What Does Oat Milk Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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Did you just walk into a coffee shop to find out oat milk is an option for your next beverage? Welcome the trendiest and the newest addition on the block that is an alternative for all you vegans out there. But hang on! Do you know what oat milk tastes like?

oat milk

Oat milk has a mild and nutty taste that has been making an addition to many recipes. So, if you enjoy the flavors of rolled oats in your breakfast, you are surely going to like this ingredient. 

Wondering what oat milk is made of? Simply put, oat milk is a liquid base left behind after blending rolled oats and water together. As compared to other forms of milk, oat milk is a vegan-friendly and a lactose-free alternative to cow’s milk.

It’s not only a delicious alternative for your beverages, but it also makes for a nutritious option, one that is rich in protein and contains a number of nutrients. The oat milk market was valued at 372.5 million dollars in 2019, and according to its increased market demand, it’s expected to reach 698.8 million by 2027.

If you have landed on this article, chances are this ingredient is new to you. So, let’s wait no more and figure out what oat milk tastes like, its uses, nutrition benefits, and flavors.

What is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is plant milk derived from whole oat grains by blending with water.  It has a mild oatmeal-like flavor, a creamy texture, and is manufactured in various flavors.

Oat milk is a great option for people with dietary restrictions and food sensitivities as it is free of lactose, dairy, soy, and nuts. The creamy texture of oat milk has made it a favorite ingredient in the latte-making businesses. In addition, its nutritional profile has been winning points by all.

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What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?


While this wholesome dairy-free product is already tempting you with the information above, this section will help you know more about its taste. And of course, we will further explore the options for its uses.

Oat milk has a unique sweet, nutty taste. Although it is quite similar to cow milk in consistency, it’s natural to expect a slight oat flavor in the taste. You can also taste a bit of earthiness when heating it.

In terms of texture, oat milk is smoother and richer than cow’s milk and thus is loved by coffee connoisseurs.

However, both the flavor and texture of oat milk vary from brand to brand. It comes in both sugar-free and low-fat varieties and other flavors. Oat milk is one of the best alternatives for people who are vegan and lactose intolerant.

Is Oat Milk Better Tasting Than Almond Milk? 

The debate over oat milk and almond milk has been never-ending since both milk varieties are highly nutritious and are dairy-free, plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk. However, there certainly lies a difference in taste.

Almond milk has a slightly nutty taste and a watery texture, while oat milk has a naturally sweet taste and creamy texture. But both these plant-based alternatives can be used as a replacement for dairy milk in a 1:1 ratio.

Why Is Oat Milk So Sweet?

Different types of milk have different properties. While some have an aftertaste resembling the plants they came from, other kinds of milk have their taste depending on how the milk was made. 

Oat milk comes in the second category. It can absolutely taste sweeter than you could expect. Oat milk is naturally sweet flavored milk. This sweetness is determined by how the oats are handled during the milking process. But many brands also add extra sugar to oat milk that adds to their sweetness. 

Why Does My Oat Milk Taste Sour? 

It’s uncommon for non-dairy milk alternatives to smell sour. However, if that happens, it’s a clear sign of spoilage. Oat milk comes with a shelf life when opened. If oat milk is kept open for more than five days and not refrigerated properly, it can taste sour.

Does Oat Milk Taste Like Cinnamon?

Oat milk has sweet and oat-like aftertaste than not even close to cinnamon flavor. But, cinnamon-flavored oat milk can taste like cinnamon. So, if you want cinnamon flavor in oat milk, prefer cinnamon-flavored oat milk than regular oat milk.

Does Oat Milk Have An Aftertaste? 

Much like other milk varieties, oat milk has a smooth flavor and a mild sweet oat-like aftertaste. It tastes delicious, nutty, and sweet. In terms of its aroma, oat milk smells like fresh ground oats.

Does Oat Milk Taste Creamy? 

Oat milk is thicker in nature as compared to other non-dairy milk. The reason for its creaminess is credited to the water retention during its processing. 

During its soaking process, oats retain more water than nuts or rice. As a result, more of the fiber and protein-rich grain is strained out, which is incorporated into the final product. This results in a creamier texture and taste of oat milk.

Does Oat Milk Taste Like Milk?

Whole Milk 2

Oat milk is an entirely different type of milk compared to regular cow’s milk. It not only differs in its taste but also in its texture too. In comparison to cow’s milk, oat milk has a slightly nutty and sweet taste. It also comes with a thicker and creamier viscosity.

Does Oat Milk Taste Good In Coffee? 

The creamy nature of oat milk makes it a perfect base for coffee. That’s the reason it has gained impressive popularity among baristas. Those who’ve never tried oat milk in their coffee will be surprised to see the results. Firstly, oat milk is free from most allergens such as lactose, soya, and nuts, which makes it an easy fit for milk-based beverages. Secondly, oat milk tends to have a thick texture and a creamy mouthfeel than other alternative milk.

In terms of its taste profile, oat milk has a more nuanced flavor but isn’t overpowering. When oat milk interacts with coffee, it creates a perfect balance between the sweetness of oat milk and the fruity characteristics of coffees. However, it can contain significantly more sugars and calories.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like In Cereal? 

Original oat milk

Thanks to the oat-like flavor of this dairy-free milk, oat milk compliments the taste of a bowl of cereal just like in other beverages. It is a creamy, lightly flavored addition to coffee, tea, cereal, or a homemade smoothie. 

According to studies, oat milk contains added fiber, which may make it more filling than other alternative kinds of milk.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like In Hot Chocolate? 

If you are a fan of hot chocolate and haven’t tried oat milk in it, then you are missing out on some really delicious stuff. Oat milk hot chocolate is the best vegan option you must try. 

Oat milk, with its mild flavor, compliments the taste of chocolate well and gives a well-rounded chocolatey taste. Additionally, it also lends a creamier texture to hot chocolate as compared to other milk alternatives.

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like In Tea?  

Oat milk has become a favorite dairy-free drink to add to coffee or tea because it does not curdle like most other nut kinds of milk. It also provides more body to beverages due to its thick consistency. 

Due to the above reasons and owing to its natural and sweet taste, oat milk has passed its test as a good choice for tea. When you heat the milk, it provides a slight earthiness to it. 

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like When Bad?

Any food item can go bad before its expiration date due to a wrong storage system. There are quite a few indicators that can tell the health of your oat milk. 

  1. The texture – If your oat milk is thick or slimy, and is difficult to pour, then it has surely gone bad.
  2. Color – If your oat milk isn’t creamy white and, of course, not a flavored one, then a change in color will indicate that it has gone bad.
  3. Smell- Like any other food item, if your oat milk smells sour or bad, then that’s a clear sign of spoilage.
  4. Taste– A change in its taste is one of the main signs of spoilage. If your oat milk tastes sour, it is a clear sign that your pack of milk has gone bad.

7 Best Oat Milk Brands You Should Try 

vanilla oat milk

Just like different types of milk come in different brands and flavors, oat milk also comes with a few distinct flavors. This section will tell you more about the types of oat milk available in the market and their textures.

However, oat milk categories are not straightforward. Different brands offer different varieties like:

  • Full fat
  • Less fat
  • Original
  • Plain
  • Sweetened
  • Unsweetened

 Let’s take a look at some of the best oat milk brands.

Oat Milk BrandsTaste Profile
OATLY!Mild and creamy 
Chobani’s Extra Creamy Plain Oat MilkMild and extra creamy
Califia FarmsStrong oats flavor
Planet Oat MilkNon-bitter and mildly oat-like flavor
Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy OatPleasant oats taste
Forager Oat MilkCreamy, subtly sweet
simply oat MilkSweet with a hint of vanilla
ElmhurstLight oat flavor

How To Make Oat Milk At Home?

Oat milk is simply made by blending together rolled oats and water and then using the strained liquid, leaving the pulp behind. Follow the recipe below to make oat milk at home.

1.To make oat milk, you can add 1 cup rolled oats + 4 cups water to a blender and then, blend on high speed for 45 seconds. 

2. Once done, you can strain it through a clean towel.

3.Avoid over-blending oat milk as it gives a slimy texture.

How To Check If Oat Milk Is Fresh? 

While purchasing oat milk, it is always good to look at its nutritional content and ingredients to be sure of its health benefits. Every brand comes with a different texture and taste. Some brands also add oil, stabilizers, or gums to ensure its consistency. A purer ingredient list is always the best and the healthiest option to choose. Also, check the label if you are allergic or gluten intolerant.

Coming to its freshness, when buying or using oat milk, check for the factors below:

  1. Examine the oat milk carton for the expiry date.
  2. The pack should not be inflated.
  3. Once opened, the hue of fresh oat milk is creamy, light brown, or cream-like. 
  4. The taste of oat milk should be mild and not sour.
  5.  Its consistency should be smooth and flowing.

What are the uses of oat milk?

With its sweet and nutty taste, oat milk makes for a great ingredient in several recipes. While it’s delicious alone, oat milk can be used in baked products, puddings, smoothies, beverages, sauces, and as a base for your breakfast cereals.

Apart from these options, oat milk can also be swapped for regular milk in savory dishes. You can use oat milk to add a touch of creaminess to soups like cream of mushroom, or you can also mix it into mashed potatoes for a rich side dish. 

Health Benefits Of Oat Milk

Oat Milk

Over the years, oat milk has emerged as a lactose-free, vegan alternative to cow’s and goat’s milk that is high in protein and low in fat. Many brands also enrich it with calcium and vitamin D. Find more details on the benefits of oat milk below.

  1. Dairy-free- Oat milk is an excellent choice for the lactose intolerant population as it is plant-derived milk.
  2. High in Fiber- In comparison to cow’s milk, oat milk has twice the dietary fiber that provides healthy gut and digestive functions. The presence of beta-glucan, a soluble fiber, also helps strengthen the immune system.
  3. Cholesterol Free- Oat milk contains zero cholesterol; regular consumption may even lower bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood.
  4. Regulates Blood sugar- Beta-glucan also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in the gut. This provides a slower and steadier supply of sugar into the bloodstream. 
  5. Strengthen Bones- Oat milk includes minerals like potassium, magnesium, and zinc, which are all important for the strengthening and formation of healthy bones.

Nutritional Benefits Of Oat Milk


Oat milk is rich in nutrients, packed full of fiber and plant-based protein. It is generally a great source of calcium, and most brands also fortify their versions with added nutrients such as vitamins A, B, B-12, and D.

This dairy-free milk alternative is the best option for people who are allergic to or intolerant of dairy and who follow a plant-based or vegan diet. It is also a great food for skin, hair, and bone health.

Let’s take a look at its nutritional chart.

NutrientsAmount Per Cup (240 ml) of Unsweetened Oat Milk
Calories 120
Protein3 g
Fat5 g
Carbohydrates16 g
Fiber2 g
Vitamin B1250% RDI
Riboflavin46% RDI
Calcium27% RDI
Phosphorus22% RDI
Vitamin D18% RDI
Vitamin A18% RDI
Potassium6% RDI
Iron2% RDI


With all that information you have read above, one thing is clear oat milk is the best option for a vegan diet and lactose-intolerant folks. However, with its many health benefits, this drink also makes a great non-dairy option for people in general.

And the most fun part about oat milk is that you also have the ease to make it at home. Not only is its taste, but the texture of this drink is also so smooth that it makes for a great addition to many recipes.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Is oat milk gluten-free?

Certified gluten-free oats make oat milk gluten-free.

How long does oat milk last?

Oat milk lasts for about five days when it’s well sealed in the refrigerator. You’ll know it’s gone bad when it smells funny, and its texture changes.

Is it cheaper to make your own oat milk?

Yes, homemade oat milk is significantly cheaper.

Is oat milk good for weight loss?

Yes, oat milk is really good for weight loss as it’s a low-fat, low-sugar, and low-calorie beverage.

Can I use oat milk in baking?

Oat milk is a good choice for baking as it replicates the flavor and viscosity of cow’s milk more closely than almond or soy milk.

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