What Does Spam Taste Like? All 14 Varieties & Flavors

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Spam is basically a brand of canned meat made out of ham and pork. It is pre-cooked and can be consumed in various ways. The soldiers fighting in World War II got most of their protein from eating Spam. Spam has been a popular food item ever since.


If your dish is feeling a bit incomplete, put some Spam in it for more taste! Almost everyone who eats meat loves Spam. It is delicious and it comes in a can.

What does Spam taste like? Spam tastes like a salty ham lunchmeat with a moist and spongy texture. Many other flavors enhancing ingredients like bacon, turkey, cheese, and various spices are used in other different flavors of Spam.

Spam is not only delicious to eat but is also affordable. You can enjoy good meat by buying Spam without it burning a hole in your pocket. From sandwiches to mac & cheese, you can add Spam to anything and make it more delicious than it was originally.

So, now that you know a bit about Spam, it’s time to get spammed with important information about this meat. What does Spam taste like? What all nutrients does it contain? The answers to these questions and more are all provided further in this article! Happy reading!

What Is Spam and From Where It Came?


Spam might look a bit unappetizing or, as some people call it, “flat meat”, but it surely is delicious. Meat lovers can’t get enough of Spam and if you haven’t tried it, you need to get a taste of it as soon as possible!

Spam is a brand of cooked and canned meat. This meat is usually made of processed ham and ground pork. It is well mixed with seasonings and preservatives like sodium nitrite, salt, potato starch, water and sugar.

Jay C. Hormel founded Spam in 1937. He was the son of the founder of the Hormel company, George A. Hormel. Originally, he was looking for a way to sell the unused shoulder portions of hogs. Spam was initially sold to increase the consumption of pork shoulder as this cut of pork didn’t sell well.

Spam became popular when its demand increased among housewives. They wanted an affordable and quick-to-make meal that would require no effort to prepare.

Due to this reason, Spam became really popular during the Second World War. It is still highly consumed for all the protein it provides. During World War II, Spam was known by names like “Special Army Meat”, “ham that didn’t pass its physical,” and “meatloaf without basic training”.

Today, it is sold all around the globe, Spam is incredibly versatile and easy to use. 

Does Spam Taste Any Good?

If you’re wondering whether or not spam tastes good, well, let me tell you that it totally depends on your taste preferences. If you like salty and a bit spicy taste paired up with the flavor of ham, then spam is definitely going to taste good to you! Cooking it the right way and trying it with different food combinations can also do the trick for you!

Does Spam Taste Like Bacon?

Spam has a unique flavor but it can often taste like bacon when cooked the right way. Spam tastes like bacon’s crispy part but the only difference is that it is saltier than real bacon. You can mellow the saltiness of spam by pairing it up with other ingredients.

What Does Cooked Spam Taste Like?

Cooked spam tastes super delicious. With its salty and spicy taste, spam is best served hot. You can serve it with eggs, include it in a bowl of ramen, serve it with fried rice, etc. The possibilities are endless! Doesn’t matter how you serve it, you’re guaranteed to have a delicious time while eating some tasty cooked spam!

What Does Fried Spam Taste Like?

Fried spam has a savory taste. Fried bacon develops a taste and texture which is similar to crispy bacon. The distinguishable factor though is its saltiness and thickness. Making the perfect substitute for bacon, fried spam is a delicious treat. You can eat it all on its own or pair it up with another dish, it’s going to taste good either way!

What Does Raw Spam Taste Like?

Raw spam has a salty taste to it, with its base flavor of ham. As spam is already cooked and then stored in the can, it is fit for consumption straight out of the can and is absolutely delicious! You can also lay it down on sandwiches or sliders, etc. and have a quick tasty bite!

Does Spam Taste Like Sausage?

Spam tastes like sausage to an extent. It has a taste and texture similar to that of sausages. Being spongy and moist, spam greatly resembles sausage patties. Having various flavors, you can enjoy the taste of sausages paired with different ingredients.

Does Spam Taste Like Bologna?

Spam doesn’t taste like bologna. Although spam is similar to bologna in texture, the latter’s flavor and taste is a bit more mystifying than that of spam. Spam is made up of lesser ingredients than bologna is and when it comes to taste, it makes all the difference in the world. All in all, if you’re looking for a substitute for bologna, spam can turn out to be your worst bet.

What Does Spam Musubi Taste Like?

Spam musubi has a sweet and salty taste. Being a Hawaiian snack, spam musubi gets its tanginess and sweetness from pineapple and the heat from the wasabi. When combined with the saltiness of the spam, spam musubi becomes the perfect snack for you to get a taste of!

Taste Of 14 Different Varieties Of Spam

Variety in life is important. Be it the variety of flavor when it comes to ice cream or the variety in the types of cheese, it never fails to make things fun and interesting! That is why Spam also decided to roll out different variations with different tastes. Customers can choose among those types and use them to their liking!

According to Spam’s official website, there are a total of 14 varieties of Spam available for sale. These include:-

  1. Spam Classic
  2. Spam Lite
  3. Spam Less Sodium
  4. Spam With Real Hormel Bacon
  5. Spam Oven Roasted Turkey
  6. Spam Hickory Smoke
  7. Spam Hot And Spicy
  8. Spam Jalapeno
  9. Spam Teriyaki
  10. Spam With Portuguese Sausage Seasoning
  11. Spam With Tocino Seasoning
  12.  Spam Single Classic
  13.  Spam Single Lite
  14.  Spam Classic 7 oz

1. Spam Classic

Spam Classic

Spam classic has a salty taste. It has a taste similar to that of bacon but with a bit of salt.

Spam classic has a spongy and moist texture. It is somewhat similar to sausage in texture and is absolutely delicious. People usually refer to it as “salty ham lunchmeat.” This variety of Spam was the first one that the brand rolled out and has been there since 1937. Having a timeless taste, this variety of Spam tastes best when it’s fried!

2. Spam Lite

Spam Lite

Spam lite tastes just like Spam classic, but its nutritional content makes it special. It has the same salty taste as that of Spam classic.

Spam lite Contains all the goodness which can be found in Spam classic. The only thing it differs in is that it has 50% less fat, 25% less sodium, and 33% fewer calories. If you’re looking for a healthier version of Spam classic, then Spam lite is the best fit for you!

3. Spam Less Sodium

Spam Less Sodium

As the name suggests, Spam less sodium tastes less salty than the other varieties of Spam. 

Spam less sodium has lesser salt content than other varieties of Spam. That being said, it still has enough salt for you to not add more on the top. This variety of Spam can be eaten as a standalone snack as well due to its balanced taste. 

4. Spam With Real Hormel Bacon

Spam With Real Hormel Bacon

Spam with real Hormel bacon tastes just like bacon. It has all the attributes of delicious bacon, including the smell and taste.

Spam with real Hormel bacon contains the goodness of both Spam and bacon. It is easy to cook and doesn’t require as much effort as it takes to cook delicious bacon. Pair it up with some rice or eggs and have the most delicious time of your life!

5. Spam Oven Roasted Turkey

Spam Oven Roasted Turkey

Spam oven-roasted turkey has a savory and salty taste to it. This variety of spam is made out of turkey, hence, the name!

Spam oven-roasted turkey works best in sandwiches. It makes up for the best protein meat filling for not only sandwiches but for other dishes like eggs, rice, etc. So, the next time you visit your local supermarket, make sure to get a can of Spam oven-roasted turkey!

6. Spam Hickory Smoke

Spam Hickory Smoke

Spam hickory smoke has a smoky taste, and the pork used in it tastes a bit sweet. No matter what dish you eat it with, it provides a kick to the overall flavor of the dish.

Spam hickory smoke is a great option for you if you want to have it as a standalone snack. It can be eaten straight out of the can and it is so delicious that you won’t be able to control yourself at all. It has that nice hickory flavor to it and tastes really good if you fry it. Serve it along with some rice, cheese, or eggs and see what magic it does for your taste buds!

7. Spam Hot And Spicy

Spam Hot And Spicy

Spam hot and spicy is spicy in taste. Loaded with spice, you can also taste a bit of heat after taking a bite. 

Spam, hot and spicy can be relished by you, hot or cold, whichever way you prefer. With the addition of paprika, the flavor of Spam hot and spicy is undoubtedly elevated than the usual slice of Spam.

8. Spam Jalapeno

Spam Jalapeno

Spam jalapeno is zesty and spicy in taste. The jalapenos, when combined with the classic spam, make up for the most delicious meal you’ll ever come across!

Spam jalapeno is the perfect blend of sweetness and heat. A perfect delight for your taste buds, some claim this variety of Spam to taste like “spicy queso dip”. So, if you love jalapenos and want to try something new, Spam jalapeno is your way to go!

9. Spam Teriyaki

Spam Teriyaki

Spam teriyaki has the bold taste of teriyaki and is incredibly delicious! It has a sweet taste to it and when combined with the meat in the Spam, it immediately teleports you to food heaven!

Spam teriyaki tastes best when used to make Spam musubi. It is saucy and tastes delicious when hot. Some people call it a “flavor bomb,” and honestly, you’ll agree as well once you try it!

10. Spam with Portuguese Sausage Seasoning

Spam With Portuguese Sausage Seasoning

Spam with Portuguese sausage seasoning tastes just like an original Portuguese sausage. It also contains the heat of paprika and is absolutely delectable!

Spam with Portuguese sausage seasoning is one of those foods which uplift the whole dish just by being delicious. It is a great flavor enhancer and works the best if you cut it into cubes and throw it in a dish of rice or eggs. You should have it in smaller amounts as it has a strong flavor that can intimidate you. Overall, you’ll have a pretty good time if you choose this type of Spam!

11. Spam With Tocino Seasoning

Spam With Tocino Seasoning

Spam with tocino seasoning has a nice sweet meaty taste to it. This variety of Spam is inspired by the love the brand received from the Philippines.

Spam with tocino seasoning tastes like sweet bacon. Tocino in Spanish means bacon, so it’s only obvious that this particular variety of Spam would taste like bacon. Perfect to pair up with your usual breakfast meal, Spam with tocino seasoning will make you want more once you try it!

12. Spam Single Classic

Spam Single Classic

Spam single classic tastes just like the original Spam classic but is already sliced and cooked. These can be eaten on the go.

Spam single classic is perfect for days you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to make breakfast. Grab a pack of Spam single classic and all your hunger needs will be satisfied. This variety of Spam also makes up for the perfect sandwich filling.

13. Spam Single Lite

Spam Single Lite

Spam single lite has the same taste as the original Spam classic but with more nutritional benefits, just like the original Spam lite.

Spam single lite is perfect for you if you’re always in search of a snack containing low-fat values. It can be eaten on the go and has 50% less fat, 25% less sodium and 33% fewer calories than the original Spam classic. Solving all your healthy snack problems, Spam single lite is here to save the day!

14. Spam Classic 7 Oz

Spam Classic 7 oz

Spam classic 7 oz tastes just like the original Spam classic, with ground pork, processed ham and salt.

Spam classic 7 oz is perfect for when you need the goodness of Spam in small quantities. It is available for customers in smaller cans than the original ones and is convenient for people to use. 

How Can You Use Spam?

Spam Sandwich

Spam is not just delicious in taste but is also really convenient when it comes to using it. You can eat Spam straight out of the can, fry it, etc. Spam can be used and enjoyed with basically anything and everything.

Spam is a versatile kind of meat. It is affordable and its taste makes it a must-have for your pantry. It can be used as a substitute for beef, as a topping for most dishes, as a filling for sandwiches, as an ingredient in salads, etc. Bake it, fry it, grill it, eat it cold, etc.; it all depends on how you would like to eat it!

Spam works well for breakfast meals and even when you’re in need of a quick snack. Be it layering it up on your favorite burger or using it to make some sushi, and you will never be disappointed when it comes to using Spam! 

How To Preserve Spam The Right Way?

  1. Refrigerate It – Refrigerating spam after opening it might be one of the best ways to preserve it or keep it from going bad. To do it the right way, you need to separate each slice of spam and wrap each of them up in foil or cling wrap. After doing that, place the wrapped slices in an airtight container and refrigerate it. This will keep the spam moist and flavorful for upto 3-5 days.
  1. Freeze It – The best way to store spam by freezing it is to thinly slice it and place them separately on a baking sheet. Place the slices in such a way so as they don’t stick to each other. Place the spam containing baking sheet into the freezer for a few hours, so that the spam is frozen completely. wrap each of the slices in foil or cling wrap, keep them in an airtight container and freeze it. The spam will be good for 6 months.

Some Popular Recipes Featuring Spam

Although spam is easy to use and incorporate in your meals, you might be wondering about all the delicious ways you can switch up your usual bite of spam. Well, don’t worry, I’ve got your back in this one. Given below are three of the best recipes you can refer to make your spam a bit more interesting and tastier than it already is!

1. Spam Hawaiian Skillet

To cook up a delicious spam Hawaiian skillet, all you need to do is take a large skillet and put it over medium heat. Now using that skillet, cook your preferred portion of spam along with some pineapple, bacon, mango, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic powder and salt for about 6-8 minutes.

Make sure everything in the skillet is golden brown. Once done, serve this dish with some rice and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

2. Spam Classic One Skillet Mac and Cheese

If mac and cheese is your comfort food, then you’re going to love the idea of adding spam to it. The spam classic one skillet mac and cheese is easy to make and super delicious.

To make this delicious dish, heat up the broiler to a high temperature. Take a broiler skillet, heat it up on medium-high heat and cook spam for about 3 minutes in it, until it turns slightly brown. Once done, put the spam aside and add milk and macaroni into the skillet. Simmer it down for a while and cook the macaroni and milk for a few minutes while stirring it continuously.

Once the macaroni becomes tender and the mixture of milk and macaroni has thickened, turn off the heat or remove it from the heat. Add in some cheese, mustard, butter, cayenne pepper, salt and nutmeg along with our star ingredient, spam classic. Garnish with ingredients of your choice and it’ll be ready to eat!

3. Spam Classic Kimbap

If you’re someone who loves food rolls, then spam kimbap is just the recipe you need! All you need to do is put a sheet of nori on the surface of a wok. Spread some rice over the nori, while leaving some empty space at one of its ends.

On top of the rice, add strips of spam classic, cucumber, carrots, spinach, pickled radish and egg strips. Roll all the ingredients up and fasten the nori sheet with some water. Once done, slice the roll into pieces and enjoy with the sauce of your choice.

Nutritional Content Of Spam

Nowadays, it has become really important to know what you’re eating. By that, I mean it is important to know what nutrients are contained in the food you’re consuming. So, thinking about the same, it is important to know what nutrients Spam contains. Let’s take a look!

Spam has a high sodium content along with being high in calories and fat. Spam is also a rich source of protein and has several micronutrients. It contains rich amounts of vitamin B, magnesium, folate, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, etc.

Spam helps in improving cell growth along with helping maintain them. It also helps in DNA repair and healthy hormone production. As it contains a high amount of fat, which isn’t good in excessive amounts, Spam should be consumed in limited amounts.

NutrientsAmount (Portion Size 56g)
Calories180 kcal
Fat16 grams
Sodium790 milligrams
Cholesterol40 milligrams
Carbohydrates1 gram
Protein7 grams
Sugar0 gram
Iron0.4 milligram

Is Spam Healthy To Eat?

Spam Fries

With food directly affecting our health nowadays, the statement you are what you eat is true. Keeping this in mind, you should be careful what you’re feeding to yourself and whether it is healthy or not. So, this leads us to the question, is Spam healthy to eat?

Spam is not the healthiest of food items. It is made using highly processed meat, which isn’t good for your heart and blood sugar. Spam has high sodium content, which develops the risk of high blood pressure.

Spam also has 16 grams of fat and can lead you to gain weight or become obese in some cases. 

Spam is a very convenient food item. It is easy to cook and can be stored for a long period of time without it going bad. It is also very versatile and delicious. Hence, it is easy to become a favorite of people. Since it contains high amounts of sodium, fat, and preservatives and is made out of processed meat, it is not a healthy food choice.

Thus, Spam should be consumed in moderate amounts. Consuming it in high amounts can lead you to develop several health problems and can affect your quality of life. Instead, you can go for other sources of protein that aren’t processed and are healthier, like eggs, meat, seafood, etc.


Spam is a brand of canned and cooked meat. It is made out of ground pork and processed meat along with the addition of salt, sodium nitrite, water, potato starch, etc. Spam has a salty and savory taste to it. It is available in 14 different varieties and each variety is as delicious as the next one.

Spam can be consumed either straight out of the can, or you can grill it, bake it, fry it, etc. It is rich in protein, fat, and sodium and has several micronutrients as well. Spam shouldn’t be consumed in excessive amounts as that could lead you to develop several health problems. So, the next time you feel like getting some Spam, keep all of the above information in mind!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spam?

Spam is a brand of canned and cooked meat. It is made out of processed ham and ground pork.

When did Spam gain popularity?

Spam became a popular food item after World War II as it was served to soldiers as a source of protein.

What does Spam taste like?

Spam has a salty and savory taste to it. Its taste varies among its several varieties and ranges from salty to spicy.

What are the different names by which Spam is known?

Spam is known by several names. Some of them are “Special Army Meat”, “ham that didn’t pass its physical,” and “meatloaf without basic training”.

What portion of pork is Spam made of?

Spam is made using pork shoulder.

What are the different varieties of Spam?

The 14 different varieties of Spam include Spam classic, Spam lite, Spam less sodium, Spam with real Hormel bacon, Spam oven-roasted turkey, Spam hickory smoke, Spam hot and spicy, Spam jalapeno, Spam teriyaki, Spam with Portuguese sausage seasoning, Spam with tocino seasoning, Spam single classic, Spam single lite and Spam classic 7 oz.

How can you use Spam?

You can use Spam however you like. You can use it as sandwich fillings or in sushi. Spam also makes up for a good breakfast snack and works well when paired with eggs, rice, cheese, etc.

What nutrients does Spam contain?

Spam contains high amounts of sodium. It also contains protein, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin B, zinc, folate, etc.

Is Spam considered a healthy food item?

Spam isn’t exactly considered a healthy food item. This is because it is made of highly processed meat, has a high sodium content, contains preservatives and also has a high-fat content.

Does Spam taste similar to bacon?

Spam tastes similar to crispy and salty bacon when cooked to perfection.

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