What Does Lychee Taste Like? A Detailed Answer

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If you like to wander through the fruit section of supermarkets, you must have encountered this fruit. Lychees are small, almost round, and red. It is good enough to make you pick it up. However, if you are wondering what lychee tastes like, then read this article to find out all about it.


Lychee has a sweet flavor with a faint acidic undertone. You could taste a blast of flavors in your mouth after biting into it. It has a fruity-floral scent in addition to being tasty. Its mouthfeel is nearly strawberry-like. However, depending on the variation you obtain, the flavor may differ.

With its delicious flavor and luring aroma, lychee could be a perfect addition to almost all of your meals. You can eat it as it is, or you can just add some to your salads, or if you want, you can just add some to your favorite drinks.

Now that you have a fair idea of the fruit, I’m sure you must be excited to read more about it. This article will discuss the lychee fruit’s taste, varieties, health benefits, and much more. So let’s start.

What Is Lychee?


Lychee is a very versatile fruit. Lychee is unparalleled in taste and aroma. Having lychee is an experience on its own. If you are looking for a reason to try something new, try lychee fruit.

A member of the soapberry family, lychee is a native of China. It is commonly spelled as litchi or lychee. Rambutan and longan, which look similar to lychee, belong to the same family.

Typically crimson in hue, they have a simple peel off the skin. Lychee is an aromatic, fleshy fruit with a grapefruit-like texture inside. Additionally, lychees contain a large seed that is encased in flesh. 

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What Does Lychee Taste Like?


Well, next time you go to a supermarket, take an extra-large fruit bag because after reading this, you’ll definitely want to try some lychees because you may not love them, but you’ll like them!

Lychee has a sweet flavor with a tart undertone. Lychees are quite juicy. The fruity-floral aroma will touch your nose when you first bite into it, even before the flavor.

It nearly has a berry-like feel and is quite tasty. Simply peel the grapefruit’s skin to reveal the lychee’s inside texture. Additionally, lychees have a medium-sized seed that needs to be removed before eating.

Is Lychee Sweet Or Sour? Does It Have A Good Flavor?


Lychee has a sweet taste to it. Some lychees might have a tart undertone. However, if the lychee is perfectly ripened, you may not even feel the little sour taste. Overall, lychee has a very refreshing as well as delicious flavor to it.

What Does Lychee Boba Taste Like?


Boba tea in itself is an exciting drink to have. But when it comes to lychee boba, I think this delicious drink is an experience on its own. Lychee boba is a unique combination of lychee, milk, and bubbles.

It is a sweet and fragrant drink with a smooth texture and the sweetness and tartness of lychee. For making the best lychee boba, always choose ripened lychees and fresh milk!

What Does Lychee Jelly Taste Like? 

Lychee Jelly

Lychee jelly is one of the most famous products made from lychee fruit. Even if you haven’t had the chance to taste a lychee fruit, chances are high that you might have had lychee jelly at least once.

But if you never had the chance to taste lychee jelly, this section is for you. Lychee jelly has a sweet taste with a slight acidic undertone that is very similar to the original lychee fruit.

It has a jiggly very jelly-like texture. Lychee jelly mimics not only the taste of lychee but also its smell. If you want a lychee fruit substitute at some point or other, lychee jelly is the ideal one to try out.

9 Types Of Lychee and Their Taste


Well, now that we have talked all about lychee and its taste, let me introduce you to different varieties of lychee. When I said lychee, I meant all of them. 

Even though they are all from the same lychee family, they have each got a personality of their own. So this section is dedicated to meeting each of them personally and getting to know them a little deeper! This session is here because next time you see a variety of lychee, you can recognize it (and buy it).

There are 9 different types of lychee. They are mentioned in the table below.

Lychee VarietiesTaste & Characteristics
Hak Ip LycheeSweet with a tart undertone
Bengal LycheeVery juicy and sweet with a tart undertone.
Brewster LycheeSweet
Sweet Cliff LycheeSweet and small in size
Emperor LycheeSweet and largest in size
Kaimana LycheeSweet with heart-shaped stricture
No Mai Tsze LycheeExtremely sweet but small in size
Mauritius LycheeSweet and most available variety
Sweetheart LycheesBland taste but most juicy of all.

How To Eat Lychee Properly?


Now that we have talked so much about lychee, you must want to eat it. But if you are someone who never had lychee, you could be confused about how to eat this juicy fruit rightly.

  1. The first step is to find the perfectly ripened lychee. Just squeeze the lychee; if the lychee is squeezable with a smooth outer covering. It is the sign of perfectly ripened lychee.
  2. Peel the skin of lychee from the top. Tear it halfway. You can either use your hands or a knife to open the lychee. Once you are halfway opening, squeeze from the other part, and lychee will easily come out.
  3. Once you get the fruit, tear open the fruit and remove the seed.
  4. Eat it as it is, or make any lychee dish of your choice.

How To Find The Best Lychee At Stores?


Now that I have convinced you enough, I feel my responsibility to get you the best lychee out there. This section is a must-read if you plan to get the lychee from a store.

  • Look for ripe lychee. Check its outer cover; if it’s dark red or pinkish-red, pick them up
  • Do not pick lychees that have discoloration on them. There is a high percent chance they are bad.
  • Pick lychee that is comparatively bigger.
  • Try to purchase them in the months of May to September as it is their natural ripening period.

How To Check If Lychee Is Ripe?


When I said sweet, juicy, and delicious, I was referring to ripe lychees. To get the best taste out of lychee, finding the perfect ripened ones is very important. Well, how to choose the perfect ones? Just follow these instructions.

  1. Check its color:- Ripe lychees would have a red, pinkish hue as their outer color. If you are picking them from a tree, keep in mind that they won’t continue ripening once they are plucked. Hence always choose the right ones.
  2. Check the outer surface:– Lychees have a bumpy outer covering. However, once they are fully ripened, these bumps will little get flattened. 
  3. Press them:- Slightly press them; if they are ripe, you will be easily able to press them. However, if it just cracks open just like that means it is over-ripened.

How To Preserve Lychee At Home For Best Taste?


Whenever we get some fresh fruits, especially exotic ones like lychees, we buy many of them. But most of the time, what happens is that they’ll get spoiled in a day or two. 

What to do in such situations? Preserve them rightly, but if you are unsure how to do it, this section is for you.

  1. Choose the ripe one:- Lychees won’t get ripe once you pluck them from the tree. Hence, pick the ripe ones.
  2. Pick the one with stems:- Have you noticed that most shopkeepers keep lychee with stems? This is because once lychee detaches from its stem, it starts to rot easily. Hence even after you bring it home, keep it with the stems.
  3. Keep it out of the plastic bag: Once you bring lychee from a store, store it in a cool place. Always take care to keep lychee out of the plastic box. The heat from the plastic bag can cause lychee to rot.
  4. Sprinkle water:- If you want to keep lychee for long, sprinkle some water above it. Do not keep the lychee immersed in a water bowl, as it may fasten up the sprinkling process.
  5. Refrigerate it:– Keep the lychee in the refrigerator.

What Fruits Tastes Similar To Lychee?


There is no doubt in the fact that lychee is an aromatic, delicious fruit. But one downside of lychee is that it is a seasonal fruit, and for the same reason, you can’t get your hands on it whenever you want.

What to do in such situations? Look for a lychee substitute. Rambutan is a lookalike of lychee. Rambutan is the closest to the lychee fruit. Like lychee, it also has a hard covering, and the flesh is enclosed in it.

But the difference between lychee and rambutan is that rambutan has a spiky outer covering. Even though rambutan has a fresh sweet flavor similar to that of lychee, it lacks a lychee’s aromatic smell.

However, if you ever want to swap lychee with rambutan, chances are very low that someone will notice the difference, especially in salads or fruit balls.

Uses Of Lychee


Now that we know different lychee varieties let’s look into their uses. They are an incredibly delicious fruit, so you can easily include lychee in any of your recipes that demand sweetness!

With their delicious flavor and aroma, lychees are the best fruit to be incorporated into your salad bowl. Moreover, you can eat them as they are. Since lychees are very sweet and aromatic, they will be a good addition to mocktails and cocktails

But if you get a lot of lychees, definitely make some lychee juice. You can drink it as it is or make it as a base for your next cocktail party! Since lychees are very nutritious, you can just add them to all of your healthy salad bowls.

Nowadays, due to their increasing popularity, lychees are included in a lot of processed foods. Lychee has shown its prominence in everything from ice creams to drinks. Even the cosmetic industry loves lychee for its flavor.

Lychee is also a great fruit for kids. Lychee dipped into chocolate syrup and frozen for some time; a healthy, teetering lychee popsicle has been created. Lychees are so versatile that their uses are immense. With lychee, you can always try something out of the box.

Nutritional Content Of Lychee


Lychees are not just tasty, but they are super healthy! Lychees are very nutritious; for this reason, they have been used not just as food but also as medicine for a long time.

Lychee has around 82% water and 16% carbs. More than this, it also contains a considerable amount of sugar (15 g), protein, and fiber (3 g). Besides this, lychees are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, which are great for our immune system.

NutrientsAmount (3.5 oz)
Sugar15. 2 g
Fiber1.3 g
Magnesium60 mg
Potassium20 mg


Lychee is an exotic fruit. It is sweet and juicy and is perfect for all weather. It has so many nutritional benefits that it will be a perfect fit for your daily dose of nutrition. I hope you will choose them over all other fruits next time you see some lychees!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is lychee a good flavor?

Yes, lychee has a sweet flavor with an acidic undertone. It also has a fruity-floral aroma, which makes it likable to most people.

What fruit is similar to lychees?

Rambutan and Logan are two fruits that are almost similar to lychee.

Does lychee taste like strawberries?

Lychee doesn’t taste like strawberries. Its mouthfeel is nearly strawberry-like. However, depending on the variation you obtain, the flavor may differ.

Is lychee sweet or sour?

Lychee is predominantly sweet with a slightly acidic taste. Its flesh is juicy and sweet with a slight tang.

Is lychee a nut or fruit?

Lychee is a not a nut but a fruit that belongs to the soapberry family of edible fruits.

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