktail lover, the first thing that comes to your mind must be vermouth. Whether you are making a classic or dirty martini, the need to add vermouth is unquestionable.

Vermouth is responsible for bringing the perfect spicy flavor to the martini. It makes a base for whatever martini you are making. Vermouth gives a fresh aromatic kick to the martinis.

What Does Vermouth Sauce Taste Like?

White vermouth

What if I say vermouth isn’t just a perfect drink but also a perfect salad dressing. Yes! You read it right. Vermouth is often used as a salad dressing as well as a sauce.

Vermouth sauce has a slightly sour taste with hints of a spicy herbal aroma. Vermouth sauce has a very creamy texture. It is perfect to use as a dip or its use as a salad dressing. 

Even though we call sauce “vermouth sauce,” the amount of vermouth used in the sauce is very less. But if you do not add this ingredient, the whole sauce will taste too bland. 

Does Vermouth Taste Like Olives?


It is a popular opinion that vermouth tastes like olive. But is that true? So in this section, let’s answer the question of whether vermouth tastes like olive or not.

In my opinion, all vermouth doesn’t exactly taste like olive. However, the dry vermouth mimics the sourness and bitterness of raw olive, which might make people compare both. Also, some vermouth cocktails like classic martinis are served with olive slices.

Red Vermouth Vs. White Vermouth


If you plan to get yourself a bottle of vermouth and go to a store, the storekeeper might ask you whether you want a red one or white vermouth. Even though both are versions of vermouth, there is a considerable difference between the two.

Red vermouth is one of the most common vermouths we get. It is red in color and has a sweet flavor to it. It is commonly used in Manhattans and many other cocktails.

White vermouth is often called dry vermouth. It is colorless and has a considerably stronger flavor profile. It is acidic in taste with a floral scent. They are widely used in dry martinis.

If you are someone who is new to trying these drinks, go for the red vermouth as it is light in taste. But if you are keen to try the white vermouth you can go for that. Given below is a table that explains the flavor profile of these two varieties.

Red VermouthWhite Vermouth
Sweet VermouthDry Vermouth
Sweet Tart, acidic flavor
Herbal ScentFloral Scent
Americano, NegroniDry Martini

What Does White Vermouth Taste Like?

White vermouth

White vermouth is commonly called dry vermouth. It is also referred to as French vermouth. As its name suggests, it is colorless and is a dry version of vermouth.

Dry vermouth has a tart flavor with a hint of a different herbal flavor. It has a floral aroma to it. The sugar content in the drink is less than 5%, and hence it is often combined with gin to make martinis.

What Does Red Vermouth Taste Like?

Red vermouth

Red vermouth is also known as Italian vermouth. As its name suggests, this version of vermouth has a red hue. This version of vermouth was only available in Italy; however, nowadays, we can get this from any liquor shop. 

Red vermouth is a sweet variant of mouth. It has a sweet taste with a bitter undertone. The flavor of the red vermouth is enhanced by its spices.

Red vermouth has a strong spicy aroma to it. It can be enjoyed as a standalone drink. However, it is often combined with whiskey or brandy to make the best cocktail.

What Does Blanc/ Bianco Taste Like?

Bianco vermouth

If you are someone who is new to vermouth, you might not have heard about its third variant, which is Blanc. Blanc is called blanc in France and Bianco in Italy. If you are someone who prefers a flavor that is in between dry and sweet vermouth, Blanc is for you.

Blanc is neither as sweet as sweet vermouth nor too sour like the dry version. The taste of this vermouth lies between these two. Blac vermouth has a slightly floral aroma with strong spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Blanc vermouth is not as famous as the other two variants. However, it is the perfect base if you plan to dry martini or vesper. Above all, due to its balanced flavor, it can also be consumed directly as it is.

11 Best Vermouth Cocktails You Can Try!


Now that we have explored vermouth’s flavor profile let’s see some of the amazing cocktails you can make with this vermouth. Read through this section and try the best one according to your flavor profile.

1. Django Reinhardt

We all are familiar with Django Reinhardt’s music. But do you know there is also a mocktail under the same name? Django Reinhardt mocktail, just like Django Reinhardt’s music, is one of the best things you could have.

Django Reinhardt cocktail doesn’t call for an elaborate making method. It needs some dry vermouth, simple syrup, and orange slices. Put all of these into a shaker, add some icer, and shake it (maybe with a Taylor Swift’s Shake it off in the background!!)

Pour it into a glass and decorate it with some orange slices, and your Django Reinhardt martinis are ready to serve. With its sour taste and tangerine flavor, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy as a daily drink.

2. Manhattan Cocktail

This is one of the most famous vermouth cocktails. This is one of the most sophisticated cocktails out there. It is so delicious that anyone who goes for it will go for a second one or maybe a third one.

It is the perfect mix of two-part whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Mix all of this in a glass and stir it slowly. And voila! Your glass of manhattan cocktail is all set to drink.

3. Blood and Sand Cocktail

Regardless of its name, neither blood nor sand has anything to do with this cocktail. This drink was named after a 1922 Rudolph Valentino movie with the same name, Blood and Sugar.

The blood and Sugar cocktail uses scotch as its main ingredient. You’ll also need some sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur, orange juice, and ice cubes.

Shake all of these in a shaker and strain them into a glass. Serve it with some orange slices or orange zest.

4. Classic Martini

This cocktail is something we all know. There is a lot of debate about what to add and what to not add to this cocktail. However, only one thing stands as a standard ingredient in this cocktail which is dry vermouth.

Other than dry vermouth, you’ll need gin or vodka, lime (or olive), and ice. Even though James Bond prefers to shake it, many people prefer to stir it. Mix all this and stir until it’s ice cold and your class martini is ready to serve.

5. Classic Negroni

If you are someone who is absolutely new to the world of drinks, then classic negroni is the perfect cocktail for you. It is easy to make, and it’s not an elaborated drink; hence, most people will love it whether they’re expert drinkers or not.

For making classic negroni, mix gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, and ice in a mixing glass and stir for thirty seconds. Strain it into a glass and add some orange juice before serving it.

6. Bijou Cocktail

If you plan to throw an extravagant cocktail party, then a bijou cocktail is something you must include on your menu. It was invented by Harry Jhonson and is one of the oldest vermouth cocktails we have.

Bijou cocktail uses gin, green chartreuse, sweet vermouth, and orange juice as its primary ingredients. All you have to do is mix all these in the correct proportion and stir it. When it’s ice cold, strain it into a glass and serve it with maraschino cherries.

7. Americano Cocktail

Americano coffee might be your favorite because you haven’t tried an americano cocktail yet. This bittersweet drink is so flavorful that it is perfect to start your evening.

Campari, sweet vermouth, chilled soda, and orange are the basic ingredients for an Americano cocktail. Pour the Campari and sweet vermouth into an ice-filled glass.

Stir it and add some soda to it. Before serving, make sure to give an orange twist to the cocktail.

8. Martinez Cocktail

If you want to make a quick vermouth cocktail, Martinez is the one for you. Precursor of Martini, this drink has now become a classic base for many other drinks, but the Martinez cocktail is just too good as a standalone drink.

To make some Martinez, mix sweet vermouth, gin, maraschino liqueur, and bitter in a glass and stir them. Strain into a glass and add some orange slices a garnish before serving it.

9. Hanky Panky Cocktail

Unlike its cracky name, hanky panky is a neat drink. It is such a tasty drink that, if you had it once, you might not be able to resist getting more of this amazing cocktail. 

Hanky panky has gin, sweet vermouth, and Fernet Branca as its primary ingredient. Add all of these into an ice-filled glass and stir it. Hanky panky is ready to serve!

10. Boulevardier Cocktail

If you are in the mood to spend some money on a cocktail, the Boulevardier cocktail is the perfect one for you. Not just does it taste good, but you’ll also sound very sophisticated while ordering it.

 Boulevardier Cocktail uses sweet vermouth, whiskey, and Campari as its primary ingredients. This is one of the most expensive cocktails out there, and its mixing needs to be rightful for you to enjoy its perfect taste.

11. Old Pal Cocktail

This is the best cocktail to have if you want to get a little drunk. This cocktail version is a little strong, and people new to cocktails should only get two or a maximum of three shots of this cocktail.

Old pal cocktail uses dry vermouth, Campari, and rye whiskey as its primary ingredients. Mix this all in an ice-filled glass and stir well. Serve with a dash of lemon for the perfect old pal flavor.

Name of the CocktailType of vermouth usedIngredients/Alchochol uses.
Django Reinhardt CocktailDry VermouthSimple syrup
Manhattan CocktailSweet VermouthWhiskey
Blood and Sand CocktailSweet VermouthScotch
Classic NegroniSweet VermouthGin & Campari
Bijou CocktailSweet VermouthGin & Green Chartreuse
Americano Cocktail Sweet VermouthCampari &Soda
Martinez CocktailSweet VermouthGin & Maraschino Liqueur
Hanky Panky CocktailSweet VermouthFrenet Barnca
Boulevardier CocktailSweet VermouthWhiskey & Campari
Classic MartiniDry VermouthGin or Vodka
Old Pal CocktailDry VermouthRye Whiskey & Campari

How To Serve The Vermouth The Best Way?  


Vermouth is undoubtedly one of the best drinks available to us. The versatility in its taste makes it an experimental drink; whatever cocktail you make, you can always add a little vermouth into it to make it more flavorful.

But nowadays, it’s gaining popularity as a standalone drink. The quality and the versatility in its flavor make it a popular drink. If you decide to serve it as a standalone drink, there are some things to consider.

You might have heard them say that the first impression is the best. This applies to drinks as well; your drink should not just be tastefully delicious but also visually appetizing too. So in this section, let’s learn some tips to employ while serving vermouth.

  • Vermouth is good to serve as an aperitif; a drink served before food.
  • Vermouth should be served with a side dish such as some potato fries, olives, or even some sausages.
  • Vermouths are served in a small glass along with big ice cubes. If serving neat, you can also give your guest an unopened bottle of chilled soda or water. Even though most people prefer it neat, some might need to dilute it.
  • Add a slice of lemon orange or olive to garnish your vermouth drink.
  • For getting the best flavor, serve vermouth over frozen grapes.

How To Pick The Perfect Vermouth?


Now that we have discussed vermouth and its taste and different cocktails that you might want to try. If that’s the case, get yourself a vermouth bottle. But before going to the shop, read this section!

  1. Choose A Variant: Vermouth, as we have discussed, comes in three varieties. But if you’re confused about which one to get, go for the sweet vermouth variant, as it has a very appealing flavor, and most cocktails demand this flavor.
  2. Look For The Expiry Date: The next thing we should keep in mind is its expiry date. Vermouths aren’t wine which gets better with age. After a particular time, vermouth will lose its flavor and aroma. Hence it is very important to get vermouth within the expiry date.
  3. According To The Climate: In the summertime, we should look for vermouth which is refreshing. In that case, choose the red vermouth. But if it’s the wintertime, you might want to have some alcohol to keep yourself warm from the inside, and in such a situation pick the white vermouth.
  4. Choose According To Base Spirit: We all know vermouth is an excellent option to make martinis. But what we don’t know is no all vermouth goes well with many base spirits. So if you are choosing a white liquor as a base spirit add blanc and if the base spirit is dark, add some red vermouth. Vermouth can also be used as a base in many syrups, liqueurs, or with other modifiers.
  5. Try Local: Most of the precious gems are still unknown, so is the best vermouth. Never say no to vermouth from your local bars, some of the local vermouth versions are better than the globally best ones.
  6. For Cocktails: A good cocktail is a result of experiments. So the best way of experimenting with the cocktail is to make vermouth as its base spirit. Switch the conventional base spirit as modifiers and create a drink of your own!

How To Store Vermouth The Right Way?


People often misunderstand vermouth as liquor and store it the same way they do with liquor. But since vermouth is not liquor, there are some ways to store vermouth for prolonged shelf life.

  1. Close the lid tightly after you open a bottle of vermouth; otherwise, chances are high that it might get evaporated.
  2. After opening a vermouth bottle, keep it in a refrigerator. Otherwise, the wine in it might become too fermented, and the vermouth bottle might develop a vinegar-like taste.
  3. If a vermouth bottle is left unclosed, chances are high that it might lose its aroma. So one must keep in mind to close the lid after using vermouth.
  4. Even if you haven’t opened a bottle, try to use vermouth within 1 to 2 years of its purchase. Most of the vermouth available to us (even the top-notch ones) tend to lose flavor after a particular period. 

Health Benefits Of Vermouth


Vermouth was used as a medicine in the past. Later, people got hung up on its taste and started drinking it as a form of liquor. Ever since it was invented, it has been used to cure a lot of illnesses.

Even though the present-day vermouth doesn’t have as many health benefits as the old day one, there are still some good reasons to drink vermouth in moderation.

  1. Aids In Heart Health: Drinking wine in moderation aids in heart health. Hence it is safe to assume that vermouth can be good for the heart’s health. 
  1. Boosts Immunity: Due to the infusion of many herbs and spices, vermouth has many antioxidant properties. Hence it boosts the immune system.
  1. Boosts Digestion: Vermouth also aids in proper digestion, which has been used as an appetizer for a very long period. Vermouth helps in better digestion as well as absorption of food.

Even though there are many positives of vermouth, there are negative sides to it as well. Vermouth has good alcohol in it, and it is very addictive. Hence one should only have it in moderation.

Nutritional Content Of Vermouth


Vermouth is an alcoholic drink with a calorie of 45 kcal. Below is a table that helps you easily gaze through vermouth’s nutritional content. The nutritional content of vermouth changes according to the herbs and spices infused in it.

Sodium27 mg
Carbohydrates4 g
Fiber0 g
Sugar0. 3 g
Protein 0
Calcium205 mg


Vermouth is a rounder drink. It has a sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. However, the aroma of this drink will surely surpass the flavor it offers. Whether you want to have a stand-alone drink or an addition to your cocktails, vermouth is the perfect one. 

You can either go for a sweet or dry version of vermouth depending upon your taste palate. If you are trying vermouth for the first time trying vermouth, tell us in the comment section how much you enjoyed it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is vermouth supposed to taste like?

Vermouth has a light sweetness and bitter taste with a hint of spiciness.

Can I drink vermouth straight?

Yes. Vermouth only has a small amount of alcohol in it and is very flavorful. Hence, one can consume vermouth directly.

Will vermouth get you drunk?

Vermouth isn’t strong enough to get you drunk. However, if you are not an avid drinker then it might get you drunk.

Is vermouth like gin?

Yes.  Just like gin, vermouth has been made by infusing many spices and herbs in wine.

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