What Does Soy Milk Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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Many people are adopting the idea of veganism, and some of us are lactose intolerant. If you are searching for a good milk alternative, try soy milk! You must have heard a lot about soy milk and its benefits, but what does soy milk taste like? Is it any good? If you are curious to know all these things, keep reading!

Soy Milk

Soy milk has a very mild flavor profile. It is sweet to taste and has a bean flavor to it. It is a little creamy in texture. Soy milk taste like regular milk but with a slight bean flavor.

Soya milk is obtained from soybeans and is a plant-based product. Not only does it taste good, but it carries a lot of nutrients. Therefore, even if you are a dairy-tolerant person, you can include soy milk in your daily diet.

Soy milk is an amazing alternative to regular milk. But this is an underrated product. Hence, this whole article is dedicated to soy milk. We will discuss soy milk, taste, health benefits, and more.

What Is Soy Milk?

Soy Milk

Even though soy milk has milk in its name, it has nothing to do with animals. Soy milk is a completely plant-based, dairy-free product obtained from soybeans.

Soy milk is produced from the soaking and grinding of soybeans. Then the mixture is boiled and seeped out to get the milk. This then goes for further processing.

Often vegetable oil and thickeners are added to keep the taste and consistency of the milk. Nowadays, factories also include proteins and vitamins in soy milk to make it more nutritionally dense.

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What Does Soy Milk Taste Like?

Soy Milk

Soy milk is one of the most reliable and nutritious alternatives to cow’s milk. But soy milk is obtained from soybeans, and it’s hard for us to imagine its taste similar to that of milk.

Soy milk tastes similar to cow’s milk but with a soybean flavor. It has a sweet taste with a bean aroma. It has a thick consistency and adds a creamy flavor to the dish.

Even though the base taste of soy milk is the same, its flavor varies from one brand to another. While some brands keep the soybean flavor, others mask it with other ingredients. 

Does Soy Milk Have A Weird Taste?

Soy Milk

When we think about soy milk, we might think of its taste as weird. However, that is a huge misconception about soy milk. Soy milk has a very good taste to it.

It is slightly sweet and has a mild bean taste to it. Not only that, but soy milk is now available in various flavors and brands. So, if you don’t like the taste of one brand’s soy milk, try another brand’s.

Does Soy Milk Taste Like Vanilla?


The vanilla flavor is a favorite flavor for a lot of people. If soy milk tastes like vanilla, one can buy soy milk without a second thought. But does it actually taste like those vanilla beans?

Unadulterated soy milk has a mild taste. It is slightly sweet with a hint of bean taste. Some soy milk tastes like vanilla because they are vanilla flavored. This is one of the most popular variants among the many variants of soy milk.

Nowadays, soy milk offers us a lot of variants. If you hate the original taste of soy milk, you can definitely try the flavored ones, which come in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and much more.

Soy Milk Vs. Almond Milk | Which Taste Better?

Almond Milk

If you plan to adopt non-dairy milk into your diet, the first two names that will pop into your mind are soy milk and almond milk. Both of them are plant-based and are widely available on the market. So which one should you choose?

Almond milk, similar to soy milk, has a mild flavor and a nutty fragrance. It has a mild sweet taste mingled with the taste of almonds. Its texture is way thinner than that of soymilk.

When it comes to drinking, many people prefer almond milk over soy milk. This is because of the fact that its taste is much more likable and milder than that of soy milk’s plain taste. 

However, when it comes to adding to dishes, soy milk is preferred as it has a thick texture and a bold flavor profile. Nowadays, both of them are available for different tastes, so you can choose according to your flavor profile.

Is Soy Milk Supposed To Be Sweet?

Soy Milk

Soya milk, in its basic form, does have a sweet taste to it. It has a very mild taste and is very pleasant to taste. Hence, we can say that all versions of soy milk will have a sweet taste.

However, some variants of soy milk that are available on the market have added sugar in them. They are really sweet in nature and taste almost like a soft drink. They do contain a good amount of sugar and aren’t as healthy as regular soy milk.

Is Soya Milk Sweeter Than Regular Milk?

Soy Milk

Most of us have started to use soy milk, either because we have to eliminate dairy products or because we are lactose intolerant. But we all grew up drinking milk, so we are used to its taste.

 Its sweet taste and warm aroma in a bowl of cereals are still comforting foods for many of us. But can soya milk replace regular milk with its taste? Which one is better?

When it comes to taste, soy milk is way too sweeter than cow’s milk. As we all know, soy milk is obtained from soybeans and will carry a mild sweetness reflected in the milk.

Even though cow’s milk has a hint of sweetness, it is not too evident. Hence, if you are someone with a sweet tooth, chances are high that you will love soy milk more than regular milk.

What Does Soya Milk Taste Like In Coffee?

Soy Milk

When we substitute milk with any other dairy-free drink, it affects the taste of our food in general. But when it comes to coffee, we become so affected as the overall taste does get affected.

Soya milk has a very mild taste to it. Hence, it won’t affect the taste of the coffee. Your soy milk coffee tastes just like your regular cup of coffee, only with a slight sweetness.

However, one has to be careful when adding soy milk to that coffee. If the soy milk is too cold or hot, there is always a chance of it curdling. Hence, to avoid this, make sure your soy milk is warm before adding it to the coffee powder.

Does Soya Milk Taste Bitter?

Soy Milk

Soy milk is supposed to taste sweet, but sometimes when we drink soy milk, we may find a bitter taste in it. What could be the possible reason for this bitter taste in soy milk?

Bacteria cause the bitterness of soy milk in soybeans. This bacteria releases a bitter flavor when it is exposed to air. This bacteria becomes more activated after blending.

Hence, always make sure to boil the soy milk after blending it. To prevent bacterial activity, you can also try warming the soybeans before soaking them. 

What Does Soya Milk Taste Like In Tea?

Soy Milk

We have often heard people talk about soy milk and its benefits. The above section also shows how well soy milk goes with coffee. So it is safe to assume that soya milk is also good with tea.

If you are more of a tea person than a coffee one, soya milk might not be something for you. Soy milk doesn’t taste particularly well with tea. The mild taste and nutty aroma aren’t something that goes with the overall tea flavor.

Moreover, unlike other non-dairy alternatives, it has a very thick consistency. Hence, the taste of tea isn’t as well reflected in the soy milk as that of coffee.

What Does Soya Milk Taste Like When It Goes Bad?

Soy Milk

Even though soy milk is a processed beverage, soy milk, like all other food products, gets spoiled. Hence, if you have a carton of soy milk in your fridge, look for these signs before drinking it.

Spoilt soy milk will have a bad taste to it. It will have an acidic taste with a curdled texture. Moreover, soy milk will have a bad rancid odor when gone bad. If either of these signs is present in your carton of soy milk, throw it out!

What Does Spoiled Soy Milk Taste Like?

Soy Milk

Soya milk isn’t something everyone is very much used to. Hence, even if the soya bean tastes a little off, people wouldn’t mind too much. We often get confused about whether it’s the actual taste of soy milk or not.

Spoiled soy milk has a really bad taste to it. It is slightly acidic with a rancid odor. Once it is spoiled, its color also changes a bit. It will have a light, curdled yellow texture.

Hence, if you have kept your pack of soy milk out for too long or your pack is nearing its expiry date, make sure to pour it into a bowl before drinking directly from the pack.

What Does Unsweetened Soya Milk Taste Like?

Soy Milk

This article has talked a lot about the varieties of soymilk. They are sweetened and have a vivid flavor. We can all assume that the variants taste good, but what about pure soy milk?

Soy milk in its original form has a sweet taste to it. Therefore, even an unsweetened version of soy milk will have a slightly sweet taste. Therefore, if you find your unsweetened soy milk a little sweet, do not worry.

Things To Look For When Buying Soy Milk?

Soy Milk

Nowadays, our market is flooded with different kinds of soy milk. It gives us an option to choose from, but it has made it difficult to pick the right one from the myriad options.

That is why we have made this section to help you choose the best soy milk available.

Say no to sugar: Not all of us, but most of us, choose soy milk over regular milk because we are concerned about our health. Soy milk, in general, has a light sweetness to it. Therefore, try to choose the variants that have zero added sugar in them.

Avoid thickeners: most soy milk available in stores is very thick by nature. They are extremely tasty and add a good amount of flavor to the food. However, the high thickness of soy milk is due to the addition of artificial thickeners. They are all chemicals; hence, if possible, look for less thick soy milk.

Choose the one with no or less carrageenan: Carrageenan is a thickener widely used in the soy milk industry. They are safe as thickeners. However, some people will have stomach issues with this ingredient.

Pick the one with the lowest sodium content: Often, a little salt is added to the beverages to enhance their sweetness. However, the sodium content increases when too many addicts have been added. Hence, always check the nutrient list behind the back before picking the best soy milk.

How To Store Soy Milk Properly?

Soy Milk

Many times, people store soy milk in the wrong way and cause it to spoil easily. Like any other milk, soy milk is prone to spoiling and should be taken care of effectively.

There are two varieties of soy milk available to us. The ones that should always be refrigerated and can be kept at room temperature. Make a note of which brand of soy milk you purchased.

The one that could be kept at room temperature will remain safe outside the fridge until it is unused. Once the seal is broken, they have a chance of coming into contact with the bacteria. Hence they should be refrigerated after opening.

The ones that should be kept in the fridge should be kept in the refrigerator after buying them. Once opened, soy milk will be good to use for up to 6 days from the day of its opening.

Homemade Vs. Store Bought | Which Taste Better?

Soy Milk

Soy milk is smooth, so we all can make it at home. It requires minimum ingredients like soya beans, water, and some patience. Start by soaking soya beans in water overnight and removing their skin as much as possible.

Blend the soaked cup of soybeans along with 4 cups of water. Blend it until the entire soybeans have been beautifully mixed. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth and collect the milk.

Heat the mixture once they are boiled and hold it up for twenty minutes. Once it is done, allow it to cool down a bit.

The homemade one is ready to use after it has cooled.

Compared to store-bought soy milk, homemade soy milk lacks flavor and consistency. Homemade soy milk will have a little more loose texture than store-bought milk.

Talking about the taste, the homemade will feel bland with a strong soybean flavor. The store-bought ones are better in taste. However, when it comes to health, there is nothing above homemade ones.

If you don’t like the taste of homemade soy milk, you can always improve it by adding some sugar, chocolate, or a drop of vanilla essence. You can always change its flavor according to your liking.

What Are The Best Way To Store Soy Milk?

Soy Milk

Soya milk needs to be preserved the same way as any other milk available on the market. Hence, if you are new to using soy milk, read this section to know how to store it properly.

Check the variant before buying: Some variants of soy milk have to be refrigerated even before opening. Hence, look at the variant you bought. (Whatever the variant, always keep them in the fridge)

Keep it away from direct light: Soy milk is prone to decay when exposed to direct light and heat. Hence, keep them in a cool place if you keep them outside the fridge.

Refrigerate it: To keep the soy milk fresh, it should be kept in the refrigerator right after opening it.

Keep the lid tight: In most cases, soy milk will start to decay once it comes in contact with the air. Hence, once you start using the pack, properly close its lid before keeping it in the fridge.

Freeze it: Soy milk is usually used within a span of three to seven days. However, if you have some extra soy milk and want to save it, you can freeze it. You can make ice cubes from them and use them wherever needed. 

Soya Milk Alternatives That Taste The Same

Soy Milk

So many people have been turning down milk that non-dairy products have become the order of the hour. Soy milk is one of the many alternatives to normal milk that we have encountered. 

But if we are out of soy milk, what should we do? In that case, we have to look for some alternatives. So in this section, let’s read about some of the best soy milk alternatives that taste almost like soy milk.

Almond Milk: Almond milk is obtained from ground almonds. They taste similar to soy milk but with a strong nutty flavor. Compared to soy milk, almond milk has a more watery consistency and can be used as a soy milk substitute in almost all dishes.

Rice Milk: As its name suggests, rice milk is obtained from white or brown rice. They have a very mild sweet flavor to them, similar to that of soy milk. However, rice milk also has a very thin consistency. 

In tea or coffee, rice milk isn’t as good as soy milk. However, rice milk has very few allergens in it. Therefore, even if you are allergic to nuts, gluten, and lactose, rice milk is the one for you.

Oat Milk: Another popular alternative to soy milk is oat milk. Oat milk is made from oats and water. Oat milk, like soy milk, has a very mild sweet taste. Once added to the dish, they produce a creamy flavor.

Hence, oat milk is excellent for tea, coffee, and cereal bowls. Moreover, oat milk also comes in different flavors, just like soy milk. Therefore, we can pick the one according to our flavor profile.

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk is obtained from the white flesh of coconut and water. It is rich and creamy and has a very bold flavor. It is pleasantly sweet with a slight coconut fragrance. They can be used in making curries and smoothie bowls.

However, coconut milk has a very high-calorie content compared to all other alternatives above.

Cashew Milk: Cashew milk is made from cashews and water. It has a thin, watery consistency and a light sweetness to it. The cashew milk will have a nutty flavor similar to almond milk. Cashew milk is extremely healthy and can be used as a soy milk alternative in many dishes.

Health Benefits Of Soy Milk

Soy Milk

Soy milk is known to be a popular alternative to cow’s milk. But even if you are lactose intolerant, soy milk is something we all need to include in our daily diet owing to its health benefits.

  1. Helps to maintain a healthy nervous system: it contains a good amount of vitamin B, which is known to strengthen the nervous system.
  2. Aids in brain health: Soy milk is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid is known as brain food. Omega 3 fatty acid is mostly found in fish, and soy milk is one of the few plant-based foods you can consume to obtain this nutrient. So, if you are a vegetarian, make sure to include soy milk in your diet.
  3. Lower blood pressure: Soy milk is a good source of potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure and maintain the pulse rate. Hence, it helps in maintaining overall good heart health.

Nutritional Content Of Soy Milk

Soy Milk

Now that we have come a long way talking about soya milk and its different uses, we are clear on the fact that soy milk is extremely nutritious. But what nutrients are there in soy milk? 

Given below is a table that includes the nutritional content of soy milk. Nowadays, brands are also adding nutrients and minerals to their soy milk. Hence the accuracy might change from one brand to another.

Nutritional Content Amount (1 cup)
Calories80 kcal
Fat4 g
Fibers2 g
Carbohydrates3 g
Sugar1 g
Protein7 g


Soy milk is an excellent food that needs to be added to your daily diet. It is not just healthy but also has a very pleasant flavor. It is mild and creamy and adds a subtle sweetness to your food.

Even if you aren’t looking for a milk alternative, give it a try for soy milk for its nutritional benefits. If you have tried it yet, let us know how much you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How would you describe soy milk?

Soy milk is a plant-derived beverage that is often used as an alternative to milk.

Why is soy milk no longer popular?

When soy milk was introduced, it was the only alternative to milk. But now we have a lot more milk alternatives in the market.

Which is healthier: soy or almond milk?

Soy milk has more nutrients than almond milk, hence it is healthier than almond milk.

Does soy milk make you gain weight?

Soy milk has very low calories and fat content and wouldn’t make you gain any weight.

Who should not drink soy milk?

Soy milk doesn’t have any side effects of its own. However, if you are allergic to soybeans or gluten in general, you shouldn’t drink soy milk.

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